Love the moves so far!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheCritic, Mar 12, 2022.

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    Your entitled to your opinion but to me the Jones way of team building will never result in a team that wins consistently let alone wins a Super Bowl
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    Like I said, I believe it makes sense to go "all in" when you already have the right foundation of core players and a winning culture. I believe wholeheartedly that going all in at this moment won't make a difference.
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    It blows my mind that the Jones cannot see the Forrest for the trees.
    The days Of Jerry spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave are a thing of the past, Lil Stevie has seen to that. Zeke will be the last big contract cut next year.
    I don't see a single move that has made the team better player wise since our last game.
    We are weaker at WR.
    We are weaker at DE.
    We are weaker on the OLine.
    I would say status quo at TE, RB, Safety, LBer, cause all we have done is resign our own - that does not Improve the team.
    It's too much to always put it on Will McClay to nail the draft each year. As our only mean s of improvement. And expect to get to the SB.

    Jerry said last Start of training camp all teary eyed - he would do anything to win another SB. To be blunt - he's running out of time !
    And he ain't doing squat about it.
    Rinse. Repeat - Rinse. Repeat.
    We don't have to mortgage our souls to improve, but you do have to do something different than the last almost 3 decades.
    It's not good enough !
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    I agree but I'm not necessarily saying go all in, the sheer refusal to sign even a single free agent that is considered to be one of the top players at their position and could improve the team is proof enough to me that the SCUM that own the Cowboys aren't interested in keeping this team anything other than relevant at best
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    Basically, this is the result of our moves to the far.

    Cooper is being replaced by Lamb
    Lamb by Gallup
    Gallup by Washington
    C.Wilson by Brown or a rookie
    Jarwin by Sprinkle or a rookie
    Collins by Steele or Ball
    Williams by McGovern or Farniok or a rookie
    Gregory by Fowler or Armstrong or a rookie
    Neal by LVE or Gifford or Cox or a rookie
    Kazee by Hooker
    Zuerlein by Naggar

    Team has also brought back Schultz, McQuade, Anger, Watkins and Kearse.
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    Yes, Dak had better stats against a better defense. While he’s not an elite QB, he’s better than Jimmy G. We committed penalties and couldn’t stop the run.
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