Joseph draft pick?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Nov 30, 2021.

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    I know it’s early on in the process, and this may turn out to be a great pick. Having said that so far this pick hasn’t paid much in terms of return on investment. This pick SCREAMED as a “forced pick on a corner” at the time it was made.

    I was really hoping that the Cowboys would have drafted Creed Humphrey to solidify the OL, and he has been a very good player so far in his young career. Again, it’s early, but how much better would the Cowboys be playing Humphrey at center over Biadasz? In my opinion a much better player (at least this year) and Creed was probably the BPA when the Cowboys made their selection in round 2. How he lasted to the bottom of round 2 is surprising.

    Let’s hope that Joseph develops into a lockdown corner and makes this team better for years to come. But right now Humphy lookes like he would have been a much better selection.
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    When they missed on the two CB's and "settled" for Parsons, as the son says, they had to address the secondary and they already had a Center.

    Teams have one of two paths they follow with draft picks on the first two days. They either set a short clock or they wait for the player to develop and since this team has an ego driven GM, they're not admitting a miss on the Center that early. Especially when he's been basking in the glow of OL greatness.

    1st round OL, nothing but net. After that, air balls and they need to go after an OL in the 1st round this year.
  3. Verdict

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    I just can’t get over how much better this team would be with Humphrey. The fact that Bossman has netted us zero ROI is salt in the wound.
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  4. Ranching

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    The draft is a crapshoot...make due with what we got....Parsons fell to us, Dak was 4th rounder.....
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    They had, Had, HAD to take a cornerback there.

    It just wasn't conceivable to do anything else.

    Guess what the focus will be this offseason too?

    It's a brutal virus.
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  6. JBS

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    thank your lucky damn stars the corner came in round 2 and not round 1
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  7. Crown Royal

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    Injured in pre-season and missed another game due to a death in the family, and is somewhere between 4-5th on the depth chart so hard to say.

    I would like to see him push Jourdan Lewis more though.
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    why surtains doing fine he was our first choice be lucky? lmao Parsons or surtain we would have come out great either way

    heres the alt argument,

    Horn and another 1st round cb out for the season have done squat so far this year as KJ will also need a redo for next happens

    get over it people the hindsight folks sure feel smart right now..jeez you are not..

    3 years down the road is the time to judge draft...
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  9. CWR

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    It's been a phenomenal rookie class to this point. Even if Joseph doesn't turn out.
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  10. nyc-cowboy

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    The problem wasn't so much the position, its that we drafted yet another player with red flags in the second round.
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  11. zrinkill

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  12. Risen Star

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    Phenomenal? I wouldn't say that.

    Parsons has been phenomenal.
  13. CWR

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    Osa may have hit a wall but we got a lot of production out of him early. Gholston has also been contributing. I expect these guys to develop and think Osa could be really good in time. Maybe phenomenal is outdated after the last month, but it's been a good class. I expect we have 3-5 players that all make meaningful contributions on their rookie contracts.
  14. TwoDeep3

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    When you typed this, you had two choices. Delete this and not make this thread. Or continue with a supposition you admittedly suggest is far too early to make.

    I'll leave it to others to decide what you elected to do.
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  15. CouchCoach

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    I agree but this draft was all about addressing a very neglected defense and trying to give the new DC some weapons of his own.
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  16. Risen Star

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    The "phenomenal" 2021 rookie class

    Micah - Of course. I intend to write him in for President of the United States in 2024.
    Joseph - Nothing. Not even a single.
    Osa - Huge first month, disappeared since.
    Golston - Just a guy.
    Wright - Roster filler.
    Cox - Out for the year before he could do much.
    Ball - Apparently has polio.
    Fehoko - Inactive all season except this last game where they just needed a body.
    Bohanna - Zero impact on the run game. Clinging to a roster spot.
    Mukuamu - Inactive for the season
    Farniok - Ditto

    Enjoy it. This is a special group.
  17. Praxit

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    ...anytime you draft a Rap/Slash/Football player. The jokes on you.
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  18. 817Gill

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    Way too early to feel bad at all. Not even sure why we make draft bust or question threads in rookie years. DLaw didn’t do squat his rookie year, while a guy like Awuzie was an instant starter. Nothing about ones rookie year guarantees anything. LVE was Brian Urlacher look where he is now.

    Also, it’s like you made this thread with zero context to the player. He’s a guy with one year of starter experience and elite physical traits. He wasn’t a day 1 plug and play starter, neither are most CB’s. It’s a position that takes time to adjust to and the guy Dallas almost traded up for in Tyson Campbell has been burnt toast though most here would’ve wanted him over Joseph.

    When you factor in Covid and the groin (both of which are not his fault in anyway, I feel like only our fanbase looks down upon injury or illness as if it’s some self inflicted mistake) there’s not really a scenario where he starts. And before last game, Anthony Brown had gotten into a groove and become a solid vet starter. At what point did you think KJ should’ve been inserted in the lineup? Saying after the Raiders game makes no sense either because there still wouldn’t be any “ROI” up until this point.

    Let’s just for once as fans be kind of logical and wait more than 11 weeks before complaining about a rookie.
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  19. Whirlwin

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    Did you get thrown out of the game. I guess the Raiders
  20. DoctorChicken

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    I didn’t like the Joseph pick when it happened, and don’t like it now.

    I am NOT saying I think Joseph is a bad player, or won’t become a good player for us. He has intriguing athletic traits, and when he played at Kentucky was good for the most part.

    Asante Samuel Jr has 2 picks and 7 passes defended so far in his rookie season, and was considered one of the best rookie defenders the first several weeks of the season. He’s hit that rookie plateau and is dealing with a concussion, but is still a good piece on the Chargers defense with a promising future. He had an NFL pedigree with a father who was an NFL player for years, and was the consensus best CB available at our 2nd round pick.

    Kelvin Joseph was not the best consensus CB available at our selection, had questions after his LSU stint where he violated team rules and was suspended, and then proceeded to quit on Kentucky. He was not the best consensus CB available at our 2nd round pick. His stats so far are - one fight started, one ejection? What else positive?

    Why exactly did we draft him? Because he’s tall? Has good athletic traits? Why not draft the better player?

    I’m not calling Joseph a bust. He can still turn into a player for us. But when we desperately needed a solid player at CB, why did we draft the guy with so many question marks, and very little experience at the position?

    It reminds me of taking Taco Charlton over TJ Watt. Rod was demanding Taco, saying Watt didn’t fit his scheme.

    Quinn has been great for us this season, but I’m getting tired of these position coaches that demand a certain trait (in this case, height) in a prospect over their productivity and talent. Taking the guy who “fits your scheme” over taking the better prospect is just stupid to me.

    Rant over.

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