Must solve this problem - stopping the run

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Mar 22, 2022.

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    This problem has haunted the Cowboys defense for decades and they do not seem to get it.

    I wanted Parsons for this reason and thought that would help and they try and turn him into a pass rusher because they weren't very good at it across the DL. In the playoff game, did you see him help stop a run game that gave up 170 with a 2nd tier, maybe 3rd, QB? The QB was not likely to beat them.

    How bad was it? He completed 60% of his passes for 172 yards, 2 less than they rushed for, and one pick and no TD's. They controlled the clock with 34 minutes TOP. He passed it 25 times and they ran it 37 times between Mitchell and Samuel for 2 TD's.

    They have eschewed the space eating DT's that can shut the middle down so they have to do the next best thing, get a MLB or keep Parsons at that position except under special circumstances. Vander Esch is not that guy. Wagner might me.

    They have needs at OL, TE. WR but nothing more important than fixing this problem.

    The Niners coaching staff saw the opportunity to out muscle and out tough the Cowboys defense and did just that. It is especially enlightening to hear Parsons say he should be locked up on the other teams best player and in this instance singled out Deebo Samuel. and he was unable to stop him when it was needed the most.

    I am anticipating a run heavy NFC this season because most of the QB's are in the AFC.

    The opportunity is there in free agency and the draft but will they take it? If not, nothing changes.
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    Wagner.....get the C from Cleveland and Wagner...then your draft can fill the rest. With Wagner #11 can hunt QB's 90% of the time.
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    I'd be satisfied with Jadaveon Clowney, Wagner and something in the draft at NT. Clowney is an EXCELLENT run defender and Wagner is a more pure MLB than Parsons (who I still want taking snaps off the ball.
  4. Jake

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    I would've thought the CJ Anderson debacle against the Rams 3 years ago showed they were too soft in the middle, but obviously not.

    Three years later the same weakness played a big part in another playoff defeat. And so far, no attempt has been made to address it.
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    Another telling stat, we were 16th in run defense and the two Super Bowl teams were 5th and 6th.
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    We have to figure out how to run it ourselves first.
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  7. CouchCoach

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    No, they have to stop the run first. It all begins with shutting down the run.
  8. KJJ

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    We need a disruptive DT that can wreck some havoc.
  9. DasTex

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    FA signing of Wagner and Calais Campbell
    DT from Uconn in 2nd

    These would go A LONG way into helping stop the run.

    Unfortunately, I'm convinced neither will happen
  10. Big D

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  11. Captain-Crash

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    how many games did the defense do their part and the loser offensive guys couldn't put up any points?
    stop the run why, if you can't put up points. hum
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  12. glimmerman

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    We have needed DT for years. A few big middle clogging DTs that can get a small push. It would help so much more. We get gashed until we know it’s coming and get a stop behind the line. Go to a short pass or let the qb roll out and take off.

    In years before Daks injury we would do this to teams and worked great. It’s being done to us since the rams playoff game. Maybe some before but not as often. Only way to get teams away from doing it to us is to jump out to a nice lead and make them one dimensional.

    It’s time to make a move to strengthen the middle of the line. Keep waiting to see it. We took a shot with getting those 2 dinosaurs a few years ago. Both over the hill. All Poe had to do was fall over and he could have clogged a hole.
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    NT Eddie Goldman?
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  14. charron

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    #1 priority should be to keep teams averaging less than 3 yards a run. Give me a couple strong stout guys who can shed blocks and make a tackle. Then get a MLB who can do the same. make them 1 dimensional on 3rd downs and stop letting the wr have free access off the line.
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  15. eromeopolk

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    We have stated this for 2 years and counting. How you do not understand the Cowboys defense has been giving up 4.5 yards per carry for 2 straight years? You are not going to be a credible and consistent playoff team with that defensive stat.

    Football defense is in this order:
    1. Stop the run
    2. Rush the passer
    3. Create turnovers

    If you do these 3 things, a team will never be able to pass on your defense and win. You make them one dimensional by stopping the run, make the opposing QB uncomfortable passing the ball with pass rush, fumbles, and interceptions keeps your offense on the field with opportunities to score.

    This is not rocket science. Football has always been and will always be TRENCH WARFARE causing a no fly zone. Run to win, throw to score, and defense wins championships.
  16. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    The problem starts with Laurel and Hardy about getting serious about this DL and quit farting around with the money and spin. Always thinking they are the smartest team out here.
  17. Cowboyny

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    If they cannot score points, it won't matter if they can stop the run or not. The offense, completely fell off when the run game disappeared. They have to fix both, but it starts on offense.
  18. morasp

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    Or Akiem Hicks from Chicago
    LBs Quay Walker or Leo Chenal in the draft
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  19. visionary

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    none of the machinations (including Wagner) will work unless we get a real 1T DT
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  20. Floatyworm

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    Honestly...I'd be very tempted to move up if Jordan Davis were to slip out of the top 10. Problem is...we.... got holes everywhere else...:(
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