New coaches = free agency?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tussinman, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Brax

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    And there in lies the problem coupled with the OL cost, should be interesting how this all plays out.
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    I’d trade for Adams this offseason give up the first... and 4th

    2nd and 3rd round I’m hopefully finding quality Dlinemen (DT or DE) or a CB

    7th round I would draft the best kicker available to help add competition in camp. I’m sure Hasslet will want that..

    FA I would try and bring Cobb back at a reasonable deal... Maybe find a quality TE...Then sprinkle in some quality signings like some 1 year prove it deals.

    only glaring holes on this team I still feel is Safety(Heaths spot), DT 1and3tech, TE, and kicker/punter.
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  3. Tussinman

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    Shelton was just a 1 year deal at 1 million (he's free agent this year). Hankins has 1 year left (his was a 2 year deal with 4.2 mill average). Both players where ranked top 8 in the 2019 free agency class for interior line-man.

    It was a stacked DT class but unfortunately "we like the guys we have". It's a very VERY arrogant mentality, they act like bringing in outside help undermines your own home grown talent/draft picks when in reality it provides valuable depth and challenges your players for starting positions...... (aka it gives you a deep playoff caliber roster, who would possibly want that ?)

    Ego is a huge issue with the front office. What's even more embarassing is cutting crawford that off-season (which is what most media reporters where claiming should be an obvious cap casulity) would of saved enough money to get Hankins and Shelton for FREE !!!!! :banghead:

    Can't do that though because it 1. It undermines the front office giving Crawford a large contract and 2. We can't do it because "crawfords our friend"

    Like I said, EGO :banghead::banghead::banghead:
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  4. aikemirv

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    McCarthy and crew have a lot of work to do before FA to make a determination of who they are going to be saddled with that will make or break they coaching tenure here in Dallas.

    Dak, Cooper and B Jones decisions will seal a good portion of their fate!

    I would say that I don't think he would have taken the job if he did not think he could win being saddled with Dak.
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  5. NorTex

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    I see maybe getting 1 new starter on offense. 2-3 on defense.

    Grab 1 defensive starter in the 1st round of the draft. Hopefully get another starter in the other early rounds of the draft and then get your 3rd/4th guy via free agency.

    I'm assuming resigning at least 1 or 2 of these guys: Cooper, Jones, Quinn.
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  6. Tussinman

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    Good post. They have 8 starters not under contract next year so I kinda see simliar to you. Replace 2 via draft, resign 2 or 3 of the one's leaving, and then the other 3 or so open spots get mid level talent via free agency.
  7. CouchCoach

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    FA is a plus this year with a coaching staff assembled from other teams all in one year. Their experience and knowledge of players will never be better than this year. Not only from their own former teams but teams they prepared against, including the Cowboys.

    One thing that I like about Big Mike, he didn't take a year off form the NFL, just had a different job. And it looks like that paid off in his interview in Dallas.
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  8. fansince68

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    Delpit would be fabulous at FS, Woods hits hard but is not an enforcer at SS. The entire secondary/LB corps need some serious tackling direction. Id prefer Heath at SS.
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  9. NorTex

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    I wouldn't count Dak...he's on the team one way or another. I also don't count Witten who we already have a replacement for.

    As I see it, Bennett and Cobb aren't really starters and I don't really care if they come back.

    If we go to a 3-4 defense then we've got a real challenge on our hands though.
  10. Rockport

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    Hopefully the “we like our guys” mantra went out the door with Garrett.
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  11. Cover 2

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    Contracts are generally backloaded, so even though Dak may average $35 million per year and Cooper $17 million, their cap hit will be lower. Their signing bonus will lower the cap hit too.
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  12. JW82

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    I don't think they have a choice with half of their roster being free agents. I would think for his first year, they be a little more likely to bring in a top level FA or 2, and then they will go back to business as usual and pick and choose carefully.
  13. ChuckA1

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    I wish I could award a multiple like on this comment. You are spot on, IMHO.
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  14. Hook'em#11

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    Dak will play under the tag. He faded too much at the end of the year. I'd pay Cooper if it is a fair deal. He didn't help himself either. So, that should help with signing FA's.

    If anything, get a legit DT or Safety,.
  15. ChuckA1

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    I believe he's going to be a FA this year. I do not believe a trade will be required now.
  16. Cowboys22

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    I don't think they will be active this year. They will ley some big names go and play the comp pick games this year. That means trades and players that don't count to supplement the draft and rookie free agents. A few guys from this years practice squad may also have a good shot this year.
  17. darthseinfeld

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    You are asuuming AAV is the year 1 total. It won't be. Daks's year 1 will probably be 25ish and Coopers probably 10ish
  18. Future

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    They have over $80m in space and can easily get to ~$95m with cuts (Crawford, Olawale, Fleming). They can do whatever they want this offseason.

    It just so happens that their free agents are the best available at their positions.
  19. Rockport

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    Yeah not sure that works when he’s not under contract. Maybe if he had a year left. But I’m surely no cap expert so am probably wrong.
  20. Kaiser

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    I would love that but I just checked the Sportrac website and it says he has one year left on his original contract, plus a 5th year option in 2021 (it doesn't say how much).

    I believe the Jets would eat the cap hit for the signing bonus (3.5MM in 2020) so if we did acquire him there would only be a 3.5MM cap hit in 2020 for his salary and roster bonus. That would be a bargain but it would be like the Amari Cooper trade in that we would only have two years of him guaranteed.
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