Kellen Moore can fix the Cowboys offense - if Jason Garrett lets him

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Yeah, didn't take it that way!!!!

    Thing is, this is his first coaching gig, so there's no way you would hear anything about his coaching prowess at this point. There are plenty of quotes predraft.
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    Agreed. It was ridiculous how classless and childish it was and fitting that they lost in the Super bowl. There's no reason to be up 42-0 have all starting players in and throw a 50, 60 yard bomb to go up 49-0.
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    I was ecstatic when Payton later broke his season TD record.
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    Very much like the late Tony soprano was said to have helped out 1st year OC Jason Garrett
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    Before deciding on Kellen, I dunno if the Cowboys could have successfully brought in a top notch vet OC with Garrett the HC, being here on just a one year contract.

    That’s why it was more prominent that if they were to change OC’s as the rumors were swirling that if Scott Linehan had been fired at mid-season, the takeover heir apparent were whispered
    to be Kellen Moore, who was already taking heat for Dak’s struggles, as the team’s 1st year QB coach.

    Plus if the Cowboys brass (and not just Linehan) really think enough about Kellen as innovative and in touch with the new wave of college- like offense that’s circulating around the league in some offenses, then they already have their guy here to start that progress.

    And there’s questions if the team really considers admired asst. coach Kris Richard a hot HC candidate.
    And are they fixed on having an offensive genius HC to keep shaping up Prescott here, the way we see McVay, Pederson, Reid, Reich do with their QBs ?

    Or can they have that defensive oriented HC (ala Richard) that has his fair group of qualified offensive coaches that could keep this unit very effective and explosive once in geared ?
    Also as young and very light on experience as he is right now, if Kellen actually finds great success in this offense in just his first year as OC, there’s a possibility that some other teams in NFL,
    could find an interest in hiring him away.

    The NFL works in trend, copycat and they’ll always want a piece of the successful pie. Heck, They seem to do it virtually every year with the Pats and their assistant coaches it seems.
    With Kellen this year, his new philosophy and plans of what he wants to ADD to this offense does sound and bring exciting promise on paper,
    but I could also see him struggling early on in getting his feet wet while adjusting and getting settled. It’s not just an adjustment for him and the counter-scheming defenses he will face
    ..who I feel will employ more and more overloads, stunts and disguised blitzes up front while playing much zones – forcing both Dak and Kellen to constantly and quickly adjust on the move during the game.

    That’s all the more reason why I am also really counting on this defense to take charge early on while this new version of offense eventually adjusts.
  6. CowboysFaninHouston

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    in some way, the cowboys fans are all gaga over Richard, probably because the thinking is he screams on the sideline so he must be a good coach.

    I am not as high on Richard, given he was given some nice tools and players to work with in Seattle and a really nice front 7...probably why he was onboard with us drafting Hill and make the front 7a nd DL strong.

    I think Kellen is going to take his lumps. and if he find success, as OC, not sure if anyone in the league is dumb enough to give the head coaching reins to a young coach with only two years of experience. given that he will be OC and under contract, other teams can't just pry him away in case he is a good one.

    I also think the next coach is an offensive minded coach, mostly if they do decide to either franchise Dak or pay him 30+ in a new contract. they know he has some growing to do and they need to make subsequent investments geared toward maximizing him. most probably Lincoln riley would be on a very short list....
  7. quickccc

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    - That same sideline screamers instantly turned an average free safety/former 1st round pick converted to CB, into an All pro/pro bowl CB. under Richard’s 1st year.
    Why didn’t the previous defensive staff do that with Jones ?
    - That same sideline screamer helped engineer the Legion of Boom style defense.
    - That same sideline screamer was instrumental in helping totally shutting down one of the most explosive offenses in history of NFL (among worst offensive output under Brees/Peyton era)
    -Whereas Marinelli as DC seem stuck more to the Tampa 2 philosophy to not prefer to blitz, the sideline screamer preference to use it more.
    -That same sideline screamer was also instrumental in preparing both young LBs LVE and Jaylon – as Kris handles the back seven, while Marinelli handles the front 4.
    - And I guess several players noticed the difference in the sideline screamer’s presence here and what he brought .. vs Marinelli when there were whispers in 2017 when several defensive players
    complaint that his approach seemed to predictable to offenses to counter.
  8. CowboysFaninHouston

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    jones had the talent, but played wrong position. and what isaid didn't mean I am saying he is a bad we go again with the fanatics and apologists...slightest thing taken as criticism and they blow their tops....

    .he is a good coach. better than we had. but he is not end-all-be-all....seattle was willing to let him go....and he is not head coaching material, perhaps not yet..... given he got ZERO interviews and a rumor of a consideration with 8 openings....

    again, I am never ever going to be enamoured with screamers, just because they are screamers....which seems you are stuck on that bit!!.....Bilicheck hardly even talks and he is great....I like coaching ability more than screaming..... if you need to scream to get your point across, there is something wrong....if you need to scream to get respect...then there is something wrong....
  9. Typhus

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    My hope is that somehow Garrett finds a way to garnish all the accolades of KMs influence, and KM is ignored, but Garrett gets all the applause.
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    If you have big CB's, you'd better have a great pass rush.
  11. quickccc

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    Whether big or small corners you'd better have a capable pass rush ..period.

    Even all pro corners cant hold their coverage for that long when your DL is constantly getting stood up and patty caking at the line.
  12. kskboys

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    Big corners generally don't mirror well. They generally jam, which can only be held for so long. So, no, not period.
  13. quickccc

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    yes, but yet its also a reason why we tend to see the more smallish CBs (ala jordan lewis, scandrick, etc) usually be so relegated to more the inside and slot positions. Smaller CBs also tend to get overpowered and out-length vs the bigger WRs

    if you can get hold of a smallish CB that manages to play bigger than what his size suggest ....
  14. kskboys

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    We have one. Lewis doesn't play much.
  15. quickccc

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    LOL, ..apologists ? stuck on that a bit ? " ..omg, i didn't think that would strike a nerve. lol !

    situations happen to even the more qualified coaches and coordinators. Wade Phillips did a heckuva job delivering a top defense that even led to winning a superbowl, but yet he was still replaced in Denver.

    and i'm not buying your claim that Richard was given ZERO interviews, i think that is total false and misinformation. And i would think everyone this part of texas would know how it even came down to Richard and the ex-pat DC Brian Flores for the Dolphins HC job. He's had several interviews as reported.


    i dunno why its' neccessary to try to use Bill Belichek for your argument of screamers vs non- screamers...
    the way a Belichek gets his presence and messages across may be different than screamers like Parcells and Jimmie Johnson.

    ...or better yet as coordinators, the way a calmer Wade Phillips (again) it's to whatever the coaches feels , to whatever is their demeanor and personalities,
    at best to get their messages across to their players. It's not just how they vocally go about doing as it is the bottom like results.
    As i've posted earlier, i think richards has the past proven resume and 1st yea display here that suggest he is a presence who is making an impact here,
  16. Fire407

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    Garrett is only a lame duck figure head now. Jerry made all of the decisions regarding Kellen Moore. I think Jerry sees Moore as another Sean McVay. If Sean Payton isn't HC here next season, then I won't be surprised if Moore is given the job.
  17. CouchCoach

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    I don't know if Moore can fix this offense or not because I don't know anything about him as a first time OC up against experienced DC's.

    I don't know how many of the problems with the offense were because of the old OC. I didn't see him get penalties, miss blocks, fumble or make poor throws.

    I do know it was time for a change; however, only time will tell if this was the right move. However, I wouldn't imagine there were a lot of experienced OC's banging on the door for a one year contract.

    I also know one of the dumbest things this owner has ever said, and that's among a lot of dumb things, was openly telling a brand new OC that if anyone got in his way, come see Papa. Is that who he's supposed to go see if he finds himself struggling in his first year in the job?

    I do know one thing for certain, and this is whether you are Dakster or not. We all want to look back on this season, in January while preparing for a playoff game, and say "I/they was/were right, it was all about Linehan".
  18. Melonfeud

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    *ya,that is the front bumper of the forefront quandary in the current speculative viewed realms of speculation.
  19. CCBoy

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    As long as the Cowboys win, I don't care if Jerry gets the applause...
  20. Bullflop

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    That was likely a part of the problem, iimho, although his wide receivers were far from being the best around to be sure. Dez had fizzled and Williams was wildly inconsistent, as well. Running on first down so predictably was just overdone. Hopefully, Moore will be smart enough to mix it up more.

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