Michael Irvin Reveals Who He Wants Cowboys To Draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Doomsday101, Apr 28, 2022.

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    Earlier this morning on First Take, former Dallas Cowboys star Michael Irvin made an appearance to talk about the draft. During the segment, he was asked what the team should do with the No. 24 pick.

    He went through a few scenarios, including the team drafting an offensive lineman. However, he’s hoping a certain wide receiver from Alabama falls to No. 24.

    “But if the heavens open up and some beautiful stars fall and something like a whoo Jameson Williams falls to 24, I don’t care about the bad leg right now,” he said. “Because that’s what I call an [impact player]. If you have that kind of speed put on this kind of team…that man is instant offense for this team.”

    Michael Irvin Reveals Who He Wants Cowboys To Draft (msn.com)
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    he wont be there at 24,non starter.
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    Enough with the drafting of injured players, and I don't give a damn how good they are either drafting players that are hurt is a wasted draft pick i.e. Jaylon Smith so stop with the red shirt projects get guys that can play right now and I don't care if they're late-round picks or even F.A. get guys that are healthy.
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    Lets have an injury draft, only draft players who slip due to injury. Hey why not? We did a special teams draft once haha.
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    Somebody check Mikes trunk ........ he may be smokin that crack again.
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    Meche in the third.
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    Let's just be thankful that Irvin is not our GM.
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    Hoping they concentrate on the trenches for the first several picks
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    How didnI know before opening this a WR would be the answer?
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    Dak needs a run game to be able to open on the passing game....so that means O-line would be far more impact than a WR. Yeah, we need another WR...but we need to fix that O-line more.
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    Please no.
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    He's going to be upset when Jameson is rocking Kelly green tonight
  14. john van brocklin

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    WR's would be nice, but we need Big Nasty's up front worse....
  15. TheGoat73

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    Was told Lamb wouldn’t be there
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    On both sides of the line
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    Thinking the same thing ----
    Cowboys' projected no. 2 WR suffered a torn ACL the on first Sunday of January this year...yet Irvin wants the team to use the no. 1 pick on a WR that suffered a torn ACL eight days later.
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    I say draft defense again:
    Last season, we had what everyone called a stacked offense, couldn't be stopped. That turned out to be bs, our QB scares no one, and two of our best receivers left:
    Work on fielding a defense that other teams fear getting down by 3 points.
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    Just get Jordan Davis and then do whatever.
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    Michael tore his ACL and went on to have a HOF career.

    Just saying
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