NFL is just sports entertainment?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RaZon, Nov 28, 2021.

  1. RaZon

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    Apparently a lot of you think the NFL isn't legit, it's rigged. Refs more concerned with "their gambling buddies". Ok, those of you who think the league is more pro rasslin' than NCAA football convince me that yes the refs are dirty, and the games are rigged.

    Been into pro football since the late 50's, the biggest change is the athletes involved, the game was never meant to be played by guys this big, fast and strong ,was never meant to be played on fake hard grass or 20 games in a season if playoffs.


    Obviously the game started out legit, so when did it go from a sport to sports entertainment and rigged? Convince me the NFL is now rigged, you have the floor......

    So before a game the refs get together and try to do all thy can to get the winner and the betting line covered, right? Make sure the Steelers cover that 5.5.....right?
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  2. JD_KaPow

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    I recently met secretly with an NFL higher-up in a parking garage, and he assured me that the games are rigged. Then he said, "Follow the blue hair."
  3. nyc-cowboy

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    1995 obviously...
  4. csirl

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    If you read the NFL history books, when Marshall bought Washington, he introduced the concept of making rule changes with entertainment in mind. It started then.

    P.S I think NCAA is a lot less pure from a rigging perspective.
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  5. Havic

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    Remember, when the NFL testified before congress they classified it as entertainment instead of a sport. For real though, that Minnesota game convinced me the refs were trying to line up to Vegas odds. And its not like the refs trying to make a buck, it goes much higher imo.
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  6. TheHerd

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    When the thousands went to millions went to billions. Money always corrupts. Always.
  7. RaZon

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    First post with no facts. Have a feeling that will be how this goes, nobody with anything.
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  8. Jake

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    No sane person believes that.

    You'll notice you never get those threads when things are going well for Dallas. It's just a form of whining when folks don't like the results.
  9. fivetwos

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    I dont think it's fully rigged, and no one can possibly present the evidence you're looking for, so you win.

    But I do think the Hochuli family sees a national game as an opportunity to show the world they exist.
  10. MountaineerCowboy

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    People that think the NFL is rigged are homers that just can't accept that their team just isn't good enough.
  11. Setackin

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    What’s ur proof they have?
  12. KJJ

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    The fans that think the NFL is rigged and that games are predetermined need to seek therapy. Can’t understand why fans would even bother to watch the games if they believe that. With all the scrutiny on officiating with cameras everywhere it’s ludicrous to believe games are rigged.
  13. Wolfpack

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    There’s a book from a former ref who says it’s massaged not rigged. His claim was they are asked to call certain games tighter than others. I can’t recall the name but he was an African-American man.

    I’m surprised as I assumed they sigh an NDA but he may have pre-dated that?

    I’ve watch football since the 70s and certainty have watched questionable games including the thanksgiving game.
  14. Zekeats

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    Don't get your panties in a bunch cause your too brainwashed to have an open mind. 99% of crap on the TELL a Vision is fake, false or misleading.
  15. ChronicCowboy

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    I don’t think every game is rigged. I do believe they’ve micromanaged the sport so much with unnecessary rules and penalties that they have the ability to decide results of games without anyone noticing.
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  16. Praxit

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    ..same thing that happened to the country. Change for the want of more, whatever it is that leads accumulation. Power, greed, attention ..etc.

    Media the main culprit. The giant Megaphone screaming, "Look guys, what about this?". Whether its fact or lie. Football is smack in the middle. Spoon feeding us how much players make, what they can do or how they live their lives.

    Like we care? Just play the damn game, stop complaining. Remember the players back then? Made a good tackle got up, high five couple of players...>>> then back to the play.

    Now they make a play, take out a camera, run all over the field making personal gestures, break dancing. Society/Media eats it up>>>>> More consumer spending on NFL and its correlations.
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  17. Mr_437

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    Do your own research. I'm not claiming anything, but lookup what Goodell said about football being entertainment.

    Lastly, you can't prove anything to people who think the news tells the truth, and believe damn near everything they see and hear on TV.
  18. Bob-Lillys-War

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    i met with an NFL whistleblower , we are talking legit top of the top in the league .

    he said Goodell has low IQ ... his tests came out .
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  19. texbumthelife

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    I don’t think there is some grand conspiracy against the Cowboys, but officials are human and as such are susceptible to group think mentality. It’s very easy to fall in line with anti Cowboy mentality and/or disliking Jerry Jones etc. and for that to begin permeating the ranks. There is absolutely no way anyone can look at the number of egregiously bad calls against the Cowboys this season and not think it at least deserves some more looking into.
  20. ArbynTX

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