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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by OhReally, Dec 16, 2018.

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    I joined CowboysZone because of Amari Cooper. He was my favorite Bama reciever and I hated the way he was used in Oakland.

    I know, I get it. I'm a bandwagon fan. That's true but watching SEC football I also have rooted for Dak Prescott since he's been in Dallas. It's not how I got here but the fact I'm here and just ordered my first two jerseys. A coop and Elliot jersey. I knew Elliot was a stud but watching the games gives me a new appreciation of him.

    I understand some are still optimistically cautious about Amari please remember this. He gets open. Open to the point that 2-5 targets a game is an insult to this young man. When the targets are there this guy performs. He didn't just suddenly just start getting open in our offense. How can you not let someone with his speed go deep at least a few times a game.

    Carr may perform well in some games but that doesn't tell the whole story with Coop. No touch on the deep ball. Won't give recievers a chance deep, and will check down when the deeper pattern is open. In the Chargers game Carr had 23 completions. Only two went past 5 yards. Out of those two the longest was 7 yards. That is a qb problem.

    Go Cowboys!
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    Go Cowboys! :flagwave:
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    I started rooting for Da 'Boys in '85 because They were wearing Blue in a brief segment in a 30 minute Highlight show (back then that was all the Football We got).
    33 years later, here I am, older, (Football) wiser, hopelessly addicted.
    Flee now, before it's too late.
    J.K I love this Team and will never regret supporting Them.
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    Here's everything you need to know about this place:

    Dak is the GOAT.
    Dak is the worst QB in NFL history.
    Zeke will power us to a SB.
    RBs are expendable.
    Everyone knows football better than JJ. He only started for an NCAA championship team and has made football his day job for 30 years.
    The Cowboys are over/underrated.
    Amari is God (nobody seems to debate this).

    That's it....welcome!
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