Mike Greenberg predicts Dak and Zeke will be gone next year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by triplets_93, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. gjkoeppen

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    So you're saying that you named Elliott ewok and everyone is supposed to know this? You need to get a life.
  2. SeanLee50

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    He's been a notorious Cowboys hater for a long long time now
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  3. Section446

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    It'll be the best thing for the team, it's time to move on.
  4. BotchedLobotomy

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    This is a proven business model in the NFL media world. Throw stuff out there about the Dallas Cowboys that has no real basis for it being factual or realistic and reap the benefits.

    I am no sports journalist, and even I can figure out that the odds of this happening are virtually nil.
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  5. waving monkey

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    Im not the only one and I took this from another poster but you right I need a life thats why you and I are here
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  6. Rockport

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  7. ColoCowboy

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    I haven't watched Greenberg since he left "Mike and Mike"... the best part of that program was Golic.
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  8. Creeper

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    How do you watch the Cowboys last 3 games and come to the conclusion that Jerry is going to get rid of Dak? If anything, Jerry is going to come out of this even more determined to keep Dak. I predict they will get a deal done.

    If Zeke continues to play poorly, I think they will give Pollard more playing time. But I don't see how they cut him given his contract. And if it is that obvious that Zeke has lost it then no one else is going to pick up his contract. Zeke is here for one more year. He will be gone in 2022 for sure. The Cowboys are going to draft a RB in 2021.
  9. Sydla

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    Sounds great except how do you get rid of Zeke by next year? You can't unless you find a sucker to take his contract in a trade.
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  10. Ranching

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    He can't even blow up his dolls anymore.
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  11. ColoCowboy

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    I see you have gone with a scary Halloween avatar...
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  12. GhostOfPelluer

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    We are stuck with Zeke until after 2021
  13. TheSkaven

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    What is too much? They sucked it up with Aikman and with Romo? Yeah it’s going to suck, but if you’re blowing it up anyway...
  14. LucaBrasi

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    Also Mike Greenberg - Sam Darnold > Dak Prescott
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  15. cowboyec

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    he's an idiot.
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  16. hittheskids

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    Greenberg isn't a journalist and hasn't been for some time. He's a talking head looking for ratings and provides no substance for his "views".
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  17. SeanLee50

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    Coming from a Jets fan I’m not surprised
  18. daboyzruleperiod

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    Dak will be gone by his decision while Ewok will traded by front office. Rumors are usually true.
  19. conner01

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    The only way Dak is gone next year is if the jets get on a win streak and we end up with top pick
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  20. nightrain

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    Greenberg must have a high level relative in broadcasting. Like many talking heads these days, I could never classify this man as a Journalist . The guy sounds like a fickle fan and he adds no value to a debate. Seems most of his input is poorly scripted talking points.

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