Let me show you how the refs completely botched the spotting of the ball after Dak's slide

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Jan 17, 2022.

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    The league doesn't care. Referees and their gaffes are becoming more and more important in a lot of games. Many of the issues are easily solvable but the fact that there is no real desire to fix it tells me they do not care. The money is rolling in. Bad calls deciding games keep the league on the front of social media platforms. Fantasy football is bigger than ever. Everything will continue to be skewed to stats and stars for the $$$. That's the state of the league.

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    It was a horrible play call, who runs a QB sneak in the middle of the field with NO timeouts and seconds left in the game?????? Who, the Cowboys do, Ha-haaaaaaaaa
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    This is a truthful post that of course got ignored but it's spot on. I estimated the 26 myself so if the ref was doing his job correctly, he should have spotted the ball backwards 2 more yards which would have used clock anyways when everyone backed up. You even see the Line Judge at the top of the screen on the sideline at 0:10, showing the spot to be on the other side of the 25 and then hops forward 1+ yard after the spotting official puts it at about the 24. All I ever hear is that folks want a fairly called game. Fairly-called would have had the time expire anyway. But that don't sell to people who need to believe they were robbed.

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    The cowboys lost because that is what they do. They are not consistent.
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    It still took 9 seconds.
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    .. and that has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the officiating is competent or not…
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    A portion of the board along with our front office, coach snd QB are whiners who basically cry and make excuses. FACT

    The fact is Dak and the line blocked the guy out even when he was supposed to touch it…on top of a dumb play
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    This is not an issue to me. The Cowboys should never be in that position.
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    It should of never came to that being the final play of the season.
    They had their chances to score on the previous drive.
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    True but do you think my idea of throwing it out of bounds backwards would have worked? I don't think there is any rule against that.
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    That's just stupid man - for real.

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    You would have to double check the NFL rules but my gut feeling is that likely would be a penalty and possibly a 10 second runoff.
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    Oh, okay, smh.

    The ref didn’t just move the ball “just because.” He moved it because it was incorrectly spotted by Biadasz. The yellow arrow shows where Biadasz tried to spot it.


    But please, please continue with the “we wuuuzz robbbed!!” lamenting to help you sleep.
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    That's tricky. Moore ****ed everything up by not taking advantage of the time on the lock and using the run on first down after the pass to Schultz. Punt there and we've got them pinned deep with three timeouts, and we stop them then we get the ball 20-40 yards further upfield than we did.

    The issue isn't whether that was the right call, or whether we'd have scored at all either if we had another second or just threw deep once or twice, or we even deserved a chance to be that close. It's whether the officials did their roles properly on that play?

    It just shoukdn't sit right with any Cowboy fan how poor an effort to follow and catch up to the play was made there, or how the same offical killed out momentum on another potential TD drive by remaining in the way of our snapping the ball well after the Niners had made their substitutions, then cut directly in front of where the ball could be snapped ensuring a key delay of game penalty that could have been avoided had the Umpire moved at different angle.
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    Trust me it doesn't help anyone sleep.I finally got sleep just before 6:30 today.

    Buty if accepting getting it jammed where the sun don't shine and saying thanks everybody helps you sleep better well, I'd rather be up till 6:30 than be like that.
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    thank you for the super size pic.

    I wasn't necessarily saying THIS play. Just in general.

    I never said "we was robbed".

    Now....you didn;t ask me what I thought of it...but since you made up something in your head..I will correct you. Listen up...

    I thought it was not a very good play, but since it was called...it was POORLY executed. Just goes to show we're not a disciplined team. Ceedee waltzing back to the line shows you.

    Although we had a chance to win.....We lost the game LONG before this play. The penalties, lack of run commitment, and Dak's erratic throwing are unacceptable. And I want Moore fired.

    There..I hope this clears up my opinion on this matter.

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