NFL ranks Dak 16 out of 32 QBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Feb 11, 2021.

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    you know this was based on 2020 play and dak played 4.5 even says it in the article, that he needed more games and would have been higher on the list....

    stafford sucked. he is the absolute most over rated player in NFL history. Rams will regret the stupid trade
    what did murray accomplish. nothing. he had a bunch of weapons and a great offensive system
    watson mustered only 4 compare, Quincy carter got to 5 wins with Campo as his head coach.

    so 100% he is better than those
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    how did he get embarassed by Allen? does Dak play defense? hmmm, interesting.
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    Dak has produced the #1 offense since Dallas traded for cooper.... or are you saying the losses are his fault? you have to be very clear!!! and in 5 years he did way more than watson, which you seem to like. Watson has had two 4 win seasons. Quincy Carter and Dave campo weren't that bad.
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    Brady wasn't stupid enough to come to Dallas. Brady wanted a championship. and do you think brady would ahve gotten to the CG with this defense!!? really!!! you think Brady could have over come this 36+ pts per game defense taht gave up 4 200 and 2 300 yard in rushing!!! dude, if you say yes, then you have ZERO credibility, no if you say yes you have negative credibility as you have none to start with
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    the Dak haters got excited and premature ejaculation. the article clearly said 2020 and in big letters said, Dak only played 4.5 games, if he played more, he would be higher.....but hey Dak haters cling to anything
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    Watson has lead his team on deep playoff runs and I believe has a better playoff record and better career completions , TD to Int , plus many intangibles. Dak stats benefited from the cowboys system, an elite OL Rb WR situation that will benefit most QBs .
    Murray is absolutely better than Dak talent wise and has transformed a whole team and almost made the playoffs . Allen , Baker , Lamar and others are all better than Dak and time will show .
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    dont waste your time with the troll
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    watson is 1-2 in the playoffs. including a 21-7 shellacking by the colts. has 67% career completion rate for 14500. he has had two 4 win seasons. that's bad. Quincy carter and dave campo never were that bad. and Watson has had some resources on offense, so lets not dismiss what he has had at his disposal which actually has been better than Dak specially in the recieving core.

    Murray is average at this point. he hasn't done anything absolutely nothing, nada to deserve any accolades. has had a 5-11 and 8-8 seasons......and I find it really really funny, you clap for Murray who ALMOST made it to the playoffs, but boo at Dak for being 1-2 and losing a game to the future HOF QB called Rodgers...really really funny

    I don't like Lamar. some do. he is a RB playing QB. he is a dangerous runner, and he has gotten severly neutralized in the playoffs twice now...that's story of QBs who can't pass from the pocket. a good defense always takes care of them

    I like Allen.

    I am not ready to crown baker anything. he sucked for the past two years, horrid horrid horrid. now one year and you are crowning him..he has had some good resources around him and a great running game supporting him and a great defense this year, the only reason they made the playoffs..... you think mayfield is better than Dak, .that's your agenda speaking. no one in the NFL anywhere would ever say mayfield is better than Dak. never.
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    16? Lol add 10 bra
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    I wish I could like this a million times.
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    Good post. Many fans are unfair rating Dak. They need to compare him w/other quarterback's who've only played a little over 4 years & not 8+ years veterans. Also, Mahomes & Allen have great teams around them. Dak's first 4 years (from top of my head) blow Rodgers & Wilson away.

    Quarterback's are only going to be as good as the team around them. Look at Baker Mayfield. o_O
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    Cousins. 2 x Pro Bowl.
    Prescott. 2 x Pro Bowl.
    Carr. 3 x Pro Bowl

    That's Dak's level. They have similar traits and qualities. All have massive divisions within their fan bases as to whether they are "the guy" to get it done. Solid but not spectacular they are simply not worth the big bucks. Carr has been relatively cheap in comparison over the past few seasons to be fair.
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    agree with this ranking.
    The article actually states “Daks injury and shortened season kept him from being higher” so they were ranking off of last season of which Dak only played a few games. Kirk Cousins was higher than Dak and that’s just silliness. It was the small sample size
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    You have some point on lamar . what has dak done that impresses you ? what has dak done that Allen , watson or a murray or a mayfield won't do ? Mayfield is a better passer for sure . Murray is a better passer and scrambler than dak. Watson is better overall and is higher rated by many experts although his stats are close to dak .
    I think this will end up being anohter tag and then dak will move on after that.
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    Wins and losses are a team statistic, but just for fun, do all the QBs in the NFL.
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    are they dumb or dumb
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    like I said. I like Allen. I liked him in the 4 QBs that went top 10 that year. he was a pure boom or bust pick, but had the absolute highest ceiling between the 4.

    I am not a fan of murray. he is Lamar Jr. he has so far had a 5 win and 8 win season. he is not impressive to me.

    Mayfield still can't read defenses. last two years he was very bad and he contributed heavily to his teams woes.....

    Dak has improved every year, he got some weapons and he has produced. he raises his game when its on the line and just elevates himself and the team.....were as Dalton for example folds. mayfield is hit and miss and inconsistent. Mayfield is not a better passer. his career completion percentage is 62 and last year he was at 59. that's dismal....and he is not a passer....he had 3800 yards passing this year. they were 3rd in rushing with over 2300 yards....that's impressive. they were a run first team.

    Watson is not necessarily better over all. he has less passing yards. he has had two 4 win seasons and 1-2 in the playoffs with one loss 21-7......same measures you use to measure Dak, you can measure watson and see how much less he has produced.
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    The wins and losses thing only seems to apply to Dak.. As for Mayfield? Good lord do people even watch that guy? He is not half the player Dak is and that includes as a passer. He absolutely has shown that without a 150 a game rushing attack he is garbage. Please.. Murray will simply always have limitations owing to his size. The problem with a guy as small as he is is that he has to exert more effort to make throws than bigger guys. More effort = wider variations in accuracy. What is a flick of the wrist to Dak or Watson, Murray needs a full windup for. It's not a knock.. it's just physics. Even if I am willing to concede that Watson is better than Dak (which I'm not) one would have to acknowledge that because of the systems and style of offense they played in college Watson simply started out as a more advanced passer than Dak as did Wentz, Goff, Mayfield, Murray et al. Dak has been playing catchup as a passer for the first part of his career.. but frankly at this point I believe he has passed most of these guys up. Maybe he has not passed Watson but I think he will in time. People who don't like him try to pretend they didn't see it this year .. but I did.. I would have felt really good about this team winning the division (by a couple of games) with a healthy Dak in 2020 and if the defense showed up like it did for that 4-5 game stretch when it started forcing turnovers they had a legitimate chance of doing something in the playoffs. All speculation of course but I really believe we were on our way after figuring things out against the Giants. 3 straight TD drives and a defensive TD after the disastrous start showed me a lot in that game.
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    LOL. It's best to use smaller words, we want the haters to understand what they're reading!:lmao:
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    No way. He's top 5, worse case top 10. He would have broken passing records last season if he didn't get hurt. I don't know he gets so much hate. Reminds me of the Romo days.

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