Twitter: Jones paid 3 million to 25 year old woman and mother

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dre11, Mar 31, 2022.

  1. jrumann59

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    That is one possible angle, the mother being silent through all this may be a clue. I really don't care if the woman is Jerry's daughter. Whether it was kind of crappy is up for debate because again no one knows what was said between the mother and Jerry back in 1996. MAybe she didn't want Jerry in her child's life maybe Jerry strong armed her. Maybe this woman is Jerry's daughter maybe she isn't and is trying to extort him. Ultimately the system will decide.
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    I haven’t read the pleadings, but it is really quite simple: if she is suing for more money, she is wasting her time and energy because she will lose. If she is suing just to have him named on her birth certificate, I think she will win that fight. It’s like they are arguing apples and oranges. (For what it is worth, I’d bet Jerry demanded a paternity test way back when he agreed to pay out all that money. He already KNOWS she is his daughter. He is mad because the NDA was violated. )
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    Would an NDA preclude the mother from telling the daughter who her father is?
  4. DandyDon52

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    she should have sued for 1 billion! and to be part of the jones family!
  5. nobody

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    It looks like it was a money grab. Disgusting. But since he paid, he obviously was worried that he was the father. I have no sympathy for either side.
  6. Kwyn

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    Easy there with your entitlement

    your fandom doesn’t guarantee anything

    that is assuming, of course, that you are actually a fan
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    Paying millions to keep someone quiet is the exact opposite of telling someone to take a flying leap.
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    Keep your banana out of this
  9. Proximo

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    It is truly bizarre to see so many posters here genuinely hoping (and even believing?) that this situation will somehow result in Jerry selling the team and/or going bankrupt? Saw multiple posts speculating that this girl could wrestle ownership away? LOL in what fantasy world do you people live in?

    I swear this place somehow gets weirder and weirder with every season that passes.
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  10. BoyzBlaster

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    Yeah you sound totally objective lol.
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  11. Sage3030

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    Well aren’t you just a peach.
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  12. Sydla

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    Everybody involved looks bad here.
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  13. nobody

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    But the lawyers are happy.
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  14. Captain-Crash

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    wow, some of you guys are winners. I bet you cried about jelly pudding guy having to go to jail. "he was just giving them pleasure when he knocked them out, and that stuff was a long time ago" smh hey, hey, hey, fat Albert is about ready to drug and rape you. hey, hey, hey
  15. DonaldM

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    Anyone ever figure out how Charlotte and her husband are involved? She must have been a friend of Charlotte. Just a guess.
  16. Cmac

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    There goes the Cap money. Roger should call him to New York for pending suspension.
  17. Creeper

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    So Jerry strayed 25 years ago. And in other news dung stinks.

    Seriously, The alleged ******* daughter of Jerry Jones is 25 now. He has already paid out millions. Jerry is under no obligation to support this woman or her mother anymore. She is an adult. I don't know the laws in Texas but if she thinks being declared his daughter entitles her to part of his estate then I am guessing she is wrong. Parents are under no obligation to leave anything to their kids when they die.

    It seems to me Jerry has been fair with the girl and her mother if the $3 million is an accurate figure. Was Jerry a cad 25 years ago? Yes. But it sounds like he paid his dues and now someone is just trying to embarrass him.
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    Can she run better than a 4.5?
  19. DonaldM

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    Greg mentioned her possibly needing a daddy's name for career aspirations. Not sure why. Plenty of kids out there who don't know who daddy is. I guess it's possible. My guess is she either wants more money or attention. She probably could have just called dad and said I need a few bucks but she chose this route. Jerry is a powerful man. She might have screwed up.
  20. SpaceCowboy99

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    Sometimes I question the intelligence of the posters here. I don't understand statements like "I hope he loses the franchise" or "I hope the girls get millions", "he is a dirtbag", etc.

    This is his business, he bought it, he runs it and has made it the most valuable sports franchise in the world. Those women aren't part of it. They came along after and the mom signed an agreement covering the 1st 18 years of that girls life and without a paternity test.

    The confidentiality agreement is blown now. We have 1 greedy female adult looking for a large payout so she doesn't have to work. I can see Jerry taking the paternity test now and if it's true, settling for 5 million 1 time check, don't bother me again payout.

    You think he is the only owner to have extramarital relationships and spawn ******* children? This is a blemish and a personal one. This has nothing to do with the business and won't affect it.

    I'm not defending Jerry as a GM but as a business man, the guy is amazing and on a personal note, I hope he doesn't pay her 1 dime. He will have to deal with his own conscious but he already faced that decision 20 years ago and has lived with it since then.

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