Names we should be looking at in free agency now

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Floatyworm, Apr 30, 2022.

  1. coult44

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    Add Landry to that list
  2. ShortRound

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    “You’ll get nothing and you’ll like it”
  3. BIGS87

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    Stephen Gilmore!!!
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  4. DanA

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    Dant’A Hightower could be interesting as a part-time MIKE that could fix our run defense. I think we’ve placed our bets at DT but are short at LB. Barr could be an alternative option if we wanted to go with someone more mobile. Hitchens, and Damian Wilson others.

    With Tolbert a rookie and Gallup recovering from ACL a bigger investment in a WR would be nice. Landry a good option.

    Honey Badger if we had a plan to play 3 safeties could be a good fit but he’s a unique player you need to scheme for.
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  5. EST_1986

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    Don’t have high hopes. We only want guys that settle for peanuts
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  6. Floatyworm

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  7. Dallas_Cowboys50

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    I would really love Jarvis Landry, but its not even gonna come close to happening.
  8. CowboyoWales

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    It will depend on how we feel about Bohanna. We won't carry 3 1Tech's, Jerry nearly fainted when he realised we may carry two.
    Alternative maybe Ridgeway has a juicing (NFL body prep year) to develop his lower body strength which some reports claim is lacking atm.
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  9. CowboyoWales

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    Nope, Talbot is plug and play. If we came away from the draft being wiped out at WR, then there was a slight chance...but not now.
  10. CowboyoWales

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    I think this year (in part due to the 2022 and 2023 CAP situation) is going to be a 'step up or ship out' year where they're going to rely on the coaches to push and see what we've actually drafted in the last couple of years.
    We started the cull this year with: Jaylon, La'el and Connor (and to some degree LVE and even Coop) and I think we're going to have a year reassessing what's there (carry over the CAP to plug the last remaining CAP 'Hell' year '23) and cull again at the end of this season.
    If/when those players step up (rather than sitting and lingering behind 'Jerry's Guys' - contracts that aren't performing) we can then plug LESSER NUMBER of weaknesses with better calibre FA's.
    Some of us fans get dizzy on names, which is fine as it counterposes Stephen preferred (or necessity) to dumpster dive...probably the best way is somewhere in the middle.
    I think the attitude towards: our players, drafting and giving the coaches a say in drafting young players THEY actually want has changed this year....which is great as the old model of Jerry's Guys and try and cram everything else in just didn't work.
  11. baltcowboy

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    Honey Badger will be an Eagle. They have the money and their secondary is awful. The Cowboys could sign everyone on your list but they are saving the money for Diggs, CeeDee, Shultz and Steele next offseason.
  12. DAL1180

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    Maybe some interior OL depth like Nick Martin or Erik Flowers. Hopefully someone who can return punts and a linebacker to fill out the LB room.
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  13. Cmac

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    ......the FO philosophy will be to look for bargain basement pricing.
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  14. Carson

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    Martin would be nice.

    Flowers will be out of our range.
  15. DanA

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    Can't see an O-line player, we currently have:
    1. T.Smith
    2. T.Smith
    3. T.Biadasz
    4. Z.Martin
    5. T.Steele
    6. J.Ball
    7. C.McGovern
    8. M.Farniok
    9. M. Waletzko
    10. I.Alarcon

    Alarcon is perhaps a bit speculative but with a few UDFA's like Amon Simons, Alec Lindstrom, and James Empey also trying out I'm not sure there is room/need for additional O-linemen.
  16. chicago JK

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    Dallas made mention of FA not being over, but I have trouble thinking they make a big splash. I thought there was a chance they would look at a veteran receiver or a guy like Clowney if they didn't address those positions in the draft. But Dallas did. I am just not sure how ready any of their first three picks will be to jump right in. It sort of goes against Dallas to then sign a veteran into G, WR or DE after investing high draft capital. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for a team who thinks they should be a contender.
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  17. Floatyworm

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    I'm surprised we didn't get a pass rusher @DT....We had a shot @ Hall and passed. I don't ever want to hear how we draft the best player ever again....because clearly that is a lie. Sure looks like we have a bunch of work to do to get ready for the season. Still need...

    3rd RB
    Blocking TE
    Pass rushing DT
  18. Floatyworm

    Floatyworm The Labeled One

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    Agree about LB....probably go get Hitchens
  19. DasTex

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    Fully expect Hitchens to be signed. LB depth is zero right now.
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  20. Adiba1977

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    Need best vet lb out there on 1 year deal. Also ol too.
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