News: NBC: Dallas Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy Early Favorite to be First NFL Coach Fired in 2021

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, May 27, 2021.

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    Only his son Stephen Jones is becoming more and more the most powerful influence over the Cowboys organization than ever before.

    What i really believe more than ever, ... (that I Never thought would happen while Jerry was still alive) is Jerry is giving way to his son
    in every facet of the game, and it's Stephen with the most influential voice among Cowboys organization than ever before.

    Firing long favorite Garrett ? …… just doesn’t sound like Jerry, who once said he regretted firing Chan Gailey “ too soon”

    Wade Phillips’ firing at mid-season was one I thought Jerry had no problem making per extreme low team morale, plus Garrett was really the heir apparent HC anyway. (same feeling I get with
    Kellen Moore !!)..I really believe Stephen Jones (with strong suggestion help from very close confidential connection,.. imo) had the biggest push for Jason's dismissal and the McCarthy hire.

    I do believe both Jones have a combined hand in Kellen being retained here as OC,.. I’m suspicious that McCarthy could’ve been told to hands off approach with Moore and to let him handle the
    Offense,.. I also believe Kellen Moore will be the heir apparent to McCarthy before its’ all said and done. .just me.

    Nowadays I really believe Stephen leads the front football operations with everything that goes down with the Cowboys, hiring HC, making HC fire DC’s (Nolan) and certain assistants (Tomsula)
    I think Jerry has surprisingly lowered himself or “stepping “ down to be more side to side with son, vs being the lead voice, lead say so, leading with his thinking, personal want to only.
    in terms of “ football “ operations. It's still in Title Description, but i no longer thinks it leads it by General Manager Jerry himself. i think it's just more a figure head title than ever before .

    In the face of the media cameras, Jerry’s face will still be there as the teams’ spokesman and team marketeer, but behind the scenes, when it comes to lead moves with HC hiring, Quinn hiring,
    The NFL draft, Trades, managing team roster cap, vet FA acquisition and departures, I really believe Stephen has become the biggest lead voice of the Dallas Cowboys. ..nowadays. …just my opinion.
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    Agree, Wade stayed out of Booger's shadow better than any HC he ever had. Booger was a victim of the son in one ear and Garrett in the other. Garrett was an original ally of the son's, that's the initial connection and also with the daughter because of their Ivy League background. I do not see Garrett as Brutus in that play, he didn't have a knife but the didn't stop the others.

    If you look closely, there isn't a lot of loyalty in the coaching ranks in the NFL now. Nothing close to what it used to be. And the money is nothing what it used to be either and I see a connection.
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    Kellen Moore come on down!
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    Because he does nothing for this club except bring in other washed up coaches. Atleast Garrett clapped.
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    this is how certain media will draw it up in their minds.

    unless this team somehow starts a disasterous 1-9 without their star QB being IR'ed for the year, i don't see the Jones firing their HC at mid season.
    they will let him finish out this season and turn it over to Kellen Moore as the new HC and new direction.

    if we are 1-9 and we have our starting QB healthy, i wouldn't think the defense would be playing well enough and confident enough to be anointing Dan Quinn as new HC.
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    McCarthy being fired at mid season (which would be twice that's happened to him) ..would either hand the interim HC job over to Dan Quinn,
    or it becomes Kellen Moore's job to lose.

    To which i still think Kellen will be go the course of heir apparent HC way OC Jason Garrett was to Wade Phillips.

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    Pretty good! I was that big in the 8th grade.... actually, I was 6'1" 245 in the 8th grade. 6'4" 265 now.....
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    Let Moore coach one week, then McCarthy the next. Pin them against one another to see if we can get better results. lol
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    ..well, Covid shouldn't be the problem this year. People will be back, facilities will operate almost normal. Big M, will need luck and good decisions to come out on top. That means winning season.

    This year will very interesting.
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    McCarthy earned his way into the NFL by way of the offensive side of the ball -- the defense was Nolan's baby to nourish. He failed. I'm willing to allow McCarthy to fix the offense, while Quinn attends to the defense. Expecting success from a team struggling to install new leadership in the midst of a Covid year is nothing short of foolhardy idiocy. Let's try to show some sense of good sense and allow our coaches to coach, shall we? Thanks, guys.
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    But big Mike doesn't clap after every play. Clapping got Garrett 7 or 8 extra years.
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    Being a Dallas Cowboy for a very long time, I have accepted the love em or hate em from all forms of media...
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    Well, that's encouraging.

    We just hired a former Head Coach as a consultant. Our new defensive coordinator is a former Head Coach.

    The Cowboys graded well, overall in the draft.

    A slew of former Pro Bowlers and key veterans are returning in very good health according to most sources.

    The Cowboys ended the season on a 3-1 run with backups and backups to backups. Yet, during this last quarter of the season, the Cowboys were ranked 7th in scoring, 8th in least points allowed, and #1 in takeaways.

    Vegas is betting this isn't good enough for the Cowboys and they will begin suffering following the opening season kickoff.

    Perfect! the Cowboys get to enter the season underrated.
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    Personally, I wasn't aware that Bob McAdoo was such a guru of offensive creativity that he's been described as having here, lately. If he's truly as creative as all that, maybe this offense could become even better able to produce a winning likelihood. Let's hope that allows better in-game adjustments if that's, indeed the case. The more creative versatility we're able to implement for this offense, the better. He's, reportedly, very effective working with receivers.
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    Big Mike basically stands still and sinks into the sideline Matrix Turf to his ankles. To be fair he does twitch and smirk on occasion.
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    I have no control obviously, I would fire him his first feild mistake He causes us to lose one game goodbye
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    You have to be a good poker player . I’m not a fan of this coach
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    Yeah but who else really need to be fired midseason
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    I’d say Garrett, WADE AND Campo.....

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