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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ekspozed, Jan 6, 2019.

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    When T-Fred gets back Looney is our LG and back up center. Williams and Collins should compete for rt but Collins really needs to be on the left one day...
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    Yes, our roster is deeper than it has been in a long time. We have prospered despite injuries to key players...think about how bad the OL reserves have been in the past. We actually won a game playing only one starting OL. That would have never happened over the past 10 years. Our depth at QB and RB are the only two that really scare me.
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    I remember back in August at how worried some of us were with loss of Frederick...

    If Frederick is back next year this line will be better, much better.
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    I think it’s really hard to know
    He obviously has lost lots of strength and when will he be able to really start training like normal? How will it effect him when he does?
    People get over this fairly regularly but they aren’t pro athletes
    The grind of training is hard on any body so it really is no way to know I think till he starts really training
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    I think Looney has done a great job filling in. He's obviously not Fredbeard but he's really done well with good consistency game to game. He's brought some solidarity to the situation. Thanks Joe! Keep it going.
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  6. conner01

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    I doubt that
    Looney has played well and is still a kinda raw player
    He’s only started 29 games including this year so he got better from playing
    But if Fred is back I think he goes back to what he was signed for
  7. LatinMind

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    They talked about him on talking Cowboys and said he totally transformed his body and work ethic this offseason. I think next yr if Frederick is back which looks like he will be, you let him compete with Connor for LG at the very least.
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  8. CF74

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    Looney has been here a while, not sure what you’re implying. Looney is better than everyone not named Zack at the guard spot, it’s a no brainer...
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  9. rags747

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    Fred Beard was never the fastest in fact that was the knock on him coming out and why everyone laughed at us. Anyway, this disease ain’t going to make him any faster and if anything it will have taken something away fro him whether it be strength, balance, quickness etc. Will certainly be interesting to see how it plays out.
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    I think Connor is solidifying himself as the LG over the last few weeks. What he did while Martin was out and in the playoff game against the Seahags I really cant see him being beat out next season. With that said I'm glad it's a conversation; good depth on the OL is a good thing.
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  11. conner01

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    He’s been here 3 yrs
    Spent 3 yrs with SF and a year with titans
    But he’s only started 29 games
    He’s a good player but if Fred comes back he’s not gonna beat out either guard because they are better with Martin and Williams is your future and he will be better next year too
    Players take time to develope but they develope by playing and Williams will be the starter next year
  12. conner01

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    Williams spent his first camp learning Alexander’s blocking technique which doesn’t fit him at all. A full off season and a year with Colombo and he’s gonna be a player
  13. CF74

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    I doubt it, Williams needs to be a tackle. We will see my friend..
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    I made a similar comment on BobHaze's thread concerning the team's turnaround outside of the Cooper trade.

    The ability to overcome injury whether thru coaching up or better replacement replayers is noteworthy. In particular, the woeful performance without Lee and/or Tyron Smith last year was horrendous.

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