Moore's offense didnt change midseason like some claim

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyRoy, May 10, 2022.

  1. CowboyRoy

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    More then anything it was the play of the Oline.
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  2. CowboyRoy

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    The real problem is he continues to feature a slow and predictable Zeke in the run game. Especially at the beginning of games.
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  3. Redline360

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    That was the change

    Opposing teams studied film to make adjustments and then we failed to make adjustments on our end.

    Cowboys still need to establish the run game. Pollard needs WAY more touches. His use was criminal some games
  4. Mr Cowboy

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    That's what i saw as well. It seemed like he used the same game plan week in and week out, much like Garrett did. I can't remember which opposing player mentioned that when they had 4 receivers spread out, they knew there would be 4 hooks coming, because they saw on film that always did that. There were no more crossing routes.
  5. America's Cowboy

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    They are OK. Half of their writers know their stuff. The other half are a bunch of dimwits.
  6. CowboyRoy

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  7. gimmesix

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    I think a lot of it had to do with Dak being off after his midseason injury. Defenses started playing us a certain way, but he had opportunities to hit on plays that would have forced them out of it. He didn't, so the defenses stuck with their adjustments. Denver was saying it figured us out, but there was a terrible fourth-down miss by Dak early in the game when Wilson was wide-open that might have changed the course of the game. You can't get teams out of their defensive plan if you don't execute.

    That doesn't mean Kellen shouldn't have changed. We were clearly struggling and something needed to be done to change that. You can't just say execute better and expect that to happen. We needed to create some offense and we didn't.
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  8. Them

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    ...Whatever....Still the O line blocking hurt the Run game significantly[ , much less the Pass game...They have to be able to "Run the ball better" in 2022!
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  9. nalam

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    Big mike staying out of offense and claiming so, tells volumes about Jerry’s mismanaging the coaches and team.
  10. BourbonBalz

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    So was Elliot. He played hurt for almost all of the season after sustaining an injury in Game 4 with Carolina.
  11. CWR

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    Garbage coaching. It's hard to have any confidence in those two.
  12. CowboysFaninHouston

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    exactly and more specifically, the weak middle, where Williams and Biadasz got abused, the DTAs easily got push up the middle forcing Dak to the outside into waiting arms of DEs. teams learned they can rush with 4 or 5 and drop 6 or 7 into coverage which frustrated Dak, confused him and made it difficult. when you can manage run defense and pass rush with 4 or 5 defenders, you are way ahead of the game. Denver exposed it. the rest copied it.
  13. CowboysFaninHouston

    CowboysFaninHouston CowboysFaninDC

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    and given he is now slower, a weak middle of the OL exposed him even further
  14. CowboysFaninHouston

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    that had some to do with it, but wasn't the sole reason....this kind of collapse is result of multiple factors. Moore didn't adjust. our OL got exposed. Dak had issues. we never adjusted. our OL was exposed as weak up the middle with Williams and Biadasz. runs up the middle were negated. zeke was injured and slow. Moore insisted on running the same plays, never disguising it. he stopped moving players around. teams discovered they can stop the run with 4 or 5 and generate pass rush the same, thus dropping 6 or 7 into coverage which made passing difficult.
  15. CowboysFaninHouston

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  16. quickccc

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    .I’d be very weary of people and ‘sources’ that will throw out random stats, that you won’t hear anywhere else, for whatever agenda.
    I’ve always say the best stats is your own eyeball test. You should know and trust what you are seeing on a week to week basis.

    - Hey, what da heck happened to the jet-sweep edge runs with Pollard ?

    -- If Kellen more did not stop or slow down his own offense .. if the opposing defenses did not force him into doing less and being more conservative and protective with his QB, then what Happened ?

    Oh we ran ball well in first season half.. “ .. yeh vs whom ?..... weak sista’s NYG, Philly.. as well as poor run defense Chargers and Carolina ?
    Why could we not run it well vs Bucs and NE Pats ?
  17. quickccc

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    There's been so much combinations thrown at the misgivings of the offense. .. even down to Jerry himself blaming the WRs for not running the right pass routes.

    - And yes, here comes Kellen Moore and those dreaded WR bubble screens that we ran so predictably and frequently ran over and over again such that teams could easily sniffed out
    that formation and knock us down for no gain and loss yardage. .. Uugh !

    - WR bubble screens and roll out waggles to TE Schultz seem like all we knew how to do
    with the underneath game.

    - Some will go back to Dak's calf injury where everything seem to slow down, but think of what Denver did differently than even the great defensive Belichek himself failed to do.
    Stop coming after Dak with multi-blitzes but rather come at him with vast heavy zone coverage
    - especially since Cowboys simply cannot run the ball well enough to hurt us upfront.
  18. BotchedLobotomy

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  19. youngjerryjones

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    unfortunately i don't think benching zeke is any way his decision at all, nor is it MM.

    Literally think that if Jerry went up to zeke pre-game and asked him if he was ok and Zeke said yes, the decision is made right then and there.
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  20. CouchCoach

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    The same GM that groomed and trained Garrett as a HC is trying to do that for Moore. Because he wants to claim it is "his" coach.

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