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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboyny, Jun 8, 2021.

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    In today's game, the majority of the rules are favored greatly towards the offensive side of the football. Elite defenses in today's game are the ones who create the most defensive turnovers and buckle down in the red zone, forcing teams to kick more FG's then scoring TD's.

    Prior to Nolan's hire, the Cowboy Defensive Scheme was known to be more of the bend and don't break. Keep everything in front of you, prevent the big plays, force teams to drive the entire field and stiffen up in the red zone. What really hurt our defense was their inability to create any defensive turnovers what so ever, each game forced the offense to score over 30 points to be successful. If the offense had a bad day, their was zero chance for success.

    When you look at the Cowboy Off-season there is a distinct rebuilding plan in place;

    #1 priority was to fix stopping the run. If you cannot be successful on the early downs, you will have less of a chance of creating any impact plays. If teams are always 3rd an short, they have the ability to either run or pass, which makes it far more difficult to defend. You can never allow your pass rushers to just pin their ears back and rush the QB. The majority of the defensive additions all have something in common, they all are strong run defenders.

    Their next priority was adding more playmakers to the back end, players who not only have plus ball skills, but legitimate instincts to create more turnovers. Both Diggs/Wilson exhibited such traits last season, they added Kazee who is a legitimate ball hawk with a strong track record of taking the ball away, both two corners drafted were viewed as potential playmakers at the position. They also added perhaps the best coverage linebacker in the class in Cox.

    If the defense can return to that bend, don't break scheme, be more success on the early downs, the turnovers should come. With a team losing so many close games recently, that could flip the script.
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    Well said. Totally agree.

    :starspin: GO COWBOYS! :starspin:
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    Sounds like a kiffin recipe for disaster
  4. Zekeats

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    Not matter what era year or decade it all starts up front. We won in the 90s up front, giants beat undefeated patriots up front, bucs beat mahomes up front. side note RIP Jim Fassel
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    Been saying the same thing since last season. The inability to stop the run had to be addressed in doing so defense puts offense in poor down and distance situations and that allows defense to be more aggressive. Yards I don't care about, points allowed and turnovers are the key for this defense and this team to have a chance to compete for a championship.
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    nice to have plan but setting it in motion and having it be successful is an entirely different animal.

    weve seen teams load up in FA for filling weaknesses and the ingredients seldom created a great meal..:)

    One could hope :) cross your finger's..

    tjhat said at a bottom 5 Defensive ranking, any improvent over last year seems easy, so with little healthy, a above average e offense and health id say we will definitely be on the plus side of the w-l record..
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    good analysis. I think the key to being able to create turnovers is one as you said stop the run, force them into passing situations. I can't find the statistics, but the difference between teams throwing in 2nd 7, vs. 2nd and 6 was large. then you have to be able to pressure the QB, pressure, sacks lead to turnovers. if you give any QB, 7,8 seconds back there, then even having two Revis Islands couldn't' stop the passing attack. and the key to pressure is not necessarily the DEs, but pressure up the middle, which is something we haven't had. you have to force the QB to step outside the pocket, and not be able to stand back there and step up into the pocket and get an extra 1 or 2 seconds...
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    This is essentially the same thing @CouchCoach said in his "Problem with defenses , exclusivity to the Cowboys". Stop the run, rush the passer strongly, and get/force turnovers.

    This seems to be the goals of our defensive plan. It is the way we got our butts whipped game in and game out in 2020. It's the formula TB used for a winning SB run. The mold is there for all to see.
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    Modern day defense mean, mean pride...

    Today's NFL defense mean, mean stride...

    They'd be well advised to rent.
    They're pretty far from arrogant.
    The result a crappy defense.
    Riding out today's events.....

    An offense.

    Thanks. I'm here all month.
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    You can't have "bend but don't break" and create turnovers. Those are conflicting ideologies.
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    Hopefully we can turn around this dumpster fire defense
    It's the key to our upcoming season
  12. daboyzruleperiod

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    IF Quinn can get this defense clicking on 3 cylinders, it will make a big difference. Going to be tough doing so in his first season.
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    Good point.

    I'm interested in the response on that one.
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    Without a doubt, Kellen Moore is looking at this scheme of Dan Quinn's and thinking to himself, "I can beat it".
  15. Cowboyny

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    It starts with being better against the run, without that, it will be extremely difficult to be successful.
  16. Cowboyny

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    The interior should be better as we basically got nothing out of Poe/Hill as they were our two opening day starters.
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    If the defense can get better on the early downs, I believe the defense will be greatly improved. We will still see some growing pains with our younger players, but the hope is with more experience they will continue to improve.
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    Many were disappointed in some of our additions, but they should help to sure up their biggest weakness , stopping the run. Cannot allow teams to run all over us and expect success. My biggest worry is the youth, there will be some growing pains, especially early on.
  19. Cowboyny

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    When Marinelli was the DC with the Bears, they consistently led the league in creating the most defensive turnovers. It's more about having the right players.
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    it does No Good to resort to " Bend but don't Break " ...and yet you don't have turnover playmakers. That's the conflicting point of it., .imo.

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