Let's be honest about the results in the playoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Jan 17, 2022.

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    Look, lets look at our division rivals for example.
    Aside the Deadkins.... both the Eagles and the Giants have had MORE success than us in recent years. That is the fact.
    Heck, Jerr Jones would not have lated 3 seasons as GM in any other team.
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    the offensive line, both with the execution and penalties cost us the game ..ill paste and cut this on all threads looking for answers.:popcorn: they torpedoed so many drives i lost count.:eek::mad::(

    all those plays all game before that especially on the drive before and after halftime is on dak?> the sunlight the OL mistakes being behind the chains. I mean its blatantly obvious to actual fans to why we lost the game

    the OL that's if. Other penalty's come in 2nd like pre-snap on the DL what 3 of them?

    real fans who aren't emotional right now see why we lost...mistakes on the lines you win and lose in the trenches, and it cost us on both sides.
  3. Aven8

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    I thought it was Romo’s best call too. He was awesome.
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  4. pansophy

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    We lost to Tampa, Arizona, and SF. We just weren't good enough this year. Our record goes up and down with our SOS -- we will have a harder schedule next year so unless the pattern changes we will be back at 8-8 or worse.
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  5. Blackrain

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    Well if I'm being honest exactly what I predicted to happen happened we were one and done.

    I tried to have hope but I couldn't twist it into something different than what my eyes were seeing we couldn't stop the run in the regular season even against bad teams.

    We couldn't avoid the penalties we were an undisciplined team. We fed off of bad teams that were injured and ravaged from illness.

    We could not run the ball and our quarterback had become tentative and the things I loved about him when he came into the league were suddenly gone he would no longer tuck the ball away and get the yards necessary to move the chains.

    Being honest again the defense and its coach that we rave over had as many yards put up against it this year as it did last year the difference was a couple young players one that was unafraid to put his head in there and rush the passer and another with the ball skills to get the turnovers necessary to change the game.

    These players did the best they could under the circumstances but when playing from behind their impact was limited if we're being on honest.

    If we're being honest the offense that was number one in the league got that title from running up the scores on bad injury plague teams

    If we are continuing to be honest our O line has gotten old and injured at certain positions and severely underpowered at others.
    Dak does them no favors by holding on to the ball too long and not taking easy runs when they are there.
    Zeke is done his natural ability will no longer carry him in the NFL as a premier back.

    Being completely honest I've grown tired of being embarrassed by this once proud franchise.
    Losing a tough game is not the end of the world but being made to feel embarrassed because your team is so stupid and unprepared in all aspects down to the positioning of the roof and the jumbotron in the stadium to avoid sun and blocking punts starts to become a strain that is more than I can bear
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    Nice post
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  7. Creeper

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    Someone said before the game the Cowboys and 49ers would go as far as their QBs could take them. It turned out to be true. Dak held the Cowboys back. He was awful yesterday as he has been for most games since he came back from injury. I have no idea what is going on in his head but I am pretty sure he is not thinking the way he did the first 7 weeks when he was letting the ball fly decisively. He was spreading the ball around, hitting receivers all over the field including some bombs to CeeDee and Gallup. That Dak disappeared. The Dak we saw yesterday was slow to see things, indecisive, inaccurate and not making good decisions.

    Whatever is ailing Dak, they need to fix it and help him through it because they are stuck with him for the next 3 years at least.
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  8. Praxit

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    ..great post as always, CC. It never fails, just like in life. The patterns if they exist, they'll still be there later. Unless you take hold of the reeds, and dictate changes.

    I didnt even get upset yesterday. Being in my 50's, it came upon me. Dallas culture is a stigma, fix it.

    Then again, that's going to be another story.
  9. Blackrain

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    And to be fair sometimes the offensive line getting penalties leaving him second and 15 or 20 is causing him problems he can't overcome

    That said sometimes it's a chicken and egg situation where his holding the ball instead of just taking off and running is causing them to hold but the pre-snap penalties just kill us
  10. brickman

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    GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. glimmerman

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    I expected what happened expect the out come. I thought we would adjust some in the second half. That QB draw needed to be called earlier in the game. Actually earlier in the season. This is a part of his game he has to have. And this O-Line coach has to go. We need to upgrade this O-Line in the draft and get disciplined. These penalties kill us.. We are losing some talent this offseason. I expected Dak to play better. I expected this team to play better but once again we wait till the 4th quarter to make plays.. Was not happy. But we weren’t playing like we were before Daks injury.. Something is off..
  12. lukin2006

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    This team needs better coaching, a better qb, toughness and tough fans who like tough teams…we have neither anymore…
  13. Cmac

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    Maybe........just maybe.......this team starts to realize you have to earn something instead of deserving it.
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  14. nalam

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    True, they came out of gate with determination and our D and O didnot.

    long TD drive to start and Defense on skates pushed back and then a quick 3 and out . Typical, that is the story. If it was the other way around the whole thing would have been a different story.

    We are what we are , one and done !

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