Jourdan Lewis got beat like a drum all day

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stilltheguru, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. fweegy

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    You could just have said "______________ got beat like a drum all day."
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  2. charron

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    Lewis has always been bad. The previous staff tried to cover his shortcomings by keeping him on smaller guys like kamara. But up against bigger receivers he was torched last year as well.
  3. DanTanna

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    Some of their receivers were 10 yards wide open. A grandma in a wheelchair could have gotten open today!
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  4. RJ_MacReady

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    Diggs got worked today, bro. Worked. I've got confidence in Diggs for the long-term, but so far, Anthony "Grabby" Brown looked better his rookie season.
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  5. Iago33

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    I’m pretty sure it was 28. I watched carefully on the replay. Does anyone have the clip?
  6. CowboyRoy

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    24 got beat all day and that was Awuzie.
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  7. BlueStar22

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    Like the rest of the team, it's preseason for him too. Geez yalll are hard on these guys.
  8. Sydla

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    I am watching the replay right now................ it definitely looks like 28, not 26.

    EDIT: From the replay from the sideline, it looks like 28. But from the overhead camera shot of the play, it looks like 26. LOL. So I have no idea.
  9. quickccc

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    Loser: Jourdan Lewis
    The same “to be fair” things that were said last week should be applied to Jourdan Lewis here as Sunday was his first NFL game action of the year due to missing Week 1 with an injury, but it was not a memorable performance to say the least.

    Calvin Ridley absolutely fooled Jourdan Lewis on one of his two touchdowns and the secondary as a whole got beat all throughout the game. Dallas has a precarious amount of depth at cornerback to be kind, but Lewis was thought to be among the better of the group overall.

    We might be in a situation where Trevon Diggs is the team’s best cornerback. No disrespect to him because he’s played admirably for a rookie, but that is hardly ideal..."
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  10. Hennessy_King

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    Also want to note JLew was covering ridley on the falcons missed 2pt conversion that won us the game.
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  11. MCMetal69

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    Ridley's 1st TD - Awuzie

    His 2nd was against Worley

    5: 00 minute mark in the vid.............Looks like 28 to me

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  12. beware_d-ware

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    Diggs' speed is worrying me. He stays pretty tight with receivers when he can get a press on them, but he's looking vulnerable when he has to flip his hips and run with them on a nine route.

    Lewis got destroyed and Chido wasn't much better.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    If the Cowboys hold onto those interceptions the whole game changes.

    Unfortunately they still can't get any picks.
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  14. Cas2800

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    Demarcus Lawrence has been MIA for 2 games.
  15. Dre11

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    Lol...Richard did do anything to
  16. MizzouCowboy4

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    Agree. Whole defense was terrible
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  17. plymkr

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    What's a sack? Is that some new thing our defensive coaches aren't aware of?
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  18. Carter

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    Whole secondary is trash but we knew that coming into this Season
  19. Cebrin

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    Easier to look better when the guy everyone here hated made him see less passes his way.
  20. Cebrin

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    Pretty good is putting it lightly. We beat a talented football team today. Even if their record says otherwise.

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