Video: Kurt Warner on 105.3 the Fan talking about his film breakdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zman5, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. loublue22

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    where's his original breakdown
  2. America's Cowboy

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    Cooper was open a lot? Show proof. Make sure you include how the Oline is "blocking" at the moment Cooper or any WR actually does get open.

    I'll wait...

    Goes for anyone quick to point fingers.
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  3. Legend

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  4. Verdict

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    That’s obvious to me. Dak acts like he has no clue what he is doing when he drops back now and that started somewhere in the middle of the season.
  5. CyberB0b

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    How have we had the same story since Jason Garrett was the OC?
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  6. DogFace

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    Why can’t our coaches ever figure this stuff out?
    Yeah. Dak made some really bad reads too, but our offensive strategy seems fundamentally flawed.
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  7. stinkface

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    From watching every game Dallas had this year it was easy to see that Dak post injury on his calf turned amazingly tentative. Played like a rookie who needed to see someone wide open before throwing the ball downfield. You watch folks like Brady or even Burrow for Cinn and you see guys who grip it and rip it to spots when guys haven't even got out of their brakes. Troy used to say he threw to a spot because he knew Irvin would be there. Dak at this point doesn't do that. The good ones do that a lot. He needs to spend a lot of the offseason with the receivers working on things pure and simple.
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  8. DandyDon52

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    he also said here, he doesnt know what dak is being taught, or told to do, none of us know.
    thats why I say coaching is the biggest problem cowboys have right now, and jones boys are staying with MM and KM
    Dan will probably leave.
    I would hire kurt as assistant coach, let him work with dak and whole offense lol.
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  9. JBS

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    Quite telling that you are the only person in this entire thread that gets this
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  10. DogFace

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    David Carr said he suspected that as well because he suffered the injury and it took until the next season to get right.
  11. MountaineerCowboy

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    It started when he said "I hope teams do what the Broncos did every week".

    That means they were doing something different. He knew they were doing something different. He arrogantly thought he was good enough to figure it out.

    What the Broncos and teams since were doing has been highlighted several times in articles and videos since.

    The teams that can have stopped blitzing, focus on the run game, disguise things a bit, and make Dak think more. Dak could not figure it out. It's year 6. If he can't figure things out then he's never going to at this point.
  12. Sydla

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    So let's just cut right to it. Did Dak play well?
  13. aikemirv

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    I agree with that completely.
  14. Tommy

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    Because it used to be all Jason Garrett's fault for calling the wrong plays. The it was Scott Linehan's fault. Now its all Kellen Moore's fault.

    Try to keep up! :laugh:
  15. JeffInDC

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    Warner does a GREAT job with this breakdown...he RIGHTFULLY places a lot of blame at Dak's feet. Missing reads, indecisiveness, etc....the fact that he took a chance and made a dangerous throw to CD is even MORE damning to me since he refuses to take those risks consistently - shows he CAN do it, but WON'T. But, doesn't give him 100% of the blame - which is correct. After watching many of these videos this season, he's absolutely correct in talking about the scheme lacking "something". When folks watch any of the Shanahan Tree Guys (Shanahan, McVay, LeLeur), even the most novice eye can see a discernable "rhythm & flow" to their systems. KM's does NOT. I still see too much of Garrett's "you should just beat your man every play" BS in the scheme. And, something has become quite obvious to the opposition as well - teams just seem to know what Dallas is doing way too often now.
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  16. JBS

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    How about you get a coach that can figure out how to beat the same defense? 8 weeks to figure out how to attack the same defense and nobody in the organization could figure it out? That’s embarrassing on multiple levels. Not just the qb. But he’s included in that group as well.
  17. MountaineerCowboy

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    I think we'll find out when Moore is gone that when Dak is your QB the OC isn't gonna matter that much. He will be limited in what he can and can't do because of Dak's limitations in both his abilities and his horrible football IQ.

    This will be Dak's 3rd OC in 6 years. Linehan and Moore were the scapegoats for his bad play. I expect the next one to be too.
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  18. JBS

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    Dak isn’t without blame. There is no question about that. But Warner broke it down relatively clearly. There are issues with the scheme. There are plays being designed that do nothing to beat a simplistic zone defense. Those plays being run time and time again. There are no adjustments, there are no counter plays to those staple plays. It’s broken on multiple levels, the qb included. Let’s not pretend like Linehan is having all this success since he’s left. I’m willing to bet Moore won’t have any success if he ever leaves either.
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  19. CATCH17

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    Dez says hi.
  20. MountaineerCowboy

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    We'll get some answers one way or another, but the only way to get those answers is by Moore going somewhere else.

    I think that Dak will always be Dak regardless of the OC, because he wasn't good before Moore took over, but when Moore took over Dak had his best seasons stats wise.

    So, Moore leaving will answer more questions about his ability as coach than it does Daks abilities as a QB, imo.

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