Losing Witten would be crippling W/O replacement

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 3, 2020.

  1. jjktkk

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    Speed mismatches against opposing LBers.
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  2. jjktkk

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    Jarwin is more than capable of starting over the 2019 version of Witten.
  3. gmb1

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    Just draft a damn TE!!!!
  4. sideon

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    Losing a guy that did nothing for them would be crippling? If the Cowboys were a good team they would've never brought Witten back.
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  5. Skillit

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    It’s not Witten’s job to train his replacements—they were / are professionals who work with him in practice every day. If they can’t figure it out....then maybe that is the talent gap.
  6. daboyzruleperiod

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    Seriously?! Witten came back thinking this team was going to the SB (like everyone else) & wanted to contribute. It's easy making comments after the fact.
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  7. Bullflop

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    It's a good bet that a TE will be on the Cowboys list of draft targets, although, it's just a question of how high on their list the position sits. It should be up there with the top four, imho, though. If a good one is available in the third round, I imagine it might be targeted. I think DT, SS, LB, TE, OT and LB are their main priorities. A talented backup OT is a real need to fill in for Tyron and La'el, if and when persistent injuries make it so.

    The availability of a good one will always be prioritized, of course. If one isn't available, that position could be easily be pushed back into a later round. A better punter than Chris Jones has become will likely be targeted, as well, most likely in a late round.

    The supply of someone most desirable will always be a highly essential factor, of course. There are lesser TEs in every draft than what some here make Witten out to be. Granted, he's slow but still quite reliable, despite his advanced age.
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  8. noshame

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    Losing Witten would be liberating. Seriously.
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  9. DeathMonkey

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    Any time I'm on a team, I do my darndest to help those around me because it helps my team. That's why it's a team game. Not really hard to understand.
  10. NumOneQB

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    Witten brought very little this year. Somehow people claimed he was an all world blocker after being a below average blocker his entire career.
    Start Jarwin or draft a TE next year, but Witten has to go....
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  11. SoupcanSam

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    Witten is a disaster, no need to lift this guy up anymore. Right now we are trash even with him. I'd rather have jarwin.
  12. DallasDomination

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    Witten doesn’t even come up clutch in the biggest games.. he brings nothing to the team besides friendship.
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  13. Cl4p4th3pr0c3ss

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    Trade Jarwin and picks to the Ravens for Mark Andrews and be set for a decade at TE. Jarwin is ok...Andrews could be HOF.
  14. iceberg

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    As in 7-9 or 6-10 crippling?
  15. Dorsett33

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    Jarwin should be the starter...period. Jarwin start proving that the prior year. Witten's time is up.
  16. Little Jr

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    Lol and if you take out 4 of Wittens catches, 33 vs mia, 20 vs jets, 19 vs rams and 18 vs the saints he drops to 7. So take out both you have 2 tes avg 7 per with one getting twice as many targets. Wittens wont drop as much because he cant stretch the field and is too slow to gain any YAC to have catches of 20+. Witten had 2 all year of 20 yds or more with 83 targets. Jarwin had 8 with 41 targets. I would call that effective, not ineffective.

    And the Witten is a better blocker is HIGHLY over stated. Witten isnt the same blocker as he was 4 years ago. If a grade was put on them, Witten might be a 7 on a scale of 10 and Jarwin a 6 to 6.5. At one time this year Jarwin was being uses as a blocker on 51% of his snaps and Witten was being used as a blocker on 42% of his snaps. Didnt keep up with it and dont know how it ended up, but at no time in the year should your supposedly inferior blocking TE be blocking on more of his snaps and the superior TE at blocking being used less on blocking. Unless, the inferior blocker really isnt as inferior as some make him out to be
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  17. Little Jr

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    Did you know we were 2-3 in games we ran more than 44% of the time in the 1st half? Did you know the dumbest thing someone can claim as to why we won is because a rb gained a specific amount of yards or carries? Did you know we ran in the redzone 58% of the time and only 2 teams ran more than that in the redzone? Did you know that 7 of our 8 wins we passed more in the 1st half than we ran? Did you know that we were 1-2 in games when we ran more in the 1st half thant we passed?
  18. LocimusPrime

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    Jarwin is more than sufficient at TE. He should be starting
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  19. Chrispierce

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    Jarwin is vastly underused and is a race car sitting in the garage only going out for light Sunday strolls. I’m giving him a fat dose of it...he’s a nightmare matchup for any defensive secondary or LB front. He’s too big but too fast same time. They don’t need Witten,he’s a luxury...just a good blocker to add to Shultz and Jarwin,and they’ll be fine.
  20. MyUserName

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    Your credibility rating just took a hit with that stupid *** comment.

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