Just curious about the money we dont spend

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SoupcanSam, Mar 15, 2019 at 1:37 PM.

  1. SoupcanSam

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    Ok so we are not doing much beside resigning our backups for peanuts. What happens to the cap we have left over?

    I'm assuming we may save a good amount even if we resign tank and others, without signing any FA.

    Does that money rollover into the next season cap?

    Maybe the cowboys can have a FA splash in 2020!
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  2. QuincyCarterEra

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    Yes. Just like we had money rollover to this season.
  3. Manster_Mash

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    It goes to the Jones' Yacht Club.
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  4. Killerinstinct

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    The money not spent goes into a pool that is distributed to CowboysZone posters. Every 1000 posts entitles you to 1 share of company stock.
  5. Mannix

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    Only good thing about all this, is that the DMW will be gone by the end of December.
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  6. UpNorth

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  7. coult44

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    They rolled over almost 10 million from last year to this year.
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  8. SoupcanSam

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    I am looking forward to the big splash.
  9. Nightman

    Nightman Capologist

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    They have over 125m in cap space already next year....... if you count the draftees that is with 40 players under contract
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  10. xwalker

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    Players not currently counting against the 2020 cap:

    Starting 3-tech DT (when healthy) M.Collins
    Starting 1-tech DT A.Woods
    Starting RT
    Starting SS
    Starting Nickel (slot) CB

    OverTheCap does not have Tavon Austin's contract in the system yet.

    Also several key backups like Looney are not under contract for 2020.

    If they did a pay as you go and charged each of the above players average to the cap, then 125M might not cover it.
  11. baltcowboy

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    The money is going to Tank, Dak, Cooper, Zeke, and maybe Byron. Stephen has said as much. I will give the Jones family this. The Cowboys draft very well.
  12. KingintheNorth

    KingintheNorth Chris in Arizona

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    Stephen is under the impression that any unused cap room is directly deposited into his bank account.

    His words ("pressure to take the next step") and his actions (inactions really) don't exactly match.
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  13. Jipper

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    You guys do realize the main reason they rolled over cash is to be able to resign all the big guys we have right, you can’t honestly be naive enough to think that jerry is pocketing a few million instead of using it on Fas....this is a long term play to keep the core of the team together for as long as possible.

    Stop with the jerry is pocketing it nonsense
  14. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    There wont be much money. Incase you forgot the team still is going to extend Dak and Cooper. And possibly Elliot
  15. cowboy_ron

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    The apple don't fall very far from the tree.................with Jerry and Stephen both, you'll be much closer to the truth if you believe the exact opposite of what they say.
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  16. brooksey1

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    Guy has billions he could care less. He desperately needs a SB title. Next year they will sign a big name or two
  17. ShiningStar

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    Cowboys FO: let this season slip by , tell the fans we ll make big changes, do nothing, make sure the stadium is filled, FAT DOLLA for us all.

    Jerry: Raises for everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    Worker 1: Does he mean us?

    Worker 2: No, he means everyone can raise a glass to his genius plan.

    Worker 1: What plan is that?

    Worker 2: the same as everyone elses, just make money.

    Worker 1: Do the fans know?

    Worker 2: if they did would they be fans? Think about it, billionaires have regular people giving them their money to make them wealthier.
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  18. TwentyOne

    TwentyOne Well-Known Member

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    You are seriously one of those who still believe his PR machine ?!

    Just SMH.
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  19. gmoney112

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    Maliek Collins is a FA next year.

    I believe Jaylon should be an RFA next year.

    Just for estimates:

    Dak $30m = $30m
    DLaw $25m = $55m
    Cooper $17 million = $72m
    Byron $15 million = $87 million
    5th year option on Zeke $10 million = $97 mllion
    Jaylon 1st round tender RFA $5million = $102million

    All the big contracts are taking into account AVG salary, with Dak and DLaw at extreme high amounts just for comparison's sake. Also doesn't take into account guys like Cooper and Byron will have lower 1st year cap hits due to signing bonuses.

    I don't know what we do with Zeke, but 5th year + tag is going to be over $20m guaranteed, a second tag would push it to around $35m guaranteed. I'm just going to assume, for cap purposes, we take the 5th year option for now.

    If Jaylon goes crazy this year, someone might want to trade a 1st for him. I don't know, but 1st round tender price is going to be 4.5-5m. Not too bad. We may want to lock him up sooner just to avoid insane inflation if we want to keep him long-term, but there's a lot of space to maneuver.

    Really, worst case we're looking at about $25m in cap next year without any rollover or cap increases. Realistically, between those things and natural contract structures $40m in projected space is probably more what we're looking at.
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  20. TwentyOne

    TwentyOne Well-Known Member

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    I like to stand aloof from that.

    There are some of us that have values in life that have nothing to do with making money.
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