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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DanA, May 2, 2021.

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    • 1,100 defensive snaps for the regular season
    • Number of LB's on field:
      • Dime - 1 x Linebacker 10% (110 snaps)
      • Nickle - 2 x Linebacker 65% (1430 snaps
      • Base - 3 x Linebacker 25% (825 snaps)
      • Total snaps (2,310 snaps)
    • Keanu Neale plays 60-40 as a SS/LB
    • We carry 6.5 LB's (Neale 0.5)
    The scheme is different to last year with the major difference being Aldon Smith's DPR role is likely to be split between SAM and LEO. The NFL has seen teams play Base as often as 70% of the time (Seattle 2019), and DIME not at all (Buffalo 2019) but Dan Quinn has typically been close to the norm mostly playing Nickle/Base, with a small amount of DIME.

    Projected Snaps:

    MIKE: 1100 snaps
    WILL: 990 snaps
    SAM: 275 snaps

    Player Snap Count:
    MIKE: 700 Parsons, 400 LVE
    WILL: 590 Smith, 300 Neale, 100 other
    SAM: 200 Smith, 75 Parsons

    It's possible we could see Jaylon or Parsons play some LEO, but more realistically it'll be a pass rushing specialist like Gregory, Basham, or Anae. I think my projected 775 snaps for Parsons is probably enough for a rookie, and splitting time with LVE only playing 400 snaps would be under-utilizing LVE a little but I see Parsons as an upgrade day 1, and LVE struggled a little last season so it's not like LVE has been dogged here.

    I've projected Jaylon to be playing a fair bit less than he traditional has, which has averaged about 950 snaps the last three seasons, but IMO he's been average, and may benefit from playing a little less, in particular taking some of those coverage snaps away where he's been burnt toast. I've earmarked him to play the most snaps out of our linebackers at 790 snaps so still a substantial role.

    The reality is this is a projection and probably going to be a way off. There's a good chance someone's gonna get injured, someone under/over performs, or we have more/less linebackers on the field than I've projected. Notwithstanding, I feel like this is going to be close to our coaches plan. It doesn't leave a lot of room for our bottom three LB's on defence (which I currently have as Cox, Gifford, and Bernard) but they might see a bit of time if we get multiple injuries at LB, or an LTI, more realistically though they are contributing to ST for 2021. And we'll see what happens with Neale, he could be needed much more than expected at SS given our lack of depth at safety (even if it's mostly FS).
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    Good breakdown, but I just can't envision an LB rotation happening. That hasn't been Quinn's MO and that hasn't been Dallas's MO.

    My best guess is that Jaylon and LVE will roll out as week 1 starters with the team looking for any excuse to get Parsons on the field. Cox will play some STs and won't really factor in this year. I have no idea what the plan for Neal is... my best guess was he was signed as LVE insurance, but adding two talented LBs really messes with the gameplan. I would love to see him playing either LB or SS if he's not completely broken down by injuries... every time he's been healthy in Quinn's scheme, he's been a baller.
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    I don't think we'll intentionally rotate but I do think it happens naturally when you've got good depth. Really, I think it's a product of removing Jaylon from coverage situations, and managing the workload of a rookie. If it was Parsons 3rd or 4th year in the NFL system I think he'd be getting up near 1,000 snaps as guys like Wagner and Deion Jones have under Quinn, but I wouldn't be doing that to a rookie, even if he's a freak.
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    I think early on the nickel LBs will consist of:
    LVE(if healthy/mentally checked in) Smith and Neal being in some sort of rotation. Parsons and Cox may be for the future/worked in a series here and there depending on oppentent and how "ready" they look.
    3/4 LB packages I think we see Parsons right away with LVE and Smith.

    While Quinn may not of used a rotation I think we'll have one at least this year/riding the hot hands.
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    Best guess is that your future guys (2022) are Parsons - Mike, Cox -- Sam, Neal -- Will

    LVE and Smith are gone within a couple of years.

    Because Neal can play some SS as well, he stays on the field on third down and Cox moves to inside LB and Pasons rushes quite a bit. The LB's ability allows them to run a 4-2-5 or 3-4 or 4-3 without really having to change personnel.
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    I’m really anxious to see how they move these guys around...especially considering how Neal will be involved.

    I like Parsons at the WILl long term but we’ll see what happens with LVE.
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    can't wait to see #11.
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    On 3rd and 12, we rush 4.

    Lawrence, Gregory, Parsons, J Smith?
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    MLB - LVE/Smith
    SLB - Parsons
    WLB - Neal

    MLB - Parsons (LVE rotation)
    WLB - Neal

    WLB - Cox
    MLB - Bernard
    SLB - Kamara
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    Don't be surprised if Cox becomes a safety.
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    Prior to the draft Jaylon was gonna be used at SAM but I think it’s possible given Parsons pass rush that he takes that role. I have Gifford ahead of Kamara mainly off previous seasons training camp hype but havent really seen enough to have my own opinion.
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    I could see Parsons at SAM early and pass rushing like crazy until he gets up NFL speed. Obviously long term we want him at Will/Mike.
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    That spot is up for grabs Gifford makes sense, it's a guess right now for sure.
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    They'll never go that light? You might see DLaw/Golston slide down occasionally, but in the nickel, it'll be more like:

    DLaw - Hill - Gallimore - Gregory
    Golston - Odi - Urban - Basham
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