Michael Irvin "Dak has his receivers now"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jkyle, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Irvin made a good point saying Dak finally has receivers suited to his game.
    Before, he had to deal with WRs that were more suited for Romo.
    Instead of jump ball and imprecise route running WRs, he now has WRs that run precise routes.
    Romo was able to throw his receivers open by adjusting to their patterns and putting the ball in positions that they could out maneuver the CBs.
    Dak seems more comfortable throwing to defined patterns and now he has a core that can better suite his abilities.
  2. Tenkamenin

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    I agree our receivers are better, but we would've been effective with this system with Dez, Cole, and Williams.
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    Dallas has all the tools they need to "March to the Superbowl". They have a loaded roster, innovative play calling and facilities that are 2nd to none. If the team does not win the players can only look in the mirror. This is their year.

    Take it game by game and be fully committed to focusing on the next opponent.
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  4. tyke1doe

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    It's the system not the receivers. That implies that Dez, Beasley and Williams were awful. They weren't. But we had exactly NO creativity on offense. No motion. No rubs. No "pick" plays.
    We FINALLY decide to change the offense (why Jason Garrett hasn't been fired for not figuring this out like 9 years ago, I don't know), and look at the results - well, for at least one game.
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  5. JBond

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    With time, Dak will learn to throw WR's open on a more consistent basis. I am happy he is hitting open WR's and very impressed with his improvement. Better release point. Better footwork, reading the defense, etc. Can't wait to see how he performs against a serious pass rush.
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  6. cern

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    i'm not so sure. dez couldn't run good routes. Beasley was good only in the slot. and Williams couldn't hold on to the ball. in just one year we went from wr by committee which failed to having one of the best, if not the best group of wr's in the nfl. the new oc is a breath of fresh air. mcclay, stephen, sanjay lal and moore deserve a lot of credit.
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  7. Tabascocat

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    I’m just thankful that our receivers can get some YAC now instead of being stopped wherever the pass ends up. It looked like the run-n-shoot out there :flagwave:
  8. gimmesix

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    To an extent. You can scheme players open, but you can't change who they are. Dez's game was always about being able to outphysical defenders, so he was open even when he wasn't open with the right quarterback. Dak was not the right quarterback for that kind of play.

    Take the end-zone throw to Cooper on Sunday. Cooper used his route-running and speed to beat the defender one-on-one and get open to where Dak could drop the ball in there. If that had been Dez, there likely would not have been that separation because he doesn't have that kind of speed or route-running ability, but Romo would have thrown the ball where Dez could have gone up and got it. (Not saying Dez never got separation because there are plenty of examples of that.)
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  9. tyke1doe

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    And this is what's missing in the Dak analysis. People are afraid to be called a "Dak hater" and, yes, he did a great job. But he had open receivers ALL OVER THE FIELD! He had open receivers last year and couldn't hit them. He has open receivers now, and he can make those passes. But unless you're a woefully inaccurate quarterback, duh! You're supposed to be able to complete passes against open receivers when you're standing in a clean pocket.
    That's why I'm saying, "Great game" but I'm not evaluating Dak or the Cowboys on a victory, at home, against the sorry Giants who likely were surprised we changed up our offense. The Giants were probably studying last year's offense and weren't prepared. All these "subtle" influences are important. But if you're caught up in the rah, rah, you don't see those things and then your world comes crashing down when Dak or the Cowboys have a bad game.
    I want to see the offense when a team has studied our new offense, has corners who can lock down our receivers and has a pass rush that will make Dak move in the pocket.
    That's not hating. It's being the consummate skeptic, such that I am. ;)
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  10. tyke1doe

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    Yeah, I thought about adding to what I said to address the fact that Dez wasn't a great route runner. Thanks for doing my work for me. :)
  11. SportsGuru80

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    Irvin is correct, these WRs can run any route in the tree.
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  12. Daktozekecoop

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    Not as effective imo. Cole had good hands, but not so much Dez and Williams. Randall, Gallup, and Cooper, are better route runners and better hands. Just simply better.
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  13. CowboyRoy

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    If you are talking about the offense, I agree. The defense still isn't where it needs to be. And we still have the horrid Garrett as HC. Although Moore taking over the offense has mitigated that problem to a degree. The only thing that Garrett can screw up now is clock management I suppose.
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  14. Tenkamenin

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    Linehan's offense was too predictable, and it made the passing game difficult. Moore's offense is more balanced, and when Zeke gets going, we'll effectively use play-action to create separation and exploit various matchups which we rarely did under Linehan's system. I'm not saying Dez and co. are better than this group because they're not, but I do believe that they would've performed better under this system versus Linehan's.
  15. Hawkeye0202

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    Can someone explain "throwing a WR open"
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  16. DallasEast

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    Yes you do.
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  17. Brax

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    Everything based on One game and it's the superbowl for so many, wonder what happens when a bad game or 2 appear? When will the hype train people ever learn. I'm with you lets wait a few games against quality teams before the banners fly.
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  18. Hawkeye0202

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    There's more to the QB position than throwing passes........lot more.
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  19. DallasEast

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    The quarterback passes to a spot he determines the receiver can adjust to the ball while it is in the air and have a better than 50/50 chance of hauling it in while in tight coverage. The quarterback is dependent upon the receiver quickly realizing the ball will not be thrown in the intended area as drawn up by the play design.
  20. Risen Star

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    Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me.

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