Kris Richard, Cowboys D-Coordinator, Free Agent DT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Will Kris Richard be promoted to Defensive Coordinator with Marinelli either retiring or taking a consultant role similar to the consultant role they gave to Hudson Houck?

    Will Kris Richard be more likely to prefer size at DT than Marinelli?

    Danny Shelton is a free agent. He was drafted with the 12th overall pick by Cleveland in 2015 and started 42 of 44 games played and only missed 4 games of a possible 48.

    Shelton was traded to New England for a swap of NE's 3rd round pick for Cleveland's 5th round pick. Obviously NE's 3rd round pick is almost a 4th round pick.

    Shelton only started 1 game for New England but he did play 31 percent of the snaps which is OK for a pure 1-tech type DT.

    Draft Measurable(s);
    Bench: 34 reps

    What type of contract does a player get that only started 1 regular season game and 1 playoff game this past season?

    The Patriots DT Malcom Brown is also a free agent; however, he is likely to be expensive as a free agent.
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    Just make Richard the DC, and rob a consultant / DE coach.
    Keep Rod's opinions on players for DT's anyway, out of the draft. Let Richard have that main say.

    As for bringing in FA DT's, not going to get into that as we will not be big players in the FA market. So I will see what others have to say about that. I won't use my time to look into it. not at this point anyway.
    But I will appreciate reading others opinions.
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    I'd mostly be curious to know how many snaps he got in the nickel, because that'd be telling as to what he can do as a 1-gap player.

    I don't think the Cowboys are averse to size, they're averse to slow. If Shelton can be explosive, then he'll fit. It seems foolish to try to change the type of player you want based on one game.
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    Kris is already DC. He ran the defense all season long and this is coming from Kris and Rod. Giving him the title wont affect what the defense looks like next season
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    SEA defenses always had a big boi upfront, so there's a possibility Richard prefers that, plus don't see how they got mollywapped in LA and don't recognize they need more beef in the middle. Yes, Woods played great but you don't stop adding proper talent especially when you have franchise LBs who need bodyguards.

    Shelton could be a target cause his price tag should be in DAL range, but there's a lot of FA DT options this FA... Cowboys just need to play ball with that cap space, a little bit.
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    Is Snakes Harrison a FA. I like him as a DT. He was traded to Detroit.
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    UFA 2021.
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    Dang it
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    DT is said to be one of the deepest position in this draft
    Interior Defensive Line
    Big names: Ed Oliver, Raekwon Davis, Jeffery Simmons

    Other names: Possibly Rashan Gary, Rashard Lawrence, Christian Wilkins, Dre’Mont Jones, Robert Landers

    Holy smokes, you better hope this is the year your favorite NFL team needs an interior defensive lineman, because if they do, they have a gold mine to choose from.

    The obvious front man is Houston’s Ed Oliver. Though a little undersized, he’s been whipping up on college football offensive linemen for two straight years with technique, explosives and a motor that won’t quit. SEC West foes Raekwon Davis of Alabama and Jeffery Simmons of Mississippi State don’t have quite the extensive resume Oliver does, but their ceilings as interior run stuffers and as pass rushers are also very high. Davis and Simmons bring more size to their game and are imposing forces with strength and athletic ability. All three are shaping up to get high Round 1 grades.

    As for the others, I have Michigan’s Rashan Gary in here because I think he might be suited better as an interior defensive lineman in the NFL. His explosiveness and speed-to-power in a straight line could be deadly. Rashard Lawrence from LSU has some of the fastest and strongest hands in the class, and Clemson’s Christian Wilkins has all-around game that will likely make him a Top 50 guy. Ohio State has two players to boast: Robert Landers and Dre’Mont Jones. Landers is more of a nose tackle-type player who can win with a great get-off on the snap, and Jones loves to best interior offensive linemen with speed and counter directional moves.

    All of those guys could be picked in the Top 3 rounds, maybe even all in the Top 2.
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    The nice thing about having a very deep DT draft is that it will likely drive down the cost of FA DT's.
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    Between knowing what the guys up front were going to do and the slanting the DL does that has more to do with the mollywoping than size. Whne you know the guy in front of you is going to slant left no point in fighting him let him take himself of the play with some help. remember in the NFL RB do not go for a specific hole but where a hole opens up. This is not the 70's where you run to a gap as RB, no more 21 dives...
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    Myself hoping to get a young DT in this draft. Really depends on who is on the board but some areas I would look at would be DT, TE, slot WR and Safety. Some may be done in FA but hitting on those position in the draft would be big. You have them on a 4 to 5 year deal at low cost.
  15. daboyzruleperiod

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    Richard called the defensive plays. That didn't automatically promote him to DC. Although I wish it had. :D[​IMG]
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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    After seeing the impact of Woods @ 1 tech maybe the attitude changes. Good draft for DT's but does the mindset change as far as making it a first pick priority? Don't see Shelton being the "get after the QB DT" that Rod prefers. I don't know Richard's preference. BTW, Richard is the DC in all sense of the word but title. Nothing wrong with keeping Rod on board, nice combination, both are motivators and no rush to give Rod the bums rush and it's not money from the cap, it's JJ's money
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    Nice thought but some team is always willing to over pay. That won't change.
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    Patriot fans were not impressed with either fwiw. Check out their message boards.

    Pats allowed 4.9 yards per rush. I know it’s a stark comparison between them playing the Rams and us playing them, but 4.9...
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    I can't understand why Kris Richard hasn't already been officially named dc. shake rod's hand and thanks for the memories. promote Richard as he deserves. and get a big bodied tackle.
  20. CF74

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    So what you’re saying is he might not be quick twitch enough lol

    Man we need at least one big boy in the middle to rotate in there, I prefer two more please...

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