My 3 team trade involving Dak

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yobwocs, Feb 26, 2021.

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    The fact that none of the players from 2017 were in line for a nice extension says all you need to know about the top end of that draft and that the weakest part of the Cowboys is probably the secondary and that is where a lot of that draft was focused also says a lot about it. If Xavier Woods is the best player in your draft class, you had a bad draft class.

    2018 we are looking at CW as the best player from that draft. He is an above average guard, but after that they got their 3rd WR and backup TE from that draft. LVE would be an okay pick if he could be healthy (and play better when he is healthy) but he cant.

    2019: A backup RB and a starting guard. Again neither one worth extending to any serious degree.

    If you really want context I can break down the drafts for the successful teams and we can see the true difference between a good draft and a bad draft (spoiler its HUGE). If ONE of those drafts happened, it is not the end of the world, but when you go 3 drafts in a row without finding any playmakers and finding minimal depth your team is going to have a significant falloff.
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    Seattle is not going to trade Wilson away unless someone blows them away with a Herschel Walker like haul. As much as I like Wilson the odds of him playing in Dallas in 2021 is close to 0.
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    I did not see the games during the second half of last season so i can't speak to that but for his career overall I'm very comfortable in saying he has excellent presence.
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    What injury? I'm talking about Russ.
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    Oh really?

    I meant Prescott.

    You have an issue with Wilson in the pocket??

    Wow. IMO thats the large difference between the two.
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    You are wrong about Dak/.
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    He doesn't. He's a 19 million dollar cap hit for the next two years to any team he is traded to. Hardly expensive.
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    Happy feet in the pocket?

    Maybe he has gotten a bit better but he extremely indecisive there at times.
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    I still don't understand what Seattle is trying to do here.

    Is it a matter of Wilson demanding out?

    I think it ends up like the Houston situation in the end. A whole lot of nothing.
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    Yea, I know what you're saying. This is wrong, relative to the play around the league. You can nitpick Mahomes and Rodgers this way too, if you want.

    Occasionally he drifts away from pressure, but that's basically every quarterback. He's as good as just about any QB in the league at avoiding the rush and keeping his eyes downfield or just staying in the pocket.
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    Awful advice. Just awful. :facepalm:

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    That's Zeke..
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    Yeah it's not as if a 43 year old QB just won the Superbowl or Dak is coming off a serious leg's quite simple. We would receive a better All Pro QB who has already proved that he can win a Superbowl for less money against the salary cap.

    It doesn't make a whole lot of sense for the Seahawks to make the trade and eat the cap hit so it's unlikely to happen.
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    I saw this proposed trade in an article a few days ago. It isn't a bad deal for any of the teams involved. Everyone gets a starting QB in return for losing a starting QB.

    Dallas gives up Dak, a 2022 1st round pick and a 2022 4th round pick to get Russell Wilson? Just to play along with the hypothetical proposal...this is a win on every level for the Cowboys. Best possible outcome if they are unable to get a long term deal with Prescott ironed out. They don't lose him for nothing. Instead, they gain a better player at the position AND a 2021 3rd round pick. Not bad at all.
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    A QB can’t be at his best without an oline
    Wilson has been killed behind that oline
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    Less than 0.

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    Hey Jazz,

    How you doing today? Honestly, I would expect that if we did trade for Wilson, we would rework his deal as a matter of course. I think at the very least, we would try to rework it so that it's a three year deal with a two year team option, and that's at a minimum. Obviously, Wilson would want more money but we would be in a position to do that. I mean, I honest believe that we were willing to do a deal of at least 35 AAV with Dak so I'd guess we have room to fit that, at least but I'd imagine that we would not have to go that high because Wilson will still get paid from Seattle. So financially, I think it would be possible and the team would want to do it IMO because they would want to give them selves extra time to A. extend if he is lights out and B. create cap flexibility. I honestly would not expect a hold out on Wilson's part or any reticence on behalf of the team to rework his contract.


    I will tell you that if it were me, this is not the deal I would pursue if I were Jerry. I would go out and see if I could work something out with the Jets. NY plus Dak equals a lot of money if they are interested in Dak. I believe the Jets currently have like 67 mil in cap space next year so they would have the room to make the kind of deal Dak wants a reality. NY would love Dak and his opportunity for subsidy revenue, through advertisements would probably exceed what he might do in Dallas. It's one of the few places that you can actually make more money, in that regard, then you can as the QB of the Dallas Cowboys.

    The Cowboys would get Darnold, their Second overall pick and perhaps their second round pick. Darnold gives you a bridge QB with talent and upside. "People will ask, did you actually watch him play, he was terrible!" But I did watch the Jets and Darnold had not a lot to work with. That kid has talent. If he had a solid OL to play behind and targets, he could be a really good option. His salary, this season would be like 3.8 mil to us. That leaves a huge amount of room to rework his deal and extend him and still leaves you, probably double the amount of cap space AAV that Dak would cost you. You get two high picks in this years draft, of which, you could either target a guy like Wilson from BYU and a starter on Defense in the Early 2nd round, use your 10th pick on the best available LT, and you address three key needs in one draft. You get what I believe is a much better starting option then even Dalton, if you wanted to you could probably afford to resign Dalton and allow the two to battle it out as your starter, while developing your future QB. Or, if you want to go this route, you can package the 2nd and 10th overall to move up to the first pick and take Lawrence if you want to do that. You could resign Dalton and have your bridge and your future Franchise guy right there with 5 years of cap relief to allow you to build the Defense and take a shot at a championship. You put yourself in a position where you have plenty of cap to sign everybody, to bring in needed FAs and you are in excellent position to compete for a good while. This is really the best situation we could pursue IMO but again, that's just my opinion.
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    I dont think there is any chance that Dak gets traded. There is legitimately no reason for him to agree to it. He knows if he holds out he's getting franchised again and will be a FA next season when the cost goes up even more.
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    Bro. These scenarios are much more difficult than you think. Also this is cant win with an expensive QB is a myth. Expensive is also relative.

    Patrick, Russell, and Big Ben are the QBs that won on rookie deals. Mahomes the only one that was a team carrier. The other 2 had defenses that ranked ALL TIME. Ben also won while being paid a a high dollar QB, so has Tom and Payton....So has Eli....let that sink in. ELI won while being a top paid QB in the league.

    Not to menti

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    He can't hold out. He would either have to sign or lose a vested year towards FA. He would essentially be in exactly the same situation next year if he didn't sign and actually cost himself money because the curve on QB salaries are 37 and change on his cap number this year. Next year, that number would not change but the value at the position would likely increase so basically, you are costing yourself money because you are not seeing the advantage in increase and you would still have to play out the year in Dallas at the 37 mil number.

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