My solutions for a better 2022

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RonnieT24, Jan 18, 2022.

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    Its all rearranging deck chairs. 1) inept ownership. 2) Clueless HC. 3) 20% of the salary cap tied up for years in a QB who excels against the NFC east only.
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    Here is a DT who is mean enough to hit a police officer--what do ya think lol?
    Cleveland Browns DT Malik McDowell arrested on charges of battery on police officer, resisting arrest, public exposure

    PAPPYDOG There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!

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    Not in the least.. His unwillingness to commit to the run has been a bur in my arse for three years now.. He just won't do it.. He did it for 4 games this year after Jerry called him on the carpet for that what was it? 12? 13? running plays in Tampa.. But once they won that game at the Pats and at the Vikings with the running struggling that was it.. I never saw anything but lukewarm commitment to the run after that..
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    Very good ideas. However, two massive problems that will overtake the solutions: #4 and Jerry still running the show.
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    Particularly when the 2/5 is next to each other. The line would be better if the 2/5 was at LG and RT. But strong, physical DTs simply have a wide path into the backfield.
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    Some good ideas there, chief!
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    If that's your stance that's your stance.. But given that neither guy is going anywhere any time soon I'd rather focus on things that CAN change..
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    Pollard should’ve been used more on Sunday. Zeke is getting most of the snaps because he can block and our OL is struggling to block. It’s anyone’s guess if they believe in the blocking schemes. I noticed many even in the media were jumping off the Cowboys bandwagon later in the season. Very few were picking them to win last Sunday. I don’t think the prognostications for the team are going to be very good heading into next season. Even the most optimistic fans are going to be leery of the team. I noticed some of the sunshine fans took off after the loss to Arizona. This is one of the more disappointing seasons I can remember because of how good the team started. As long as the Cowboys continue to have the better QB in the division they’ll continue competing for the NFC East title.
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    A couple of years ago you called me a troll for having the temerity to say I wouldn't pay Dak 40m. Pardon me but I wouldn't trust anything football related that comes out of your mouth.
    Which stiff do you want to play now?
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    This is a priority. Something drastic happened this year on that line that showed signs of erosion last season.

    The issue with Collins being out and then being "punished" when he came back was a problem. It also seemed to coincide with the time Philbin got COVID and then we started hearing about McAdoo actually having a real responsibilities, including the OL. Something happened, no question. We need to go about the business of getting a better OL coach. We have not a great one since Callahan.

    Well, he is a free agent, so you just draft his replacement.

    I think the book was out on him later in the season. I guess some expected a better outcome and it is not like they can publicly embarrass him by canceling interviews. He will be back, unfortunately.

    We need another sleek LBer that can chase the ball since our DL can't win on the interior consistently. If they won't get a quality presence on the DL, fortify LBer then. Might be even easier to identify.

    These were either the typical Tyron Smith result we should have expected, the continued decline of Elliott we should have anticipated and a fairly mild injury to the QB.

    And he still can't be dominant against a quality line. He was pretty much stalemated the entire game but did get to contribute a nice personal foul that helped end the game. So there is that.

    Unless Quinn really turns everyone off or out and out declines a job to stay, I don't see any way he returns. There are quite simply too many teams that are in pursuit.

    Good post though.


    We need more Prescott and Romo comparison threads, so I take it all back.
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    Whew, where do we start.

    No pun intended, but our QB is not a money one. His record shows it, but the show continues.

    Thought we had decent personnel for postseason play; accomplished, but we are fans of the Dallas Cowboys!

    What good are all these players if they can't be coached; sharpening their skills, attitude, being responsible, disciplined, focused, attention to detail to get to the next level.

    So maybe it's also on the coordinators(2) and their "staff" not to mention Big Mike.

    It's going to be interesting who goes, who stays. That's another factor and twist.

    The D imo is slightly ahead of the Offense. Fix the Oline with the current players on the roster, draft or the open market.

    We need a mean dominant SOB in the middle of the Dline. Find some linebackers, maybe they're already on the roster.

    I don't think we need a ton of acquisitions, just the right ones. We need players who don't mind getting their hands or uniforms dirty and ones that are committed. Playing for the Star is more than collecting a fat check and notoriety! That's the physical side.

    Above all, what this team needs is Leadership. Not 53 players running around like chickens without a head!

    Remember we got into the playoffs, now Imua, go forward and improve.
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    Yes, I know he was benched for holding penalties and poor play, but many studs perform badly for our team, when does it start becoming about culture?
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    Thanks Bro.. it took me a couple of days to recover from that loss.. It was terribly disheartening because it looked like almost every other loss we've had in the last three seasons.. Slow start.. no running game.. disjointed play calling.. ridiculous penalties and last but not least.. refs finding new and creative ways to screw the Cowboys.. How the hell do you stand over the ball until there is one second left on the play clock then call delay of game? And how the hell does a ref run 30 yards and manage to run right into the back of the QB? Why is he not running to one side? The ball was down and our guys were in place.. Is he near sighted and didn't notice until it was too late that he was about to run into the 240 man in front of him?
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    We're all getting over it.
    Was over it by Monday pretty much.
    Guess after 26 years of this, you get used to it.
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    Of course nothing about the QB. “ draft another Parsons” LOL let me go down to Walgreens and find another one.
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    Sell the team and move them to Montana
  19. RonnieT24

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    Lol. Right?

    "Look guys, all we need to do is draft another generational talent on defense."

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