My Plan for not to be a disappointment (again) in 2022

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GuitarBytes, Jan 21, 2022.

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    I just want to know who is trading a first for Amari Cooper when, in this plan, everyone both knows he is getting cut and has to be cut before the league year starts to get under the cap. At that point you are looking at a mid-to-late round pick at best.
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    Just remember....It doesn't matter who what or where....
    It's Jerry Jones and his cowboys.
    When bad things happen on the field next year, and there will be many, just laugh it off, take a sip of your beverage and take a bite of your pizza.
    When a coach makes a questionable decision, and there will be many, just laugh it off, take a sip of your beverage and take a bite of your pizza.
    When a referee makes a questionable call, and there will be many, just laugh it off, take a sip of your beverage and take a bite of your pizza.
    And that how you can protect yourself from "disappointment".
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    You know who would trade a 1st rounder for Amari? Jerry Jones, because he did. And if he did it, there's got to be another stupid team out there willing to do the same.
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    The fact that Jerry Jones overpaid back then sort of shows the problem. Cooper, as a young player on a rookie deal, had higher value then and it was still considered to be overpaying. No one is going to pay a 1st for a 27-year old off a down year with a big money contract attached already. Teams would either wait for the cut and sign him for much cheaper (and save the pick) or just sign 2 starting WRs for the same price and get the same production you would have otherwise.
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    Great stuff man. Appreciate the link. Hard to argue against this philosophy with so many successful coaches having been raised on it.

    This system stands the test of time while the modern NFL game evolves. Each guy has progressively added his own subtle wrinkles while maintaining the base philosophy.

    Really enjoyed the read.
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    All these threads about how we find success next season tryin to be constructive 'n all... ridiculous. We just lost once again in a manner we have seen over 25 years now. It'll stay the same for another 25 years. We're stuck with a fraud at center for a couple of years, so just relax guys. I'll cheer for him come September, but like you cheer for your benchwarming nephew in a peewee game.

    Just enjoy some real football that's still being played and next season it's just the here and now from game to game. No play off calculations in week 10, no comparisons to true contenders after a win against an NFCE high school team. Just enjoy each win, forget about the future and if just see the wild card game as another regular season match. The playoffs won't start after that first play off win.

    Simple and so relaxing. That's my plan after all. :cool:

    The ONE fine thing about next season is though, that we're gonna play more good teams. Let's see how many Dak can win. Yes, Dak.
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    We really miss him. He called the line ups and pointed things out and changed the way the line picked up rushers. We have Williams and Tyron blocking a DE that Tyron can handle. Center can either take nose and so forth and Williams should be taking the lb in the gap or step up and block and give Elliot a hole. The whole blocking scheme on every play has someone in Daks lap. We had a few drafted players injured that O-Line coach never gave a shot to. One played when we had a team beaten and he had a good pancake block. We have Ball that was injured this year. He was supposed to be good. Draft some more. But a different line coach is needed..
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    Great post totally agree The whole scheme has somebody in Dak lap .
    That kind of covers it hard to get anything done that way.
    If we can get that line fixed it will cover a multitude of sins as far as the problems with our offense.
    I don't know how to put it other than it just seems like our center and a couple of the other linemen are just severely underpowered.
    We need big powerful men small linemen getting pushed around is no way to try and win a championship
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    Agree with you 100%. I think you're looking at a 4th at best. If teams know you're looking to get rid of him, with that contract, seems disgruntled, disappears at times, looks disinterested at times, etc. You will be lucky to get anything.
  12. Montanalo

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    My (cynical, but realistic) plan for 2022:

    Be aggressively active in the Game Day Menu thread. Sure, I typically post in @Ranching thread, but I haven't really explored some of the great menu ideas shared each week. Maybe, I will start a CowboysZone cookbook.

    Plan a January vacation to some bucket list destination. I have generally avoided major travel in January and February because of weather and, let's face it, expectations that the Cowboys will make a deep playoff run. Often, some of the best travel deals can be had in winter, so why not target a vacation getaway during that time!

    Post a lot more in the Draft threads. The draft is a genuine highlight of the NFL season and I love the excitement surrounding the influx of talent. Hope springs eternal.

    Register for a brew master course at the local community college. Seriously. Although I am not a big beer drinker, I like the science and art of brewing. I am fully and happily retired, but I imagine I could parlay my brewmaster credentials into a nice part-time job.

    Oh, was this thread about plans for the team??

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    CZ cookbook would be great! Gonna be a long off season....may as well enjoy some good food. Salud!
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    Amari came relatively cheap. Jones gave up two firsts for Joey Galloway, and gave up a first, third and sixth for Row Williams.
  15. TheHerd

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    NFC East and one and done. That's the ceiling to me. But I'll be disappointed. Like Eatman says, you don't pick your fandom, it picks you.
  16. Aviano90

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    I am just going to enjoy the games, win or lose.
  17. Brax

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    Could you start with roast Dak, sides of MM analytic beef, slow Zeke salad, CD drop potatoes and tank dressing, for desert flaming Jerry jubilee.
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    A little gravy and that sounds delicious....

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