News: Kentucky Staff Member Discusses Quinton Bohanna

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, Jun 7, 2021.

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    His knees are in more danger when he can’t hold point of attack and gets rolled over due to lack of size. If they held at 360 lbs+ then he will do fine at 330 lbs!
  2. gimmesix

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    Fatigue shouldn't be a problem unless we can't stop the run. He's a one- to two-down player. If the run front does its job, he should be on the sideline on most second and third downs if he's able to be that immovable object in the middle that we've been needing.
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  3. ninja

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    What I am worried about with Bohanna is that he maybe could easily rely on his weight to get by in college. I don't think he can just rely on big planet earth philosophy without some technique and finesse in the NFL. Is just being big good enough to play in the NFL? We'll see what he has. Should be interesting.

    If he doesn't bring anything when teams pass, then I don't see how he will see the field much. Do the Cowboys have the luxury of making a player active who will only play on first downs and goal to go series?
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  4. BourbonBalz

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    He’ll probably play DT when we’re in a base 4-3 (just a guess). But there have been successful NTs at that weight (see a certain Auburn player that played for us, though not that tall). Still, I also hope he isn’t put at NT when we’re in a 3-4. That’s why we drafted Bohanna and I hope he’s a fast learner.
  5. kskboys

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    Or, they're more valuable than people think if you consider the fact that the players behind him don't have to cover that spot and can make more plays.
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  6. Risen Star

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    Ratliff wasn't a block eating NT and he wasn't 6'7" either.

    Nobody in the history of the league has been an effective true NT at that size. They don't even get the chance to because its stupid to try.

    This may literally be the dumbest thing ever talked about on this board and you guys have come up with some real doozies over the years.
  7. BourbonBalz

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    You didn’t even take the time to read what I posted, did you? I’ll summarize. I said I think he’ll be used as a DT in our base 4-3. I also said I hope he ISN’T used as a NT in a 3-4. Finally, I mentioned that Ratliff wasn’t as tall as Urban. Regardless, Ratliff did play NT for us and did a pretty damned good for several years.
  8. Sydla

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    Don't let him party with Zeke. He'll get fat again.
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  9. RoboQB

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    Nobody takes position flexibility as seriously as the Cowboys.
    If we can find a QB that can punt, Dak may be in trouble... lol

    Rumor has it, Jaylon Smith will spend 67% of defensive plays as Rowdy.
    It starts at the top though, with our Owner/GM.
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    I'm especially hopeful that Quinton Bohanna will find success in his proposed intention to improve his strength, via weight training!:thumbup:
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  11. darthseinfeld

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    Not if you are immobile and zone blocking team can scheme them right out of the game.
  12. kskboys

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    Not several, 2. He was undersized and it started to really affect him physically, causing his effectiveness to quickly wane.
  13. kskboys

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    Immobile NT's are useless. I had no idea that was the argument. Seriously, when did this become the parameters?

    Bo is remarkably athletic and quick twitch for his size. If he can stay in shape, it's quite possible he'll be disruptive enough to be a 3 down player. Unknown at this point.

    It appears as if people don't understand the NT position at all. And think about it, a stiff at ANY position is useless, not just this one.
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  14. kskboys

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    I tell 'em and tell 'em and tell 'em, but since it's not true to their agenda, they refuse to accept anything else than what they think!!!!

    It's about build, not weight. If a NT is 6-0, 300-315 is a great weight. 6-7, 300 is a stick.

    There are a few cases where guys w/o the requisite build are good run stoppers. Rare, but it happens. Barry Cofield at 6-4/310 is one. Low build, I guess.
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  15. John813

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    Here's that twig Urban holding his own vs Ryan Kelly and Quinton Nelson(clip two).

    I don't think Urban will be our every down NT, but the guy was known to play the NT, 4 and 3 with the Bears. He got around 60% of snaps versus teams like the Vikings and titans, two run dominant teams.
  16. Plankton

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    Jumpy Geathers is the only one that I can ever recall being that tall and being an effective NT.
  17. JoeKing

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    You are not taking into consideration his frame. He's made to carry that weight.
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  18. J-man

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    I hope he finds the happy medium that works best for him and us. He is a massive human being and could easily balloon to well over 400lbs if he let himself go. That, I believe would derail any chance he has at being a good NFL player. Money and success can be huge motivators to get in shape and, more importantly, to stay there. But when someone is that big, it isn't really healthy for them to try and stay as thin as possible either. It goes against the natural body process and can be detrimental to his health.
    For football purposes I think he needs to find that balance of being able to play well and not do his body any long term harm working too hard trying to stay to "light".

    I'm speculating here because I don't know his body but IMHO, at 6'7", I would say anything under 330lbs maybe a little too light for his frame. He could have some success at that weight early on in his career, but I don't his body would hold up in the long run. 360lbs is probably too heavy to be effective very long also.
    His best weight maybe more like 345lbs.
  19. kskboys

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    Seems odd at his size/weight ratio, but he may be an exception.
  20. ninja

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    The human frame was not designed to carry 300 pounds. No one has a frame for 300 pounds.

    The athletes themselves even talk about it and are willing to do the long term damage to their bodies to make big money in that small window.

    Most migrate toward a much more natural weight after quitting football.

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