My apartment needs plumbing and other work done / how to do it safely during corona

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Zone' started by Reverend Conehead, Nov 19, 2020.

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    My dish washer doesn't work, my toilet leaks, and the pipes under the bathroom sink leak. I've been living with it because I'm reluctant to allow anyone in the apartment. But it keeps getting worse, so I think I may have to. I won't have to pay for it since I rent, but my bigger concern is safety.

    I also work from home. So maybe I need to set up a day off for the plumber to come in and fix the things, and I'll just be out and about in my car with my cat somewhere. Then come back after he's gone. If I do that, is there a period of time I should wait before re-entering the apartment? Then when I do, just Lysol and Chlorox the heck out of the place?
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    Do you choose the contractor or does the landlord? Bigger companies will likely require their employees to follow protocols like wearing masks, etc. Your local handyman, maybe not. If you think you have to have it done, I would do what you say, give them access, take off for the day in the car and then open the windows for awhile when you get back and clean suspect surfaces. Might be overkill, but if it helps you sleep, do it.
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    Watch some you tube videos and do it yourself. :).

    Seriously now, I wouldn't worry too much about surfaces. Maybe air out the place after he leaves and use some alcohol wipes. I work with the public's dirty money every day. Besides wearing a mask I take little to no precautions in regards to surfaces. Most toll collectors don't and there has been little to no cases that I am aware of since this began. So I get the feeling that catching this off of a surface isn't that likely.
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    Check with the Landord and ask what protocols are in place for service techs entering the facility. There may be a check in /screening process and the Tech should be required to wear a mask. Whoever is coming to do the repair does not want to get sick either, so they may also have screening questions for you.

    Keep 6' distance, wear your mask, open windows if you can and you should be OK. Get your stuff paid for it. Wipe down hi-touch surfaces in the work areas with disinfecting wipes when job is complete.
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    Yeah. Airing it out is the key. Agreed.

    Idk what part of the country you live in. But leave the windows open while they’re there if you can.

    Then just do some cleaning after they’re gone.

    If you can isolate yourself in a room away from them with the door closed. U should be alright.

    Risk is low
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  6. Flamma

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    I was thinking of mentioning leaving the windows opened but left that out. I was laughing when I pictured the poor guy working in a nice breezy 25 degree apartment. But that is the best course IMO.
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    My dad who is 86 has to have people over for repairs. He wears a mask and maintains a safe distance and when the work is done he Lysol and sprays everything, twice...including the carpet and floors.
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    Probably the best way for this. I would get that stuff fixed sooner than later @Reverend Conehead before the leaks turn into mold/permanent damage.

    Have the plumber wear a mask, you wear a mask too. Then air out the apartment/lysol.
  9. JoeyBoy718

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    Sanitize the plunger so you don’t give your toilet COVID.
  10. Noclaf

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    I would worry more about venting out the house, im really not sure how much this even transmits via surfaces anymore. I think 99.9% is airborne. Get what you need done, stay away, air it out I think you will be fine

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