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    Im nervous about this and none of it has to do with Jason Garrett. The more this team goes deeper into the playoffs, how can they fire Linehan and his puppet? I really hope this isnt the case because the game planing is horrible. The play calling is just as horrible 95% of the time.

    MY first hope would be for Kingsbury to resign from USC. And Jerry throw this guy alot of money. A mind thats innovative and up to date with the way the game is called today. Dallas can still run the power game running the ball, but can also add in the quick route game the nfl has moved to.

    Another name i hope gets thrown into the mix, Scott Turner. Name should sound familiar because thats Norv Turners son. And he might be a better fit because he knows Garrett preferred system. And has dealt with QBs with the skills of Dak in Cam Newton.

    New OC: Scott Turner

    2019 Cap space:
    As of Dec 11 Dallas has 12.2mil in cap room
    Dallas has a total cap in 2019 with roll over 203mil roughly
    top51 contracts 144.7mil
    59.3mil in cap for 2019

    Sean Lee: 7mil cap room
    Allen Hurns: 5mil cap room
    Terrance Williams 2.5mil cap room
    New cap space: 73.8mil

    Resignings, Extensions, REstructures:

    Dak Prescott:

    I hear people gripe about his impending deal. What people dont even know is Dak has been on record saying he would take less in a contract to keep core players. His caphit for 2019 is already set at 2mil as he has earned more money with his play that rookies make.So whatever extension will not be in effect until 2020.
    6yr ext
    125mil 35milSB 60mil guranteed.

    still 73.8mil cap space

    Demarcus Lawrence:
    This one might get tricky, because he probably going to get offseason surgery. So depending how long he waits to get it if he does might affect his availability. Still think he should get paid.
    5yr 90mil 30milSB 40mil guranteed.
    2019 caphit 10mil base(10mil guranteed) 6mil SB prorated 16mil
    First yr 16mil of his total 40mil guaranteed already paid.

    57.8mil cap space

    Amari Cooper:
    Cooper is the #1 Dallas wanted Dez to be. Dallas has already said Amari is going to be extended this offseason. His 2019 is already set so this new deal wouldnt take effect until 2020
    5yrs 85mil 38mil Guaranteed.

    Cap space still 57.6mil

    Byron Jones:
    Yes he's a solid CB but is he a shut down? NO. He doesnt get turnovers. He's solid.
    5yrs 52mil 20mil SB 30mil total guaranteed
    2019 cap hit. 10mil base(guranteed) 4mil SB prorated
    14mil or almost half of his total guranteed money paid in yr 1.

    43.8mil in cap space

    Randy Gregory:
    I know i know...But hear me out. Jerry is really close with this kid. I could see jerry give him something the same way this team did that with Barry Church. Gregory is getting on the verge of becoming a absolute nightmare for opposing teams. Keep him happy and its not like he's 23. He's gonna eb 27 this coming yr. He doesnt have anymore guaranteed money so they can just move his 2019 and turn that into guranteed money.
    4yrs 32mil 16mil SB 20mil guranteed.
    2019 cap hit 3mil base(1mil guranteed) 4mil SB prorated

    36.8mil cap space

    LP Ladouceur:
    Guy is never going to retire
    1yr 1mil guranteed.

    35.8mil cap space


    Landon Collins:

    I think ultimately it will be Earl in Dallas but i would go after Collins. Earl takes Woods off the field id rather have Heath play situationally.

    5yrs 60mil 25milSB 35mil guranteed
    2019 cap hit 8mil base (guaranteed) 5mil SB prorated

    22.8mil cap space

    Jesse James:
    Jarwin and Schultz are ok as backups. Swaim and Gathers should be gone in 2019. Dallas needs a #1 TE. And this guy does it all. Blocks and catches.
    5yrs 37mil 12milSB 15mil Guranteed
    2019 caphit 3mil base(guranteed) 2.5mil SB pro rated

    17.3mil cap space


    Round 2
    Gerald Willis II DT Miami
    A faster version of Maliek Collins. Crawford moves around alot Dallas needs to build more depth at DT. Younger brother of Landon Collins.

    Round 3
    Isiah Price T Ohio State
    Dallas needs to start looking at the the future at the tackle posistion. Develop a guy whos already good to take over in the near future. Tyrons back is never going to back to right.

    Round 4
    Davis Sills WR West Virginia
    Best redzone target in College the past 2 yrs.

    Round 4(comp)
    Dru Samia G Oklahoma
    Guy who has played T and G. But did alot better in 2018 after being moved to G.

    Round 5
    Keesean Johnson WR Fresno State
    This kid is a really good WR. A lesser version of Devante Adams but can get it done at all levels of the field.

    Round 7
    Easton Stick QB North Dakota State
    Nice prospect who plays smart and is mobile.

    MY 2019 Starters

    QB: Dak Prescott
    RB: Ezekiel Elliot
    WR: Amari Cooper
    WR: Michael Gallup
    WR: David Sills
    TE: Jesse James
    LT: Tyron Smith
    LG: Joe Looney
    C: Travis Frederick
    RG: Zack Martin
    RT: La'el Collins

    LDE: Demarcus Lawrence
    3tech: Tyrone Crawford
    1tech: Amtwuan Woods
    RDE: Randy Gregory
    LB: Leighton Vander Esch
    LB: Jaylon Smith
    CB: Byron Jones
    CB: Chidobe Awuzie
    CB: Anthony Brown
    FS: Xavier Woods
    SS: Landon Collins
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    Linehan and Kellen Moore should be gone. New OC and updated playbook. Hoping we can keep Richard, pay the man and give him DC and assistant HC spots.
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    Getting a little ahead of yourself.
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    Way to early for this.

    My head is crammed with stories, stats, opinions and insanity.

    No mas.

    I need the season to end and then decompress.


    But looks good.

    And you got room to edit at free will.

    Go Cowboys.

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    Thanks for the effort...not crazy on Landon Collins and D law will get way more than this...but this would be an amazing off season!!!
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    why? people were doing this when dallas was 3-5
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    IDK about Lawrence. ore guranteed money is what is going on with contracts now rather then overall yrs because of the fluff yrs.
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    Hope writing all of that was therapeutic for you, considering it’s quite likely that much of the storyline which might affect the 2019 offseason has yet to be written.

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    Would love to have Adam Humphries. I like Beasley but too old to spend a lot on.
  10. LatinMind

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    LIke him too, but TB is going to keep him.
  11. aikemirv

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    They would have to tag him to be sure. There is no designation for slot WR in the tag is there, so he would get top WR money right?

    So, I would think he has the option here.
  12. LatinMind

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    Theyre going to walk away from Jackson so that frees up money to give humphries.
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    Scott Turner is a QB coach. O-Coordinator would be a big jump. His only job in a higher level (meaning high level for the team) was a high school head coach 11 years ago.
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    I like some of this....Scott Turner is certainly an interesting name, and I think you're fairly close (though probably a bit low) with the money.

    But I hate the idea of Landon Collins, especially for big money. The guy can't cover.

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    Linehan will be gone if the offense lays an egg Saturday.
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    Barring some absolute wizardry from Linehan in a super bowl run, I would fire Linehan and move on from Kellen Moore. It would take almost a miracle for me to keep either of them, and that's probably the case even if we win a SB.

    I just hope if we can them we have a good replacement in place. Koetter, Klingsbury or another great offensive mind would be very helpful. Linehan sucks. But it has to be someone who can scheme guys open in the passing game AND is committed to running the ball.

    I like Cole Beasley, a lot but he should be our 4th or 5th receiver, not out #3. Too limited in his route running because of his size. Needs to be a 3rd down specialist that catches 3 balls per game and paid accordingly.

    Need a Theilen type of guy in the slot.
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    He knows the offense.
  18. Verdict

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    I like what Gregory is bringing to the table, but I'm not giving him guaranteed money. I would put a large carrot in front of him to get him to sign, but I'm making it easy to move on from him if he starts up his usual BS again.
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    Sorry Latin.... appreciate the effort, but i got a playoff game to focus on. Will pick this back up after Dallas wins the SB (or gets eliminated).
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    Well he'd play closer to the box. Thats why u have Woods to cover. Just hate the idea of Woods being off the field.

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