NFL ranks Dak 16 out of 32 QBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Feb 11, 2021.

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    Of course, I've noticed that the same kind of logic the OP used is used by fans on here concerning free agents. If a player was bad last year because of injury, then he's a bad player, according to the logic.

    We're assuming that Prescott comes back and picks up where he left off or even gets better. I don't think that's a faulty assumption. I'm not sure what it's worth contractwise, though. Generally, when players have a bad or injury-plagued season, it does lower their value some. It doesn't mean they are going to play poorly, just that there is some slight risk that they won't bounce back and be as good.
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    To the point where I don't care where all the blame is shifted to. Or accountability acknowledged or not by the other phases such as having a defense, running game/oline or whatever factors that apply to the know it all QB evaluators here clinging to their TEAM sport mantra ONLY when their individual specific narrative agendas arent met.

    He's 9-11 in his last 20 starts.
    Under 2 different coaches. Pre and post pandemic. A win against a 2019 playoff Eagles imposter and a 2019 Rams non playoff team are the only 2 good wins in those 20 starts. His win-loss record and TD to Int ratio against good teams is awful.

    Bout it.

    But yeah, 40 mil.
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    The fact Dak is at 16 with only playing so many few games credits how good of a QB he is.....but as usual @Mobinvans fails.
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    EBKAC Error
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    How much do you think Deshaun Watson is worth?
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    I believe it!! Lol
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    50 grand a year.

    But that's not close to what he'll get paid.
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    No particular order


    While I think Dak is better then cousins, Goff and Wentz he still hasn't shown anything to bump him up to the level of the other tier.
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    Hey mobi, come back for your flogging. This was a turd of a thread.
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    I think it's the first assignment for new interns. "Rank the QBs"
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    Yo didn't attach a link

    The last two larger sample size rankings I saw for him were 12th and 18th......fwiw.
    This was only 4 writers voting, so the sample size is small.

    I generally see him around 12-14 but I can see some going higher (9 or 10?) or lower.
    At some point its just personal preference.
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    Becuz a QB with an injury like this is going to take more than a season to get back his skills.

    So like this past season we want to sink our assets again into a guy who is more doubtful than ever to make us contenders.

    Jerrah has been having a wet dream over Dak for 5 years...its lame as heck.

    Sad way to run a professional football team.
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    Yes but he was 1-3 in those games. If you are going to pay him $40 million a year he needs to elevate the players around him even with a bad defense. He can't win games on his own like other top level Qbs around can. He needs people surrounding him to be elite. Signing him will cripple us for competing especially with the salary cap going down. Dak Haters would say.

    He was on pace to break single season passing records and would probably take us to the playoffs despite the defense. He was rookie of the year 4 years ago. He has improved every year. He is unquestionably the team leader and where else will you find a qb like him. Look how long it took for us to find a good qb like Romo after Aikman retired. Dak supporters would say.

    I think I cover some of the arguments on both sides. I just want him and the FO to come together and hammer out a fair and reasonable contract that both sides will be happy.
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    Complimentary rank for him.
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    16th lol ok. Good to see another post from someone who doesn’t comprehend how market value works!
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    Where are Burrow and Rothlisberger?

    Anyway, looking at the numbers, Dak's QB rating after 5 games was 99.6, or good for 11th in the league. Passing yards per game was an astounding 371.2 which would have put him in first in that category by 55 yards per game over Mahomes!! He threw 9 TDs which over 16 games would amount to about 28.8 TDs, again good for 11th in the league. And he threw 4 INTs which in 16 games would be about 12.8 INTs, 6th worst in the league.

    So where does that put Dak? I have no idea but I think it would be fair to say he is in the top 10. But the thing is, the guys at the top, right now are at a different level than Dak. Even if you have him at 5, he is not close to the 4 guys ahead of him. He is just not as good as they are. So what do you pay him? Less than those 4 guys are getting.
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    If you clicked on such an obvious click-bait story shame on you.. Go kick your own self in the arse..
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