Maybe I'm just too thick to understand, but would appreciate some guidance for future reference

Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by _sturt_, Aug 24, 2017.

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  1. _sturt_

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    Noticed that this...

    ... was selected to be moved from one forum to another one in the last several minutes.

    I'm sure the mental block is all mine, but I just can't catch-on consistently to the logic it is hoped we will use in deciding what belongs in one forum and not another... as I'm sure you realize, it's like for any given topic, there are at least 2, if not 5 or 6, forums that conceivably a mod could come along and dispatch to another forum.

    The classic example is last year's Romo-fest, where some things deserved Fan Zone status, and others deserved QB Zone status... and still others, perhaps Roster Zone status.

    In my relatively brief time here, this has come up time and again.

    I love this site, as many do, but if I may be candid, that gets annoying, and speaking for myself, I for one wish there was more latitude just granted to fans themselves to decide except for egregious occasions when something blatantly just doesn't belong on that general, high-traffic board. It seems to me that anything that is of some very current-events nature for the team is reasonable to place in the Fan Zone. But again, maybe I'm just not interpreting things correctly.

    Put another way, it's like this... there are those posts that it takes you 30 seconds to type and post, and then there are others that require some depth of thought, and that, due to that time investment, you'd really like to see a maximum number of other fans' responses to. And that doesn't happen on the other 20 forums on the site because most of us have lives and just don't really have the time or interest to view much of anything other than the primary one.

    Is that thinking so wrong?

    Know it's against rules to post something like this in the actual thread, and I get that reasoning. But decided, based on some previous experiences where PMs received no evident response indicative that a side comment was read, to locate the seemingly-most appropriate forum and to post this.

    Thanks in advance to any mods or admins who read and take this in the spirit intended. I've been an admin and I've been a mod, so I know how much time and effort you must put into making this thing go hummmmmmm.

    Just offering one person's perspective for improvement. Fwiw.
  2. jobberone

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    It's best to PM an admin like Reality or WoodysGirl but I'll leave it here for the time being.
  3. _sturt_

    _sturt_ Well-Known Member

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    Thanks, @jobberone . I feel like I certainly can't be the only one looking for some clarity on this, so I think it can't help but be helpful to let it breathe here in an open air place. I'm not an imbecile nor am I disrespectful, nor am I uncooperative--that is, if I understand the line of rationale being used. It just doesn't feel like there is a line of rationale at the moment, but rather that it's just left up to anecdotal judgment (frustrating).

    Repeating myself, I just feel like the intent of Fan Zone is to offer a place for discussion of the most current events surrounding the Cowboys, specifically-football-related. But I can adjust my thinking on that if given guidance from above.
  4. Reality

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    All mock roster prediction threads and posts belong in the Roster Zone until after the last preseason game has been played. You will find several of those threads already there in fact.

    This is something we have done for years here because mock prediction threads are highly contagious and once one or two users post them, everyone starts creating their own mock prediction threads and the Fan Zone gets flooded with them while other more worthy discussions get pushed off the front page.

    Once the final preseason game has been played, we will create a single mega-merged roster prediction thread where everyone can guess, project, etc. the roster as it will be based on the entire preseason at that point, not half the preseason and that way we do not end up with a lot of mock roster prediction threads in the Fan Zone.
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