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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Aug 10, 2018.

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    There really wasnt much to view on the core players who will be the impact of this team. But this is what im thinking.

    Dak and Gallup are going to cause alot of problems for opposing teams.That TD pass was picture perfect. That wasnt no scrub covering either. I had to watch on the the niners channel and the announcers were saying Ward lost the ball in the sun, but asnt Gallup looking into the same sun? lol

    Connor Williams got beat early pretty bad by Buckner for a sack but he settled down and looked solid.

    Again ill say this, I can understand why the team drafted Vander Esch with the health history of Lee and Jaylon's rehab going over a yr. But if only they would've waited a little longer. Jaylon is back 100%. He is flying around and is playing with power. He's going to be a difference maker this yr. I dont see the middle run def being a issue this yr with him there.

    Safety is a problem. This team needs Earl Thomas, and i hope they can see it. Give SEA that conditional 4th that turns into a 3rd. You get one of the best s' in the NFL. With Lawrence on the DL, Lee in the middle and Thomas on the backend there would be a leader on every level of the defense. Having that alpha who leads by example on the field is much more important iMO than sheer talent. You can have all the talent in the world but if ur not sure on what to do its pointless.

    Anthony Brown? I see nothing different than what he's shown every sunday. He cant cover, and he def cant cover in the slot. He will get eaten alive by faster WR's in the slot. He is a outside guy.

    And my final thought is, If lastnights game was a real game, Dallas destroys the niners and brings Garoppolo back to earth.

    Gonna enjoy this yr with the entitled sent packing and a team full of young guys who are hungry and some fighting to start.
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    Hopw you are right
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  4. Clove

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    I definitely agree on Jaylon and Earl Thomas. Jaylon looked like a different person out there, OMG!
  5. D_Boyz

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    I watched it with the niners broadcast announcers as well, and first thing i thought about was that gallup was facing the same sun. Jourdan Lewis didnt play all that great either. Jaylon was a beast last night. Now that win vs the eagles seems foolish cause we could've had a chance at Derwin James instead of LVE.
  6. conner01

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    Gallup looked good
    He beat another defender for what should have been a big play but rush missed him
    Austin looked like he can be a part of the offense and not just a gadget guy
    Connor as we all knew needs to add strength but plays with good technique
  7. hornitosmonster

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    It looked very promising
  8. Falco78

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    Very impressive outing! We do need ET though and that is clear
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    It's going to take a 2nd and another pick to get ET from the Seahawks. Maybe a 3rd or a 4th too.

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  10. Ranching

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    The pass to Gallup was short. If the db hadn't of got lost it would have been a pick. Should have led him and not placed it at his hip. I'm rooting for them but I'm not wearing my rose colored glasses this morning.
  11. cowboy_ron

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    If the Hawks were willing to trade Earl for a conditional 4th, the trade would have been made long before now.
  12. The Natural

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    Fans cant just be happy for the current team without taking digs at players who are no longer here but played their hearts out for the fans. Sad.
  13. Staggerlee

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    How was it short? You had the safety coming over the top so it wasn't like Dak should've just thrown it to the endzone and let Gallup run and get it.

    Look at the throw, Dak let it go 16 yards ahead of where Gallup was at the time, Gallup does a slight stop and go to get past the cb and the ball was on the money. He didn't have to slow down to catch it once he started up his route again to get past the cb.

    Now sure the cb certainly could've made a play on the ball or contested it if he didn't just completely blow the play by not looking for the ball, but it wasn't an underthrown ball, at least not in my eyes.
  14. Sydla

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    I think last night, overall, was a really good start to preseason.
  15. Sydla

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    But the longer the threat of Thomas not playing, Seattle might have to settle.

    I think that's what Dallas is doing here. I think they are waiting out Seattle as long as they can. The risk is that either Seattle is stubborn and never makes a move or someone swoops in and grabs him.
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  16. Clove

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    And Aikman's pass to Irvin in the first super bowl was high and short, but Irvin made a fantastic play, spin, and touch down. No one cares about how the pass looks, did it get there?
  17. Sydla

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    I am not even sure if that Dak pass was even "short" to begin with.
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  18. davidariust24

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    Anthony brown actually played well until the 2 penalties. The holding and the PI. I don't want him to dial down his aggression but he needs to find ways to avoid the PI's
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  19. Clove

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    It was perfect, but this is for the Super over analytical trolls out there.
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  20. Ranching

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    No one cares until it gets picked off and then you'll cry like a little .......
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