Kris Richard, Cowboys D-Coordinator, Free Agent DT

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Two please!
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  2. cowboyec

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    I like Colts f/a DT Margus Hunt.
    He was on our draft radar out of Smu.
    He played well for the Colts...similar system and used in the same way we would.
    He's young and shouldn't cost much.
    Id still look to draft one also.

    I have 0 problem with Danny Shelton or Sheldon Richardson....but if we miss out...Id like to see us get Hunt.
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  3. ItzKelz

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    Absolutely.....Kris said it was on him himself. KRIS has been calling plays all season. If you are on sites like this you should really already know this.
  4. ItzKelz

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    Rod has changed his scheme completely if it was going to help us win. The game that comes to mind the most is 2016 against Greenbay during the regular season. Kris does what he does. We knew that when we played Seattle when he was there and teams know it now when they play us. IMO its obvious that Kris is in charge with all the blitzing we did this pass season; Rod prefers pressure with just his front four and we were always near the lowest ranked teams in blitzes. Rod himself said titles dont matter indicating that was the only thing that would change if Kris became DC by title.
  5. ItzKelz

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    We are running Kris's scheme. All the blitzes ect. As a Cowboys fans when have Rod ever had a game plan to blitz over getting pressure from the front 4? Again Rod himself said titles dont matter because Rod knows that is the only thing that would change if Kris was officially named the DC.
  6. Rogerthat12

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    Just playing my friend, I had several the last several posts as well. No big deal but Rob was funny.:muttley:
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  7. DuncanIso

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    I wish this were true.

    If you've ever worked for a company/organization with a chain of command, then you must know this is not true.

    Richard should be our DC for 2019 though.
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  8. ItzKelz

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    It is very true. Rod is only DC by title alone. Rod himself stated titles dont mean anything to him.
  9. John813

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    It'll be curious to watch how the Cowboys operate this offseason with regards to DTs.

    You got the enigma that is David Irving as an UFA next month.

    Then looking forward you have Maliek Collins who will be an UFA next offseason, along with Woods who will be a RFA.

    Collins has shown in spurts an ability to be a good 3-tech, but foot injuries have plagued his career/development.
    Woods came on strong this year stopping the run while being able to penetrate and not just be a plugger.
    Still got Crawford too who can kick inside on obvious passing downs.

    I doubt the Cowboys will put any faith in Irving, but they have 2 young DT's on the roster now that will need new deals next year.

    Do we try for a McCoy, if cut? Suh? Or do they look through the recycle bin to see if they can find another Woods?
    Maybe a player inbetween?
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  10. Falco78

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    I agree he's not the monster of size but he is good enough and has explosiveness
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  11. Hennessy_King

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    I hope Richard gets promoted. I'm tired of marinelli and that garbage outdated scheme. It's basically having a Kiffin puppet here. Defense only improves if the offense is top in the league in time of possession. Still don't generate alot of sacks or turnovers.
  12. chasecooley5308

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    I really hope we can draft jeffrey simmons. As a ms state fan ive had the pleasure of watching simmons dominate for the past couple years. Because of a mistake a few years ago he wasnt invited to the NFL combine which may hurt his draft stock. I still dont see him falling to us though. He's a top 10 talent imo and will command a double team.
  13. sandbridge77

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    As athletic as your linebackers are it would be foolish for the Cowboys not to invest in some beef in the middle just to keep those linebackers clean, as an Eagles fan I hope your management continues to disagree.
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  14. renny

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  15. jrumann59

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    Jarrett is going to get very close to elite tackle money because there are very few elite tackles.
  16. kskboys

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    No, they're averse to size. They pass up big guys w/ quickness just as easily as big guys w/o.
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  17. Future

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    No they don't, there just aren't big guys who are quick. Those things are diametrically opposed to one're going to be slower at 330 than at 300.

    Antwaun Woods is listed at 318...and they made him lose weight, so he had to have been heavier when they signed him. When he did cut, he turned into a really good football player.
  18. Future

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    They kept the LBers clean all year, the Saints game was basically a clinic in that. They do it by being disruptive in the backfield though, not by just eating double teams.

    Jaylon praised them for it multiple times..
  19. rnr_honeybadger

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    Frankly I'd like to see Marinelli outright fired. He should have been fired after the loss to GB.
  20. kskboys

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    Simply not true. Effective big guys are exceptionally quick. Wilfork was. Mebane is. Poe is. Goldman is. Reader down in Houston is exceptionally quick at 325. He pushes the pocket and also makes plays and harrasses the QB.
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