News: Michael Gallup Talks Contract

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 817Gill, Jun 7, 2021.

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    This is Stephen Jones quote in an interview with Mike Florio. I've linked the entire interview. Clearly, COO Stephen Jones mindset is fixed on winning with a team friendly contracts and NOT market value contracts. That has been COO Stephen Jones predisposition going into contract negotiations. Stephen blames failure "decreasing chance to win" on QBs contracts taking up a "big" (*** does that mean) percentage....big is relative

    Stephen Jones:
    We’re just trying to do our very best working with Mike, working with Will McClay, to really divide up the pie in the best way possible to win a Super Bowl. There’s all sorts of analytics out there that show if your quarterback takes up too big a percentage of your salary cap, that it decreases your chances to win. We’re just trying to figure out the right fit.
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    There’s a team that doesn’t do that with big contracts?
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    Well there are teams that don’t do big contracts
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    So if you cut Cooper the following year you have $18M in dead money for a guy no longer on the team in that scenario of restructuring $18M of his salary in 2022 to free up space. That would not be smart when you could just move on from him a year earlier and have a huge savings in both years. All of this at a position where we have 3 real good players and can afford to let one go. Thinking like this is why we don’t have a defense. If we didn’t over pay all of our own guys we could have brought in a DB last year or this year and strengthened one of the weak links on the team.

    and when you restructure everyone, eventually some of them retire or start to stink. That is part of the reason why it’s risky. Even smith who you brought up. You don’t think there is big risk in restructuring a guy that can’t stay healthy and just had surgery? We all hope he doesn’t get injured but I sure wouldn’t put money on him playing 17 games. Heck I’d take 15 right now if offered. He will now count $18M against the cap his last 2 years and has a guaranteed $4M in dead money after that because we allocated his restructure over more years than he had left to keep this year lower. I’m not sure that all that reasonable for an injury risk. If you add that $4M back in he costs us $40M for his last 2 years of his contract. $20M per if his back puts him out for good would be a nightmare.
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    I don't expect to see a lot of Simi this year, but I'm sure Dallas hopes to develop him to take the third receiver role as Lamb steps into a starting spot. This year, there probably will be more rotating among our big three, while next year, it will be up to Fehoko to prove he deserves some of Cooper or Lamb's playing time.

    Of course, if Cooper's lower-body issues cause him problems, we might choose to cut him ($6 million dead cap hit/$14 million savings) and use that money to re-sign Gallup. Relying on the big three will sort that all out IMO.
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    This is one guy who deserves to be paid.
    Don't matter if its here or elsewhere.
    Pay this man!
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    Cowboys need to keep Michael Gallup.

    In 2020, Gallup tied Cooper and Lamb with 5 TDs each received for the team lead. Gallup also had the highest average/reception at 14.3 yards/reception. He also, by far, had the highest percentage (74.6%) amount of receptions that went for 1st downs, so clearly, Michael Gallup is the Cowboys deepest threat WR and also the best clutch at completing 1st downs, thus moving the chains.

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    One thing to remember is that the Cap is maxed at 208 mil With the TV deals coming through unless Covid strikes again we should be ok. Not great but ok
    Also have to take into count the players that will be let go for salary cap reason ??? Jaylon????
    There will be some salary cap cuts you can bank on that.
    I would love to see Gallup stay he was my pet peeve from Colo. Good kid and I wish him well. Amari has a contract that gives you so many options if you need them. Some of these contracts will be wait and see. See how the competition goes in camp plus with those ugly injuries that will happen.
    We have a very crowded Rec core and when it come down to who stay or who goes Im sure that Dak will have a lot to say about it.

    I dont want us to go into salary cap hell so I hope that they are smart about it. I also hope that we are able to trade some players for future draft picks. If WR start going down during camp we got the group of WR that we can make some future moves.
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    Someone will pay him #1 WR money

    pass on that

    if he’s willing to take a team friendly #2 WR contract then oh yeah all day resign him
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    I think Gallup can be a very good #2, but Dallas can't really pay him to be anything more than a #3. The writing is kind of on the wall. He's been productive and has earned whatever someone is willing to pay for him.

    Personally, I might tender him high in 2022 in order to retain him for another year (or score solid compensation), and then in 2023 start looking at moving-on from Cooper. Amari would start 2023 as a 29-year-old, while Gallup would be 27. Get value for Cooper if you can 2 years from now, and keep the younger guy. If not, cutting Cooper outright and signing Gallup to a respectable contract can easily be done. Even without a 1st year discount, Gallup's cap charge could be $18M for 2023 and Dallas would come out cap-neutral when compared to losing Gallup between now and then and keeping Amari for 2023. At least, that's how it looks to me. Bit rusty so won't rule out an error on my part.
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    Your point isn't lost on me. And I agree to an extent. All I'm saying is that if the FO is hard headed enough to try to keep the 3 amigos together for longer they can find ways without cutting players to make it work short term .

    SJ has been restructuring deals for 8 + years now. There is no change in their FO deal structure.

    Dak Prescott's deal had two void years, one of which is in the 6th year which receives no prorated original signing bonus as SB only spread out over the first 5 years over a contract. So, to me that is an obvious sign they were going to restructure Dak as soon as next year to keep their "window" open short term.
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    Right now the cap is set for 208 mil next year and we have commitments around 222 mil already. Don’t know where the $ would come from for Gallup
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    Tag Gallup in 2022. Dallas can't afford to let an explosive young WR get away.
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    And I was one of those saying no to offense with any pick lol
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    Cooper is great. I think Lamb takes over the #1 spot this year. Essentially 2 number 1's.
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    We have 3 #1s but no way does CD take the #1 spot over Cooper.
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    Ill take that bet. Ill bet that Lamb has more yards and TD's than Cooper this year.
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    Gallup or Cooper won't be here in 2022.
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    Cooper is a better WR. I'd take the better WR every single time (unless we are talking a significant difference in cap hits, which I am not sure there will be when Gallup sees what's out there).
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