Niners giving you Deja vu about the Giants?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Jan 23, 2022.

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    Jimmy G getting lots of heat. He had 3-4 great passes in the first half that were dropped, under pressure most of the game and weather conditions that were amazing, great football game to watch as both defenses played lights out. At the end of the day Jimmy G at least had it in him to make that last drive to seal the victory. Props to him and the Niners.
  2. NumOneQB

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    They have the best front 4 rotation in the playoffs.
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  3. HeavyBarrel

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    Last years Tampa team also reminded of that 2007 Giants team, they even had a Patrick Clayton drop ball moment when Cook fumbled in the Divisional Round against the Saints when it looked like New Orleans had control of the game
  4. fivetwos

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    Good call.

    I hadn't made that connection until I read this but spot on comparison.

    That Niners defense was nasty last night.

    They are absolutely peaking in January.
  5. CouchCoach

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    The 2007 Giants started off 0-2 and gave up 80 points, 45 to DAL and 35 to GB. The two teams they beat on the road in the playoffs to go to the SB. That was only the 2nd time any team had started off 0-2 and made the playoffs. The first was the 93 Cowboys.
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  6. Malhavoc

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    As much as I hate the Niners that’s how every team should be built. It should be the standard. Very few teams can rely on their QB to put a team on their shoulders and win. I think it’s pretty clear what the best formula is for this team. No shame in copying a rival’s blueprint.
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  7. Diehardblues

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    Right. And when our running game is dominant our offense and QB is not only more effective but it mask our weaknesses on defense.

    Revamping our OL and bringing in more RB should be our focus in offseason while bulking up middle of defense with DT and S.
  8. Aven8

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    Just went over to a Packers forum for a little insight…..they ALL think Rogers is a good in season QB but terrible in the playoffs. They thinks it’s time he leaves. And we think we have it bad…
  9. BleedinBlue

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    Seems like Jerry would look at the Rams and 49er games and see why we lost. Couldn't stop the run , couldn't run the football. This team is weak up the middle on both lines. But it didn't help playing the wrong RB and getting pass happy against the 49ers.
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  10. Diehardblues

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    Let’s hope so but Jethro’s history has been more of a follow the ball type of GM and fan.
  11. Praxit

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    ....bad deja vu' for We seem to be part of the equation, on the wrong end. Im rooting for Rams all the way. Bills to win it all.
  12. MajesticRey

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    If there’s one advantage SF has versus Tampa it’s definitely the running game. If the Rams don’t beat Tampa then SF will need to run the ball for close to 200 or more to keep the ball out of Brady’s hands. No way they hold him to 10 points in the crisp Tampa weather.
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  13. dckid

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    The credit needs to go the Niner organization. Remember the championship game in 2019 when Jimmy G barely even threw a pass?
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  14. dckid

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    Jerry is not happy winning my superbowls with a great HC.
    We don’t bench Zeke for Pollard, we keep idiotic coaches, we kept JG for 10 plus years.
  15. Bobhaze

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    Even in today’s “modern NFL” with all the glitzy high powered offenses, winning in the playoffs is usually done by the teams that have the best fundamentals of football: blocking, tackling and toughness.

    The teams that have those elements wrapped in a “team” concept instead of a bunch of stars are winning championships. The Cowboys lost to a better team that was better coached and put together by a GM who knows exactly what he’s trying to do, hired by an owner who wants to win bad enough to hire football people to ensure it happens.

    There is absolutely no mystery why our Cowboys repeat the same mistakes year after year after year. If the guy running the whole thing can’t admit he’s the problem, the right changes can’t happen. Doesn’t matter who you hire to coach this thing or even play QB. If the rot at the top doesn’t make changes, this is just the Titanic with a fresh coat of paint.
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  16. BoysfanfromCanada

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    What's the right way? Being so bad in some years that you get really high draft picks to choose pieces like Bosa, Armstead, etc? That was my issue with the years we'd go 8-8 when it was obvious we weren't going to make the playoffs. It put us just high enough in the draft we had no chance at the true elite of elite talent. We lucked into Parsons but were never close enough to get some of the franchise changing types.

    They hit on other picks too that were later round but there is no single right way to build a team
  17. Malhavoc

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    Tampa is a bad matchup for the Niners. I would be hoping for the Rams
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  18. Nova

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    Hats off to SF but I’m not going to make the Giants comparisons yet.
  19. Nova

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    I’m convinced the culture that Jones has created will not allow the team to be successful again.
  20. slick325

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    Made that comment in another thread last night.

    Good post.

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