Kellen Moore and the Cowboys Are Proving You Don’t Need One System to Win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Denim Chicken, Nov 18, 2021.

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    I am enjoying the ride as of now and will continue to do so. the hand ringing starts right after the season (hopefully after a cowboys superbowl win). Jerry made a mistake of letting Payton walk once. that still has to be on his mind and if we find post season success, he will be in a rock and a hard place......

    As is always the case, a good scheme is nothing without the talent to run it. But that won’t stop teams from calling Moore about their head coaching vacancies in the coming months. Early this year, Dallas gave Moore a raise in order to keep him from being poached by his alma mater. Given the Cowboys success so far this season, and what it seems like they could accomplish in the next few months, Moore might end up as the offseason’s hottest coaching candidate. A bump in pay might not be enough to keep him around.

    Like the defenses dealing with Moore’s offense, Jerry Jones may be faced with quite the dilemma: Does he let this play-calling prodigy walk out the door to keep Mike McCarthy around? Or does he make the bold choice to move on from a winning head coach in order to hold on to one of the keys for the team’s success? The more the Cowboys win, the more difficult that decision will become. And while it’s not a bad choice to have to make, it’s one Jones can’t afford to get wrong. "
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    You're as entitled to that opinion as you were to your other previous bad opinions.

    As I always say about the Garret topic: find the specific posts you have a issue with and we can discuss it. I didn’t defend him unless I had a defensible position.

    The reality was he was criticized for so much nonsense over the course of ten years that I had a lot to be right about in defending him. And I criticized him where it was merited, as well. Foolish posters who can’t get past “Garrett always bad” are the ones who won’t tolerate any previous defense of him on any topic. I’m sorry, but that’s just a dumb way to go through life. And it’s not my job to defend stupid things that I never actually said.
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    I don’t know. I don’t think anybody knows. But it’s great that McCarthy has been hands off on the offense.

    I haven’t ‘not given McCarthy credit.’ I’ve always said I think he’s a good, not great coach. He’s just not special in any way. But he’s smart enough to let Dak and Moore run the offense. He made a stupid decision in implementing a complicated new defense last year with a truncated offseason, but he fixed his mistake quickly and brought in the right DC and defensive system in his second year—something Garrett never really managed to do and which probably hurt the team in the couple of years we were in position to contend for a title.

    Preferring Moore to McCarthy as a HC candidate for next season isn’t about not crediting McCarthy. I think Moore has a legitimate **** at being an elite NFL coach for a long time. I’d roll the dice on that.
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    Imagine Dez trying to learn this Offense? It would be a train wreck...
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    no you counteract that meu by looking at it online long before you go and narrow the choices from the menu IE a game plan during the week,..its not like KM is sitting on GD looking over his chart confused to what to call..its why they practice and have at least 15-20 plays scripted and then adjust after.
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    bunch of malarkey..:rolleyes:
    .dez is a better version of Gallup and gallups doing fine..
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    This is what I don't understand, either. If Jerry wants to buy a championship, there's no salary cap on coaches. Keep Quinn. Keep Moore. Just write whatever check he needs to write.

    If everything being said about Moore is true, write a Dak sized check.
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    Just for @USArmyVet you may share that with your crew of hate.

    Sorry @PAPPYDOG you're demoted to crew member.

    “So why isn’t every team doing this? Well, no other teams have Prescott, who drew a Peyton Manning comparison from Panthers coach Matt Rhule given his skill at orchestrating plays at the line of scrimmage. Even playing at the highest levels of football, most quarterbacks aren’t capable of processing all of this information while mastering a thick playbook.”

    Dak is. Go ahead—“Slobber” for him. ;)
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    McGovern is cosplaying. :lmao2:
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    wow. read through this. its amazing how he keeps you guessing, keeps pressure on defense, forces them to take their poison and then Dak knows where the poison is and just executes it to perfection......this OC, QB, WR, TE, OL....the dang offense combination is fun to watch.
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    but he is a one read qb....he can't play against the zone.Yet he is 4th in passing yards per game......either he is really accurate or greatest one read QB ever....

    or its the right guard....I tell you its the right guard...that's it..

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    I was thinking Bruce Lee but same concept
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    Wish he was still here.
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    ...really dont think Moore will leave anytime soon. Has very good situation here. Besides just adds to resume.
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    The master of the one handed clap.

    Talk about zen.
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