Lack of Plan

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by strongarmqb, Sep 26, 2014.

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    Most teams that have a Football GM and not a CEO,..(see Chief Entertainment Officer) usually build teams with a Plan.

    The Giants built their Championship teams with a strong defensive line if not a decent Offensive Line.

    The Seahawks deftly used the draft to draft a very physical defense...

    What has our brain trust drafted? Second round pick on Gavin Escobar,.. 4th round pick on Matt Johnson...and list goes on.
    I'm all for the picks used on the Offensive line to give us a power running game, but couldn't we have figured that out awhile ago? And spent some of these premium picks to facilitate "the plan"?
  2. Tabascocat

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    Just be thankful that there seems to be a plan now.....a running game. Lets see how the drafts go from here to help it.
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    Jerry has a plan... To make lots of money.

    Plan successful.
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    You mean like rebuilding the entire OL? Draft a capable backup/successor for JWit? Those kind of things?
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    He is deeper than you give him credit for. Entertainment, relevance and THEN money.

    Jerry is a knee jerk micro manager so there is never going to be a plan, ever.
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    The whole switch to 4-3 defense without the personnel to do it with shows complete lack of plan. Jerry should have been locked in the closet for that 2012 Seattle game. Only intelligent move I have seen in years is the investment in the OL.

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