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Name one team worse than Dallas in free agency

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Mobinvans, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. Mobinvans

    Mobinvans Well-Known Member

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    Name one team who is consistently worse than Dallas in free agency last 5 years...
  2. DEA_dad

    DEA_dad Well-Known Member

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    The Giants
  3. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    The 30 teams with fewer wins then them in the last 3 yrs?
  4. EST_1986

    EST_1986 Well-Known Member

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    Solid drafting did that. Imagine if we figured out how to use free agency as a tool.
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  5. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    I dare you to go thru the recent FA signings and see how many have already been traded.

    Vernon, traded
    Zeitler, traded
    Cousins, very bad
    Keenum, traded
    CRabtree, released
    Garcon, released
    Bennett, released
    Suh, released
    Leary, released,
    Hankins, released

    and the list goes on and on...FA is a tool the Cowboys use later in the offseason to fill holes. Guys like Fleming, and Woods who contribute and stick with the team to continue to contribute, and rely on drafting. Thats how they build the team now and its working.
  6. baltcowboy

    baltcowboy Well-Known Member

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    Stephen basically told everyone we our going to sign our own guys. Tank would have been the number 1 free agent on the market if we lifted the tag on him. We have a young talented team. I would rather give Zeke 40 million guaranteed for the next 4 years then the 32 the Ravens gave Earl. If we sign Dak, Tank, Zeke, Cooper, Jaylon, and Byron to extensions, we will be ok.
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  7. dallasdave

    dallasdave Well-Known Member

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    :hammer::hammer::hammer:YOu nailed it . They not only did not get players but lost one of the best 2 players they had.:lmao2::lmao::laugh:
  8. ESisback

    ESisback Well-Known Member

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    Another thread to go “WAAAAH!”
  9. Gremell12

    Gremell12 Active Member

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    Listen, if we can snag ogbah and berry, ill be okay with it. Still need some more pieces but it makes this free agency alot more bearable
  10. EST_1986

    EST_1986 Well-Known Member

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    Loving failing at passing the divisional round
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  11. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

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    not saying any of that. just saying this team isnt the cesspool you guys make it out to be. This is a team thats gonna contend this yr. And quite possibly get its coach in 2020. Its amazing that even when the Jones' tell the fan base and the entire world theyre not going to be very active in FA and rather worry about their own guys that they need to sign and want to be cowboys for a long time, somehow you guys are caught by suprise. Maybe this team just aint for you guys.
  12. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard

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    Oh boo hoo. Like FA is the end all be all of building a SB winning team. It's not your money so stop pretending you know best how to spend it.
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  13. Flamma

    Flamma Well-Known Member

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    That's exactly what we do. We like our guys and fill holes. But sometimes, and if you think you're in striking distance, you fill those holes with quality players. Even if it's just for a year. But like I said, if they think they are in striking distance.
  14. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    Not signing big names to big contracts doesn’t make you bad at free agency.
    Dallas is not the worst just because they don’t believe in Free agency the way some teams do.

    The object is to win games. NE has a similar philosophy. They don’t sign guys to mega contracts either, arethey second worst?
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  15. Noclaf

    Noclaf Well-Known Member

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    Is it working really? They were horrible the first part of last year3-9, if not for a trade this team probably would of ended up 6-10, so much for it working
  16. LatinMind

    LatinMind iPhotoshop

    15,659 Messages
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    Yup they were and they saw that and make changes. Cooper, inserted sua filo and promoted colombo. Then they took off.

    Ur post makes no sense. Ur not giving them any credit to realizing what they were doing didnt work. And just say if they didnt they wouldve been 6-10. So much for it working? It did work they went 10-6. lol
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  17. Pompey-Cowboy

    Pompey-Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    Calm down for %£$* sake, Free Agency is fool's gold. Dallas do it just fine. We will start next season with a better team than we started last season. Job done.
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  18. ItzKelz

    ItzKelz Well-Known Member

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    Name one team better than the Cowboys in the Draft the last 5 years.
  19. Zekeats

    Zekeats theranchsucks

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    Leary got cut?
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  20. AKATheRake

    AKATheRake Well-Known Member

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    I can honestly say half the league.

    Washington always for sure.

    My issue is that we're not creative at all in it. Philly was 2 years ago, won the whole thing. The Browns this year, they surely will improve record wise in their division. The Pats weren't like 10 years ago, but every other year sine they pick their spots pretty good.

    The Rams were last year. Even a couple years ago the Jaguars were creative too and got bet by the pats before getting to the championship. Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson were 2 mega signings.
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