Josh Ball possible LT of the future

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 8, 2021.

  1. JoeyBoy718

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    That’s why his girlfriends wear shades.
  2. gambit187

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    Every year when I buy a new Madden, I IMMEDIATELY start looking for LT in the draft. This is an issue the front office, in real life, needs to get a hold of. LMAO
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  3. RonWashington

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    Joe Thomas might be putting the cart before the horse. I was reminded more Marc Colombo when I saw tape he’s a mauler. Have been looking forward to seeing this draft pick ever since “ he’s got second round talent “ quotes were thrown around. Hopefully he plays this season.
  4. BAT

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    That sounds like a complete mess.

    Too many moving parts on a unit that was playing at elite level.

    Should have kept Steele at RT and played Nsehke or Lael at LT.

    A SINGLE change on an OL that was humming.

    Coaches were overthinking this and domino effect of OL becoming a sieve trickled down to every other skills position.
  5. TheCritic

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    Obviously I'm beyond stoked that we drafted Parsons, but oh man do I sometimes wish we had taken Slater instead. Tyron Smith started in the NFL at age 20 and he's got too many miles.
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  6. RonWashington

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    11th season . Is Josh Ball his eventual replacement ? Would be nice to get some clues soon .
  7. MapleLeaf

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    Something is wrong with this dude.

    Football doesn't seem that important to him. The decision making, the weight issues, etc. Gotta keep a sharp eye on him.
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  8. Szczepanik

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    I believe Josh Ball's ex would completely agree with you on this analysis!
  9. Zekeats

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    That’s why I keep LC and move him back to LG. He could be very good inside.
  10. John813

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    I'm all for loading up until we know some player is the future.

    Say Ball is in the mix, but if the draft falls where a good LT with upside falls to us I hope we take him, unless a CDL type prospect falls again at edge/DT/WR etc
  11. RonWashington

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    Best available athlete. If you go into a draft poaching just because you need a position filled you end up with Shante Carver Ebenezer Ekuban Mario Edwards Dwayne Goodrich Taco Charlton Trysten Hill etc etc .

    Stick to the talent on the board and you end up with CEE DEE Lamb Micah Parsons , guys you never intended to draft but fell into your slot .
  12. terra

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    yawn. So the National Enquirer is your source of news as well?
  13. charron

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    Not really that much moving. CW is a better LT than LC. LC is a mauler with bad agility needed for LT, hell he was getting beat while at RT in this last game. Kicking him inside would allow him to maul without getting exposed while shoring up the inside. Keeping steel at RT where he's playing well next to Martin is a us. The only unknown would be CW at LT but many have speculated he'd do ok here, he certainly has the agility to kick out and take the edge players wide.
  14. xwalker

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    She would likely disagree in an attempt to provoke me. Her method of making some $$$.
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  15. jnday

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    I don’t know what LT prospects were still available when Dallas’s draft position came up, but I would have no problem with them picking an OT instead of a project CB that only had close to a dozen games worth of college experience .
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  16. jnday

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    At this point, CW’s LT skills have probably diminished quite a bit from the level that he was at when he was drafted. There is some major flaw with CW’s skills at the OT position. CW has now went through several coaches that was not willing to even try him at the OT positions. Collins has a first round OT grade when he entered the draft, but his off-field rumors killed his draft position. Collins is a mauler, but Dallas has had mauling LT before, like Flozell Adams. Collins may not play well at the LT position, but it would be much easier to give him help at LT rather than having multiple positions that would need help from the TE or RB positions.
  17. phildadon86

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    Didn’t you say we should have taken slater over parsons?
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  18. jnday

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    Yes indeed. This was a horrible coaching decision.
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  19. JohnsKey19

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    I'd like to see him actually put some positive live NFL reps together before penciling him in as a future starter. The league is filled with OL picked in the early rounds who don't really pan out as hoped. There's been zero news on him since he injured his ankle prior to preseason. Seems like they are content to leave him on IR all season.
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  20. charron

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    Collins was never athletic enough to handle LT. And he is less athletic now. He is strong enough though and CW does struggle with his power. But Steele does too. I'd have to imagine CW is better at LT than Steele. I hope the coaches get it corrected.

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