Most Overused Sports Cliches (Some about the Cowboys)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jun 3, 2021.

  1. remdak

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    A few plays here or there and this team would be 14-2.
  2. BotchedLobotomy

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    "On paper, they're the team to beat"

    I believe the Cowboys have the most Paper Super Bowls of any team on the league.
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  3. Valkyr

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    "Prevent defense prevents you from winning"

    Well, yeah, if you ignore the games that it helped you win. And if you think every DC is complete moron who uses a defense that constantly loses the game for 40 years.
  4. Established1971

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    "they have a lot of weapons"
    I remember this phrase begun with the late 70s Cowboys when they had Springs and Newsome and so many guys who carry the ball or receive. Now it is used to death, even 2-14 teams "have a lot of weapons" All it means these days is their roster is filled.
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  5. blueblood70

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  6. blueblood70

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    its a process
  7. Aviano90

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    "You have to give 110%"

    No, you can only give 100%. You weren't giving 100% before if you think you're doing 110% now.
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  8. RS12

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    Looks great without pads.

    Is having a great camp.

    Oxnard legend.
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  9. gp_cowpolk

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    Hot Seat
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  10. Aerolithe_Lion

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    “Coverage sack”

    Every sack is a coverage sack. If guys were wide open all the time then there’d be no sacks.

    If the QB holds onto the ball for so long that you’re no longer giving the dlineman credit for the play, then its not the secondary... you need a new quarterback
  11. Mannix

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    I want to VOMIT anytime anyone on the MLB Network says that so and so "went oppo"....I hadn't even heard that Stupid A term until about 3 years it gets worn out!!! ***I'm easily annoyed***
  12. Starforever

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    This team sucks!
    (Pick Player) sucks!
    (Pick Player), is a thug!
    I wish we had (pick player), on this team.
  13. Winonesoon

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    1. A chosen few.

    2. Golden Boys.

    3. Bench marks

    4. Invested.

    5. Home cooking.

    6. retread.

    7. Fodder.

    8. System player

    9. JAG

    10. Clip board holder.
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  14. JoeKing

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    The Cowboys still enjoy a ton of fans at road games. They annually take in the most money by fans. Their attendance record at home is the highest in the league every year. The Networks know they draw the ratings. How are they not still America's team, @Bobhaze?

    Now for some cliches...

    He gave 110%

    Take it one game at a time

    On any given Sunday

    These guys came to play

    Defense wins Championships.

    Must-win game
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  15. Bobhaze

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    I’m not saying the Cowboys aren’t popular. We are clearly a top 5 most popular team in the NFL. I am saying we aren’t alone as “America’s Team”.
  16. JoeKing

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    Yes, we are! It's our moniker and we aren't sharing it with anyone!:D When did you join the Chinese Communist Party?:p God Bless America!:)
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  17. Jinxx13x

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    The right kind of guy

    All three phases of the game

    Zeke Looks Fat (HAHAHAHAHAHAHa)

    War daddy

    He is only playing hard cause its a contract year

    The one or two games a year fans say don't matter if we lose ( every game is important )
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  18. ninja

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    Player A is a stud.
    Day 1 Starter.
    It is what it is.
    Take it to the house.
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  19. nightrain

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  20. links18

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    "X is more quick than fast."

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