Most improved team this offseason?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ondaedg, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. ondaedg

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    I am running with the Browns. Coaching change should be good for at least 2 wins and Conklin is a studdd at Tackle which should let Baker play with confidence. They have the talent on offense to be top 5 and just needed some structure on offense to be consistently good. What say you?
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  2. DFWJC

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    A lot of contenders but I'll go with the Bucs

    Turnover differential is one the biggest keys to NFL success--whether you add them through INts and Fumble recoveries or subtract them through less of both. The Bucs have probably made the biggest change in turnover differential in a decade....have to guess they improved by at least 20.

    --Added Tom Brady...add 20+ to turnover advantage. Fully energize entire fan base and team. Winner and leader
    --Retained NFL's leading Sacker in DE Shaq Barrett...a beast
    --Signed their other DE, Jason Pierre-Paul
    --Added OT Joel Haag for starting flex or depth (depending on draft)
    --Have all of their draft picks and are picking middle of pack and their areas of need are exactly where draft is loaded.
    --expecting them to add a RB, DT, and OT
  3. Hardline

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    No way of knowing
  4. John813

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    Miami has the highest chance.

    But as of now, Tampa
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  5. ghst187

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    1) Tampa, the turnover machine at QB was holding back a solid team, now they have the GOAT there
    2) Dallas, new coaching staff should add 3-4 wins with a competitive roster
    3) Browns, coaching upgrades, when right, are bigger upgrades than any one or two player adds
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  6. ondaedg

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    Hard to argue with a 20 turnover improvement. I forgot to add that the Browns picked up Hooper at TE to give Baker the te he has leaned on in the past.

    Then there's the Raiders...
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  7. ghst187

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    the Raiders added a 70 yr old TE and a 1000 year old coach with a history of losing....and they still have chucky as coach....who while entertaining to listen to for five seconds at a generally about as good as JG
  8. dsturgeon

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    Baker will throw interceptions because he has to move around to see over his oline and to see the field. Which leads to pressure and interceptions. They should copy the seahawks offense and he should study Wilson 24/7

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