Long odds that Micah will win DPOY

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Madtowner, Dec 2, 2021.

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    I know we have more important things to worry about than post-season awards, however I did a little digging:

    Since 1999, the year Javon Kearse set the rookie sack record and finished 2nd in the DPOY voting, only 1 rookie defender has even received a single vote in the DPOY voting: Patrick Willis got 1 vote for DPOY in his rookie season (2007). No other rookie has received votes for DPOY other than Kearse and Willis since Lawrence Taylor won the DPOY award his rookie season- which he likely won due to Jet teammates Joe Klecko (20.5 sacks) and Mark Gastineau (20 sacks) splitting their votes, finishing 2 and 3.

    Likely will require the Cowboys to finish strong AND Parsons breaking the rookie sack record. Certainly possible though!
  2. Macnalty

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    He is in the conversation and not just by Cowboy fans
  3. Proof

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    interesting stuff. if i had to guess, i think he might do a bit of stat padding tonight ;)
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    hard for rookie as the NFL likes to spread the love and easier to give MP the DROTY and someone else the DPOTY awards.

    there isnt at this time someone better then MP as rookie defender, so its his to lose vs they can find a vet defensemen to give the other reward too..
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    I'm hoping we don't get smacked in the mouth yet again by the Saints Junior Varsity.

    I love #11 but his personal accolades can wait until we are eliminated. Should have plenty of time at this rate.
  6. lostar2009

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    Is there another defensive rookie playing better than him right now?
  7. ultron

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    The funny thing is he’s going blow Lawrence Taylor’s rookie numbers away and LT won DROY and DPOY. He’s only 1/2 sack & 1 int behind Taylor - he has more forced fumbles and probably more tackles for loss (I can’t find that number; not sure if they tracked it). However, Myles Garrett is probably going to have ~20 sacks, and Trevon Diggs will probably have 10+ interceptions so it may come down to those 2 and someone else that I’m not thinking of.

    Edit: even if he wins 0 awards, I’m glad he’s on this team.
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  8. AbeBeta

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    He's got defensive rookie in the bag. DPOY is another story. There are tons of players ahead of him. Myles Garrett has 14 sacks in 12 games. Diggs would be firmly in the #2 spot. About 10 or so guys ahead of Parsons.
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  9. conner01

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    If he stays on the same pace for tackles and sacks he will have the most combined tackles and sacks ever
    But it would take something like that for him to win DPOY
    I think he has rookie award nearly locked up though
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  10. tyke1doe

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    He'd have to finish ahead of Miles Garrett in sacks (who currently has 14).
    That's going to be hard to do.
    In fact, Parsons currently ranks 10th on the sack list. He's currently tied with Garrett for the second most TFLs (15). Nick Bosa has (16).
    I say "no".
    Defensive rookie of the year? Absolutely.
  11. Proof

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    i'm not sure that's necessary, given advanced analytics and pressure rates etc. would probably have to grab an interception or two though to go along w/ everything.
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  12. tyke1doe

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    What's not necessary?
  13. CATCH17

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    There might be 1 defensive player in the NFL playing better than him much less a rookie.

    The fact he has long odds of winning the award is a joke.
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  14. Proof

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    oh sorry, not sure he has to surpass garretts sack totals
  15. Direwolf63

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    I don't see how Diggs is anywhere close to being DPOY. He's had a lot of good plays, but he's had just as many poor plays, if not more. He has given up a ton of yards and opposing QB's are not afraid to throw in his direction.

    I think he is a good player and will get better with more experience. But DPOY? No way
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  16. jnday

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    He might not win it , but he should . He is a top tier defensive player in the league and no rookie comes close IMO.
  17. dagreat1_87

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    I could understand him not winning DPOY but if he doesnt win the defensive rookie award, then i dont understand football
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  18. conner01

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    One award for rookies
    He’s pretty much got that locked up
    But defensive player of the year is everyone and that’s gonna take something really special for him to win
    He’s not likely to lead the league in sacks but he’s on pace for the record for sacks/tackles combined which might be that special thing that could put him over the top for DPOY
    But he’s almost certain gonna be DROY
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  19. conner01

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  20. Maxmadden

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    I'm OK with him winning DPOY next year.
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