MM dropped the ball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Nov 8, 2021.

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    I didn't say the players are humble. I don't think most of them are. And the coach is unlikely to change that.
    The coach has his job, and player have theirs.
    It's rare that a coach can change a players personality or their view of life. And it's really not the coaches job to do so.
    It's rare that a coach can make players play harder than they already are.
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    As mentioned if that's your stance we will have to agree to disagree. I think you are greatly underestimating the job of a coach, but I also acknowledge that us going back and forth isn't going to change eithers mind. Lets move on and meet in another thread at some point.
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    I agree, the Cowboys did not look ready to play but is that really on the HC? Are they not responsible for showing up? Hell, I think McC could have run out there and tackled better than most of that defense.

    The HC's for BUF, CIN, GB and LAR are to blame as well and those are bona fide playoff teams.
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    He got credit from me....he'll also get the blame from me. I understand how that hot seat works.
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    McCarthy did take a lot of the blame in his post game presser.. "We got outcoached." he clearly stated.. And he's right.. Fangio and his bunch kicked McCarthy and his bunch right in the keester. The drops are a product of lack of focus plain and simple. That's attention to detail, which again falls on the coach. Dak not taking the sort throws on 4th down to make sure we move the chains is again, attention to detail and trying to do too much. You can't get it all back with one play so stay patient and keep the chains moving.

    One thing that also bears mentioning is that it was obvious that at least half the stadium was Denver fans yesterday. That could have played on the guys' minds too. Having to go silent count at home? Again we know why it happens.. Season ticket holders can sell one or two home games and pay for their season tickets for the rest. I can't be mad at those people.. but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck rocks..
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    And J. Williams run with power, had seen him for 3 years with the heels, while you trying to pry the ball away he is churning for more yards.
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    Another thing that occurred to me as I reflected on this game was that during the week the practice footage showed them practicing outside.. Now I get that they want to stay off turf as much as possible but seems like practicing indoors would be the way to go if you're playing indoors. Maybe the biggest contributor to the offensive struggles yesterday was Dak's field vision.. Not just because the rush was getting in his face, which it was, but also because things just look different indoors vs outdoors.. backdrops, shading, all of it. I guess Denver was doing a good job in coverages and confusing him but I wonder how much it was also a product of his field of vision being off.. No need to dissect it.. this is just me thinking out loud..
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    Ah cool, so fat shaming is okay if things don't go our way? My wife will enjoy your epiphany...
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    Apparently you don't read many of my posts....I was being sarcastic. Also, I'm bigger that MM so I would be shaming myself. My wife is laughing at your ignorance.
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    He definitely didn't have the team ready to go, and the team completely spit the bit on Sunday. It happens. Decisive losses aren't great, but they do show where a team has deficiencies and needs to improve. What is key is whether they self-scout properly and identify those areas and shore them up.

    What's more troubling is Lamb's comments that they haven't practiced well of late. McCarthy needs to put his foot down and put a stop to that. There's no question that poor practices will carry over to the field at some point.
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    I am tired of watching four or five guys escort the runner trying to strip it. This is something new this season and I think it is being coached up. I swear the defense has given up an extra 100-150yds this season because of it. Not to mention, it isn’t working!
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    Maybe this loss can tap the brakes on how great the coordinators are!
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    I was joking, should of used an emoji or something... The way I read your post, was because Big Mike lost he is now Fat mike.. In all seriousness though, I was just messing with ya...
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    So I saw a Twitter comment and forgot to tag it, which is the kiss of death because it gets lost in cyberspace forever....

    But there was a comment from CeeDee that basically said they hadn't practiced well last week? Is this confirmed? What was off with last week's practice? I think it's just too much OLine shakeup myself.
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    Up to here, Dallas was lights out as long as there really was no investment and personal dedication that reeled from a sock to the jaw and having to over come just that.

    Jason Garrett proved that a menu of clapping does not lead a NFL team...getting a team ready to answer punches thrown from the opening whistle, may yet prove to be the death knell of this very team. That, or injuries are just not an excuse and Dak doesn't firmly lead this least while on the field.
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    Just don't call me fat Ranching! Lol
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    I agree. If your ENTIRE team isn't ready and says it wasn't, that's on the coach.
    But he's a Jerry-picked coach. What do we expect?
    He came in totally neutered with a personality that acquiesced to get a job with the stipulation that Jerry announces personnel and player moves.
    So, I'm not surprised at all.

    I said earlier in the season, he's going to do something that costs us an important game, if not in the playoffs.

    That's my prediction, and I'm sticking with it.
  18. CCBoy

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    Wait a, the sky's not falling.:)
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    That's 100 percent on Mike McCarthy. By and large the Cowboys remain a very young team (especially on defense) and I think they spent too much time reading their own press clippings.
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    the entire team was flat. Our playmakers all looked like crap with the exception of parsons and Osi. I also am not happy with the coaching staff for keeping dak in there. It was pointless we weren't coming back and Dak was running virtually all day. All this BS about holding the player out in Minny when he probably wanted to play for player safety then you leave him in yesterday was stupid.

    Yesterday was a clusterfuk all around
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