Josh Ball - Future Starter?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Omegasupreme, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Omegasupreme

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    What do we think about his future in Dallas? Is he a viable OT of the future? He’s been injured and or reserved but his draft profile was that of a developmental player anyway. But there was a sense that if developed, he had a mean streak (not related to legal issues) and potential to be a future starter.

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  2. links18

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    He needs a camp, preseason and then some, before anyone can say much of anything about him.
  3. blueblood70

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    the way fans talked about steele and he showed up, Ball could be the surprise of the offseason, we don't know but ye of little faith. a lot of players have done that.
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  4. Risen Star

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    You are such a hater. Gosh.
  5. RS12

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    What do say we find that out.
  6. Mr_437

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    Let's just say he probably won't stop them from drafting a OT high in the draft.
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  7. TheDuke

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    Let’s just hope he can be a swing tackle
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  8. nalam

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    We need Ball to develop at least a reliable swing tackle , move Laell fatso to LG and use steele in RT. That leaves LT , if Tyron is done we need to find one
  9. darthseinfeld

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    He is a lottery ticket at this point. He has a good amount of talent, but even without the DV issues he was raw coming out of Marshal
  10. Vanilla2

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    Can he play guard?
  11. jazzcat22

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    He will be a player to watch next TC for sure.
    They kept him on the 53, then moved to IR for a reason. I wonder if this will impact how they look at the draft for OL. It shouldn’t, but it could.
  12. jwooten15

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    I sure hope so. He’s got some nasty in him. In an ideal world, he’d become a Marc Colombo type player
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  13. heir

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    Difference is Steele played all last season. Ball has hardly practiced after being injured most of the year. I think he will be on the McGovern route, meaning next year will be basically his rookie year and in his third year we can expect something from him.
  14. AmericasTeam81

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    How many practices has he participated in?
  15. RS12

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    I will take anything better than a turnstile.
  16. blueblood70

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    but according too this place he was horrid and in PS they said Steele sucked and when he had to come in first game at RT they said we were in trouble. He proved you all wrong. besides ball isn't UDFA where Steele was and he would have went higher if not for off field stuff ..he may surprise soem fans next year..given a chance

    heck most of the year fans were calling out KJ now he flashed a small bit after finally girting on the field.
  17. JonesBoys

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    Nobody knows at this point nor even the Cowboys staff.
  18. _sturt_

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    Marshall alum here.

    The only wrong answers to the OP question are "yes" or "no." Sometimes "I don't know" is the only legit answer to be given.

    And the only people with insight aren't giving any clues... heck, they haven't been asked to give any clues as far as I'm aware (?). Self-evidently, this will be a training camp story this summer, and whether he will end up the steal of the 2021 4th round or a TC cut or something in-between is all in front of him.

    Coming out of the draft, the mocks I saw had him as a late 3rd to early 5th round guy, so the talk about his Florida State incident having pushed him down might presume too much since he did get selected in the 4th.

    What did I think of him at Marshall? No argument he was a standout. But also, no argument with all the draft scouting reports that projected him as a project, not someone who is going to challenge for playing time in his rookie season. He has the frame (... and btw, he's definitely a tackle and only a tackle...) and he does have some fluidity and athleticism. But his technique was always going to be the challenge. His clock obviously has now started.
  19. EPL0c0

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    From what I saw of Ball, he looked like a guy that could develop into a good NFL tackle. Starting-caliber? Very possibly.

    What I did see is that Dallas has the potential to have solid SOLID depth at OL which is always a great thing.
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  20. Redsfan_83

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    Can he kick, then we can move the leg to LT

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