Mike Bascik Spills Some Tea on Dak Situation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ClappingCarrot, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. coult44

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    Believe who and what you want, but the local guys (that even you can listen to daily for 12 hours a day), are far more knowledgeable about what’s happening than the national guys ever are.
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  2. Mannix

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    Bascik seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy to me. Ii true, I can think of only two words to remedy this long played out situation....TREY LANCE!!!!

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  3. JBond

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    Roll the dice early.
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  4. cowboyec

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    personally...i hope there's nothing to this.
    but if its true...i hope either we trade for russell wilson or that when we're on the clock...fields or lance is there.
  5. TWOK11

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    No it isn’t, it’s hearsay from someone who is not in a position to know what he claims to know. Moreover, Bascik is WILDLY pessimistic. He guaranteed Jaylon Smith would never walk correctly again let alone play football after Dallas drafted him.
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  6. ShaneFalco

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    Whats his accuracy from the pocket? Not his completion % which is a mirage of a stat and even made worse by playing high school level kids who will be selling insurance this time next year like Lance played against. His passing accuracy. From the pocket.
  7. TheSkaven

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    Exactly. And Bascik is not a hack like some here are trying to portray him to be. He’s a former Major League Baseball pitcher and his information is usually pretty good.

    Here is an article about what he said and the audio - I didn’t see it posted elsewhere in the thread unless I missed it.


    It starts around minute 1:56 of the video.
  8. buybuydandavis

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    With free agency looking exciting, and with the 10th pick in the draft, I'd expect the Cowboys to play any serious threat to Dak's career very close to the vest. We won't want teams to know that we *need* a starter, and aren't just exploring alternatives to Dak.
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  9. DallasDomination

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    If Dak is dealing with other issues that can affect his career... then ok, wait and see approach. That would be a huge blow for all of us that support Dak. He broke that leg bad, it would be a shame for this to be the end of his career.
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  10. Bullflop

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    Jeez, Louise -- first, the Dak predictions say he's "ahead of schedule" and now, this?! :omg: :eek:
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  11. Flamma

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    There's a reason he has all of those TDs and no picks. He's your typical school yard quarterback. If the first read is not there he takes off and runs or buys time for a busted play pass. It's clear to see in all of his highlights. That can work in college, not the NFL. Ask Johnny Manziel.
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  12. black label

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    It's over Johnny, it's over lol
  13. ninja

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    Could you ask your father specifically about the second surgery which was on the deltoid ligament in the ankle? From basic internet searches this is a very strong ligament and surgery on it is not usual. Surgery on this ligament is usually a last resort after all other conservative options do not work. Is surgery on the deltoid ligament only for serious damage or do they typically do clean up on that ligament. If the deltoid ligament surgery involved a graft from another ligament, what does that mean as far as playing football and healing timeframe?
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  14. Cmac

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    No offense......but I didn't read any merit in this story.....yet.
  15. Cmac

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    3 words.….North Dakota State.
  16. Hadenough

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    Ive been saying this for months now. Dak is damaged goods and even if he does come back and play he might not be the same. Either way the Cowboys should not gamble on giving him a big multi year contract. If they franchise Dak and he does come back and play well he is gone. No way he will stay with the Cowboys after being forced to gamble his career two years in a row. I like Dak and hope he has a complete recovery and plays in the NFL but thats a very tough injury he had and he may never the same player.
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  17. GINeric

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    I wouldn't have paid Alex Smith that type of money BEFORE the surgery.... people tend to forget that Smith got his job taken by Kaepernick... a guy who couldn't even get a job in the NFL anymore. What does that say about how good Smith REALLY is???
  18. Mr_437

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    I agree if the Cowboys don't offer/pay him very soon, Dak is gone. They need to show faith in Dak he's down and out physically or there will be no trust and loyalty on the QBs end.
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  19. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Didn’t the Jones already offer him the contract they previously offered?
  20. CouchCoach

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    Rumored to have done that or the rumor is that they're going to do that, 5 @ 175M.

    The Joneses use the rumor mill so they could have leaked that for their own reasons but according to what was reported last year, Prescott was going to take the deal but time ran out. Which is a first. I'd never heard that one before and I didn't buy it then or now. No agent, especially one splitting from CAA, is going to let the deadline pass. I think Todd France did some image polishing for Prescott and the Joneses ended up being the "bad guys".

    The one thing no one but Prescott and those close to him know at this moment is did that injury affect his thinking? At any time, did he think about not having a long term deal with a guarantee after the shock of the injury evolved into assessing the injury? Is he more "secure the future" conscious than he was?

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