Video: Mike McCarthy says Cowboys will make a big mistake if fire him

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The Fonz, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. morasp

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    I can't believe it's even in discussion. His path so far is ahead of Jimmy Johnson's.

    1-15 5th in NFC East
    7-9 4th in NFC East
    11-5 Playoffs
    13-3 Super Bowl
    12-4 Super Bowl
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    DUO_CORE Well-Known Member

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    I was never sold on the guy: Even just listening to his locker room speeches it sounds like he's not all in.
  3. Vtwin

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    You enticed me to watch those two clowns only to find out nothing even remotely close to the thread title was said.

    Not cool Fonzie.
    Leave your jacket and the keys to your bike on the jukebox on your way out.
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  4. garyv

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    What about Doug Pederson
  5. aikemirv

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    I have never been a fan of MM but I think it would be a mistake to fire him as well. I don't really see him as the problem.
  6. Miguelitomama

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    I didn’t become a McCarthy detractor until this past game but a head coach has to have his team better prepared than what we witnessed Sunday. If Kellen Moore couldn’t make the adjustments to counter SF’s scheme, McCarthy should take the reigns.
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  7. kevm3

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    McCarthy may not be THE problem -- Jerry and the FO are, but he certainly isn't the solution. He's essentially in the Jason Garrett mold that no one knows what he does exactly. We got lucky Kellen Moore was a newer OC and DCs didn't spend a ton of time focusing on gameplanning for him... and once the better defensive teams did, we saw our offense come to a standstill. Quinn did a great job with the defensive pieces he had. What is McCarthy's specialty as head coach?

    We should be hiring someone in the vein of a Harbaugh, but it's not going to happen. Jerry likes a certain breed of agreeable coaches and hence we're going to keep creating soft teams and playing the game of musical chairs with the blame.

    We saw the exact SAME thing we saw all season. We go up big and beat some powder-puff team, the team starts feeling itself and then the team gets beat up by some team that plays physical ball the next game. You could essentially tell from the opening snap that the Cowboys were about to lose with how easy San Francisco marched down the field and scored and then essentially beat our O line up.
  8. fivetwos

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    I agree that McCarthy isn't the problem.

    But is he part of the solution?

    I think Moore needs to be gone but I doubt he has the balls to say that to Jerry.

    Never did. Why now?
  9. 75boyz

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    This is so true. It has reached the most desperate of final stages in my eyes.

    In order to win a trophy now, the quality of the head coach and QB talent must be so absurdly more talented than the rest of the entire league that Jerry can ride that type of combo's coat tails to a ONE year fluke victory. And uh, all the while IN SPITE of his meddling

    And with the current talent and coaching parity in the NFL, this is a pipedream.

    And uh, THIS current HC and QB combo AINT THAT, lol.

    It's why he clings to his last trophy's Switzer championship and that 500 coaches can coach this team with the talent I provide remark.

    Outside of a time warp where if he had a hoodie and Brady combo from like10 years ago he maybe could have had a one year fluke season trophy, but these "current supposed Super Bowl aspirations" just ain't happening.

    That's the way I see it anyway.
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  10. maryquality

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    Well, first off....Jimmy Johnson inherited an aging 3-13 team. He had some terrific drafts, and then the whole Herschel Walker trade......not even remotely close to what McCarthy came into.
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  11. Fritsch_the_cat

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    If it's something that would get the league to force Jerry to sell the team, MM would forever be a hero if he came forward with it.
  12. CxC1993

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    Lmao why was this my first thought too!!
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  13. JoeKing

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    Garbage TV at it's worst. I don't watch it every, but it doesn't surprise me that some of you poison your minds with this mind pollution.
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  14. morasp

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    I don't know about that, since he took over how many new players do we have? Being a new coach with no training camp last year didn't help either. It takes new coaches a while to get things going. Parcells never won a playoff game and they gave him four years.
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  15. john van brocklin

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    Don't give Jerry any ideas...
  16. CowboyFrog

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    We dont know if he says it to Jerry...The question is does he have the balls to say it to the media and force Jerry's hand.

    This is why you liked Jimmy and Bill..they used the media to force Jerry around...its what strong coaches do.
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  17. elcowboi

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    Jerry is the constant!!! Coaches, players and scouts all come and go and this team still plays the same. Bringing in another coach or QB won't do much. I just enjoy watching them play. I don't expect much each year because Jerry is still the man in charge. When someone asks me each year, "How will the Boys do?", I ask them, "Is Jerry still alive?"
  18. DallasEast

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    The thread title matches the title posted with the video on YouTube by the show. That said, I am curious whether they played McCarthy stating that prior to the posted segment. It would explain why the video title and actual transcript does not match.

    I had hoped someone else had watched and verified whether the quote was in the video before I watched it earlier. Those eleven minutes are gone forever. I do not like sports talking head shows :( although I would be lying if I said I did not appreciate the 13 on-screen seconds of Alex Curry at the beginning of the segment. :)
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  19. cowboyec

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    they shouldn't.
    this loss is on the players...hold them accountable.
    last i looked,mccarthy isn't the gm.
    this is on the gm and the players.
    mccarthy should stay.
  20. glimmerman

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    Don’t tempt JJ. It’s his team. MM may admit if fired that he was not in charge. He will say he wanted to call the plays but was not allowed and Moore was calling dumb plays the second half of the year and no longer did his homework. And JJ wouldn’t let him call plays..

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