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Twitter: McCarthy on Dak "Very impressive"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

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    If it's around your neck, then I was right....human being.
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  2. panchucko

    panchucko It's Back

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    Nope he needs Omaha
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  3. iceberg

    iceberg rock music matters Zone Supporter

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    has any new coach come in and ragged on the starting qb in a PC?
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  4. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    You mean it isn’t........
  5. Jeffkills

    Jeffkills Well-Known Member

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    You will..

    We all will, before it’s over again...
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  6. CowboysWillRise

    CowboysWillRise Well-Known Member

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    Lets go Dak! :dance:
  7. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    He said what a coach has to say. His facial expression told a different story.
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  8. Typhus

    Typhus Catching Catfish

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    Im just glad He is finally talking, dont really care the context.
    MM talking is like a football barometer, we need anything Cowboys related.
    We are starving here.
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  9. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

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    I would love to eat crow on Dak Prescott
    Go prove me wrong young man.
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  10. JJHLH1

    JJHLH1 Well-Known Member

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    Glad to see Dak gets the MM seal of approval.

    This was expected from a quality coach who obviously knows how to judge QB talent.
  11. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    He'd better.
  12. Johnny23

    Johnny23 Well-Known Member

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    Much ado about nothing. It's coach speak. Call me when something interesting actually happens and there's games.

    Ya'll reach for any dangling carrot on a string.
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  13. Aviano90

    Aviano90 Go Seahawks!!!

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    See you next month.
  14. Johnny23

    Johnny23 Well-Known Member

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    I will be ready with my snacks and ball cap.

    I just hate these milk toast answers and preplanned glowing reviews you get from coaches in situations like this.
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  15. cowboyed

    cowboyed Well-Known Member

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    This is so spot on about the head coach public speaking. I not only listen to what McCarthy states but also how he comports himself when speaking in the video conference. It is light years away from new head coach shill mode. He is not exuberantly complimenting Dak like an over animated eager beaver trying to please the team, the organization, the media and fan universe. McCarthy was very matter of fact and to the point regarding Dak and spent less than 30 seconds doing so.
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  16. cowboyed

    cowboyed Well-Known Member

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    McCarthy is not going to be your head coaching guy if you are expecting fiery speeches or outbursts like Al Pacino as Tony D'Amato in 'Any Given Sunday'.
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  17. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

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    Good to see MM is impressed with the way Dak is throwing the ball. If he wasn’t then he would have used other words or not said anything. So I guess now everything is ok. MM and Dak like each other. Lol.
  18. Qcard

    Qcard Well-Known Member

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    What do you expect him to say this is the same fluff like "We have 100 Percent belief in Dak" from Stephen
    Just coach speak.....
  19. Qcard

    Qcard Well-Known Member

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    We have 100 Percent Belief in Dak???

    I wish I could monitor your heart rate during games this season:dance:
  20. Hawkeye0202

    Hawkeye0202 Well-Known Member

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