Mad Dog - "You can't tell me he (Prescott) is a Top 10 QB". Booger McFarland disagrees

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MountaineerCowboy, Jun 30, 2022.

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    I addressed this earlier as I usually do ignore these ridiculous Dak threads. But I decided to start my own Dak thread the other day to expose these Dak trolls for everyone to see so hopefully we can end all of this foolishness so at some point everyone can have civil and reasonable discussions critiquing our QB like we do every facet of our team and franchise.

    And they bit on the thread responding without being called out individually and one even admitted to being a troll. They always come a running to the beckon call.

    Not all fans recognize these fans who troll and or antagonize other fans on certain subjects like our QB while not addressing or critiquing any other weaknesses or contributing factors.
  2. Diehardblues

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    The crusade actually was to expose him for what he was and to turn fans against him. I’d argue 15 years later most fans don’t see him in as bright of light as they once did. He’s become the most hated sports personality in Dallas.

    I’d hoped this would have led to less financial support but at that time didn’t realize the enormous revenue windfall the stadium and its revenue would bring practically putting the fix in. I waved my white flag on that issue years back. It is what it is but at least most everyone sees it for what it’s become.

    PAPPYDOG There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!

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    We come here to chill, laugh, cry, disagree, keep up to date, and even argue a little bit now and then.
    After 27 years have you learned nothing about this clown show we love and support????
    Getting emotional over a player who quite frankly has done pretty much 0 on the Glory front is eccentric and odd at best for any true blue Cowboy fan.
    Now if you know Dak personally then your reactions might be excused but I highly doubt that.
    We are one big happy Cowboy family so chill man and trust me you will feel a lot better about your daily presence here!
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  4. Diehardblues

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    Funny how these trolls I’m not directly addressing individually except for the one admitted troll always seem to respond when trolls are called out.

    It’s time for this foolishness to end . This forum could be so much better without this aspect. It really serves no purpose but entertainment for a few ,festering most Cowboy fans.

    I can’t stop all fans from feeding them but I can certainly call out groups and let everyone decide for themselves.

    Saddest part is we have many fans who’d like to offer just criticism and critique on our QB like other facets but the extremes on both sides always deter these threads into personal insults and innuendos.
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    i agree, but give it another year and all the other marginal Qb contracts will surpass his
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    True enough
  7. Diehardblues

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    While most Cowboy fans agreed Dak was over paid we also knew that paying market price was all too common in the league. And we argued within a couple years his contract would fall down closer to his pecking in the league which is closer to top 10-15 than top 5.

    There were fans who thought we should have let him walk instead of overpaying. All sound arguments. But in the end this owner for whatever reasons decided this was our direction.

    Unfortunately with 32 teams in the league there’s not enough Elite QB’s to go around. But if you have close to a top 10 QB could be enough to build around.

    We all have seen his weaknesses and assets and most recognize the concerns and hopes. But no one of sound analysis is solely blaming our QB for the lack of success and disappointments.

    We’d all like to have an Elite Qb. We’d also like an Elite defense. Would be awesome not to have dysfunctional and meddling owner. There’s much we’d love to have.

    The bigger discussion is how do we improve on what we have within the restrictions , obstacle and handicaps provided. That’s where the real tactical minds are wanting to discuss.
  8. john van brocklin

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    The QB of the Cowboys is always going to be a lighting rod for attention and criticism.
  9. Diehardblues

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    Yea but that’s more on the national scene. Many more issues are being discussed and written about at the local level.

    Big issues this week for example are who is going to fill gap for Gallup for about 6 weeks . And Tyron not going to practice worrying about injuries.

    And the fact we didn’t address DT or S in draft or FA.

    Cowboys have many more question marks heading into this season than QB.
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    Agreed, I don't care for the endless dak threads.
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    And here you are keeping it alive as well...
  12. Diehardblues

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    Hopefully once season begins they will be corralled and or merged . In old Cowboys site they had to designate a separate forum for Romo it became so bad.
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    There has been no better opportunity to win it all than there actually was in Dak's rookie season.

    There has just been opportunities lost, so many injuries to key position through the seasons, poor coaching, just about all the bad things that can happen. Still, I can't let Dak off as much as I would love to.

    Even though Dak is my guy, the great quarterbacks win playoff games. They just find a way. And, yeah, I'm jealous of the young quarterbacks in the NFL today that have done that, guys like Burrow and Mahomes,

    It's all about the playoffs.

    The Cowboys have been so irrelevant in the postseason that many fans may not realize just how low the standard has fallen.
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  14. Dre11

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    Those Qbs font win alone. Burrow or Mahommes. Kelsi and Hill, Chase went a long way
  15. Haimerej

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    I'm on the side of, "Well then, discuss it." Who's keeping you from doing it?
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    So now Nick Foles Jimmy G, Tannenhill, Ryan, Goff, Newton and Flacco are top 10 quarterbacks? :laugh::omg: Damn what is going on with this site? We have to start banning people for such moronic thoughts.
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    Thank you. Hard to understand why the Dak lovers don't get this. And yes, whoever the quarterback is, he will get a big part of the blame. It's not a personal thing. It's a positional thing.
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    Heck you guys turn every thread into an anti-Dak thread. I've been on here long enough to know who are the guys that don't like Dak. Y'all can't stop spewing y'all rhetoric. So if anyone is very emotional it's you guys. The circle of hate.
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    You're absolutely right.. All these sports opinion shows are well aware of the popularity that the Dallas Cowboys possess. America's Team moves the needle like no other team in sports and generates massive ratings.
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    The other common is this team hasn't had a QB who can win big games since Aikman. Some people say Daks a bus driver and I disagree. He is worse because you get highs and lows extremes and the lows come when you really need that 3rd down conversion. You know something is wrong when Dak has a better chance of throwing a TD pass from the 50 yard line than the 10 yard line.
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